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Autism awareness- Emma and David

Autism Awareness: Explore Learning member spotlight

March 29, 2021

To celebrate World Autism Awareness Week, we wanted to support the National Autistic Society by raising awareness of autism in children. We spoke to...

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Child with online tutor

Time to tutor? When to get a tutor for your child

March 23, 2021

Not sure when to get a tutor for your child? There are a whole host of reasons parents might be looking for maths and English tutoring sessions to...

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helping your child to read

Helping your child to read: Ways to engage!

March 16, 2021

Create a reading culture that inspires and changes their mindset from seeing reading as a chore. Looking for tips for parents to help with reading at...

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Student and parent using navigator on a laptop

Make the most of Navigator – your Members’ portal

March 12, 2021

Discover how to best use our brand-new interactive Members’ portal and get the answers to any questions you may have! Navigator is currently live...

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ways of teaching maths - mother and child at table

Simple strategies & fun ways to teach maths to children

March 8, 2021

  Looking for fun ways to teach maths? For children who want maths to be made a little more interesting, to those who like to get a little more...

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Children sharing World Book Day ideas at a table

World Book Day Ideas: Creative kit

March 1, 2021

We’ve got some World Book Day ideas to bring reading to life. Download and get creative!   World Book Day 2021 theme Thursday 4th March 2021...

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Maths hacks and tricks with Explore Learning tutor

Areas of difficulty: maths hacks & tricks to help your child

February 23, 2021

  Discover how you can support your child to grasp the core principles of maths. We’ve put together some handy maths hacks and tricks which...

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Two students get homeschooling help from parent

Home schooling help: the best ways to support your child

February 12, 2021

It’s time to change up your home schooling routine so that it works best for you! For parents struggling to find the balance of remote working...

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children's reading lists

Children’s reading lists for ages 7-11: best books to read

February 8, 2021

In need of a gripping tale to beat boredom and keep your young reader engaged for hours on end?  From beloved childhood classics to fantastic...

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home schooling ideas

Home schooling ideas for another lockdown!

February 1, 2021

Love it, hate it or somewhere in between, home schooling is back with a bang. Charlotte Gater, Head of Curriculum, shares a few home school ideas to...

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