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We have worked with over a quarter of a million children in the last twenty years and are well
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In a poll of 90 Netmums members, 91% would recommend Explore at Home to a friend.
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Award-winning maths and English tuition for 4-14 year olds



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How does it work?

We deliver a bespoke, engaging curriculum to each child.
They receive 1-2 hours of tuition every week.
Maths and English practice materials available 24/7.
Share the progress and celebrate success along the way.


what qualities make a good tutor?

Maths and English tuition

Maths and English form the building blocks of a child’s education.
They open up the doors to all other subjects.

Whether you are looking to build confidence, fill gaps in learning or stretch and challenge your child, Explore Learning can help you achieve your goals.

Compass is Explore Learning’s expertly designed curriculum tool. It is adaptive, meaning that the material changes to meet your child’s needs. Every child is different so no two learning pathways are the same. We teach your child at a level and pace that works for them.


How much does it cost?

We offer memberships because change doesn’t happen overnight or in a one-off session with a tutor.

Our membership start from just £99 per month.

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Can I try it for free?

Yes, our free trial session gives you a chance to meet our tutors, try out the learning tools and decide whether Explore Learning is the right solution for your child. There is no obligation to join.

Do you offer tuition online or in person?

We offer both. You can choose one-to-one or small group tuition with a tutor online in our dedicate learning centres throughout the UK.

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How can I get started?

Complete a trial booking form or call us on 01483 447419.

We will help you decide whether to start your tuition online or in one of our centres.  We will identify the best times and days of the week for you to attend and get your first lesson booked in.


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Your trial session will last up to 1 hour. During this time a member of our expert team will work closely with you and your child to underpin exactly what they need to succeed whilst showing you what we do to bring learning to life.
It’s a great opportunity to:

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