Explore tutor spotlight: Karo Adeda

May 30, 2018

Who are our tutors and how do they support children in our centres? Find out from Karo Adeda, a tutor at our Mere Green tuition centre

Explore tutor Karo Ade

A little bit about me

I grew up in South East London with my mum and three brothers and have always been close with my family. Whilst I was in 6th form, I started looking for a job and a friend who already worked at Explore recommended I apply – and wow, am I glad he did! I never imagined I’d be where I am now and love working with children every day!

After 6th Form, I relocated to Birmingham to study Business Information Technology at university and transferred from the Abbey Wood centre to the Handsworth centre so I could continue to tutor. A year in, I then also had the opportunity to be involved with launching a brand new centre in Birmingham Mere Green in Jan 2017 and I’ve been here ever since! I graduate from university in July 2019 and I definitely want to work towards taking my next step with Explore and applying for the graduate position of Assistant Director. I love watching the centres grow and getting to help children every day – I even have my sights set internationally and would love to help Explore overseas one day too!

What do you do in a typical tutoring session?

There is no such thing as a typical tutoring session! For me, the thing I love most about the role is that it changes every single day! But if I had to narrow it down, a typical session for me is walking in and catching up with the team and finding out what events are going on in the centre that day. I might be helping out with greeting families at the gate, or needed to start tutoring in a zone straight away. Before I start, I always check to see what goals the children are working on that day and then I can tailor my activities for them. I love using the whiteboard to engage the children and encourage them to draw, play hangman or write a story! Sometimes, if I want to shake things up, I’ll get the kids up out of their seats for some star-jumps to get them active! I love it when the children work independently but there’s nothing better for me than seeing your whole zone interacting with each other, regardless of age, ability or school – they’re having good old-fashioned FUN mixed in with their learning.

How does this work when you have so many members?

No matter how many members we may have, the ratio of 1:6 stays the same, never compromising on the quality of session that our members have. When a new member joins Explore, I always try to find out something interesting about them. Whether it’s their favourite meal, sports team or how many siblings they have, talking about things that motivate THEM is the key to building relationships. I also challenge them to learn things about me too, so with 100 or 300 members, I can remember faces and facts about each member.

What is your proudest moment?

My proudest moment at Explore was being selected as the Regional Tutor of The Year Winner for the Birmingham region in 2018. As a two-time Tutor of The Year Winner, It meant I could now showcase my skills and work with lots of tutors on a regional level which I was really excited about. With a new badge came even newer responsibilities and I am looking forward to seeing what my future at Explore holds!

What can a child expect from their session?

Fun! I work hard to make sure that I deliver education in a fun way with every single member that I work with. I encourage all members to challenge themselves and make use of the available resources to help their learning. At first they might be reluctant to use some of the resources but after I explain why it’s important, it becomes second nature to them! Members can expect to learn something new from the support I provide but also have a laugh and play some games.

Why is what Explore offers so brilliant?

Our tuition centres are more like after-school clubs where children not only get to unlock their true potential and expand their minds, but where they also get to make friends for life too. We support children on their mission to becoming fearless, confident learners who aren’t afraid to make mistakes and I think the positive environment makes this a reality. For me though, it’s all the extra things that Explore offers that make a membership unique – I love running our holiday workshops, observing a productive parent meeting and watching our members reach that lightbulb moment!

How would you describe the Explore Learning environment and why is it great for children?

If you have never walked into one of our centres before, the first thing you’ll notice is that they are full of energy. Energy from all levels; management, tutors and best of all the children. This vibrant environment is what prepares the children for fun-filled learning and the incentives they receive is what motivates them to always try their best.

What kind of child do you think Explore is for?

Everybody. A range of children walk through the doors at Explore each day. Assuming that tuition is only for children who are academically behind would mean that you are not open to unlocking the talent that lies within each child. Children are individual and we should embrace their individuality! To answer the question, Explore isn’t for just ‘one kind of child’. We welcome the shy, the loud, the playful and all the wonderful Picasso drawings we get in Surf Club too because your child is unique and at Explore they are treated as such!

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