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On this page you will find important information about our opening times over the festive period and details of an exciting series of activities that are available for members of the Woking centre.

 Reminder: Christmas Holidays at Explore Learning

To thank our staff for their hard work this year, we will be closing our centres for a limited time over the festive period. We will be closed from 24th December and will re-open on 2nd January for both online and in-centre members.  

However, we are still committed to supporting your child’s learning over the festive season, to keep education going! 

Welcome to The 12 Challenges of Christmas

Whilst it’s cold outside, keep your brain active and warm with our 12 exciting activities.

You can complete the challenges in any order you like and collect a certificate for the number of challenges you have completed at the end of the holidays.  How many will you complete? 

You better get started!

Take a look at the
challenges below.  They
are suitable for all ages.

For every challenge you
complete, you can download
a special certificate.

12 Challenges of Christmas

Are you up for a challenge in December? You have until the 1st January 2021 to complete these activities. After that, they’ll be gone! Don’t miss out on taking part in some or all of your fun challenges!


Self-reflection and
Mentoring Live Lesson
Join us for an interactive live
lesson based on Disney
& Pixar’s new movie, Soul.

Let’s Go      Certificate
The Live Lesson will be held at 11am on 29th December.  A recording will be available after that time.


Compass Challenge
Complete 1 hour of independent
learning using your Compass
curriculum tool.

Let’s Go      Certificate


Escape from the Ice Palace
Fun for all the family!
Can you break out of our
online escape room?

Let’s Go      Certificate


Visit our Live Lesson Library
Reflect on your learning over the
last few months and choose a topic
you would like to improve by using
our bank of live lessons.

Let’s Go      Certificate


Live Lessons Worksheet
Following your live lesson,
complete the relevant follow
up worksheet to cement
your learning.

Let’s Go      Certificate


Winter Warmers
Recipe Challenge
Cook up a storm (for your social
bubble) with our Winter Warmers

Let’s Go      Certificate


Learn Lewis’ Limerick
Lewis is back with a festive
limerick for you all to learn.



Become a Film Critic
Have you watched any interesting
movies over the festive period?
Watch our short video and see
what it’s like to be a film critic.



Snowball Run
How long can you get your
‘snowball’ to roll for? Watch
our challenge video and have a go!

Video    Certificate


Winter Walk
Get outside for a winter walk.
Afterwards, record your travels
using words and pictures.

Let’s Go     Certificate


Memory Game
Don’t let your brain go cold!
Stay active with our memory game.

Let’s Go     Certificate


New Year’s Resolutions
Are you ready for a fearless
2021? Use our worksheet to
help you plan your New Year’s
learning resolutions.

Let’s Go      Certificate


Have you completed all of the 12 Challenges?

Congratulations for completing all 12 challenges!  Download your special certificate here.

Is your family having lots of festive fun with our challenges?

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