Does the location of your interview determine where you will be offered a job?

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If you are applying to be an Assistant Director, no. We try and arrange centre interviews to be held in the most convenient centre for you at the time so it doesn’t need to reflect your long term location preferences.

For tutor applications, you interview at the centre location you have applied to, which should be the most convenient to you.

How long does the recruitment process take?

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The whole process works at your pace. We try to get you through as quickly as possible, so from the date that you apply, to the date that you’re offered a job and start working with us, it could be less than a month!

Am I able to defer my application or start date?

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Yes you can. We open centres throughout the whole year and whilst your start date may impact on which locations we can offer you, you are able to delay your start date from the date of being offered a position for 12 months. If you choose to take this option then we’ll keep in touch with you over the duration of your postponement, so that you’re still in the know on all things Explore and ready to hit the ground running as soon as you can.

Where are you opening new centres this year?

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At the moment these are where we’re planning to open our newest Explore additions, they’re always subject to change and not 100% confirmed but it’s our most up to date list of where we’re looking.

London/Inside M25:  Bromley, Southall, Surbiton, Willesden.

South: Redhill, Whiteley.

Midlands: Coventry, Gloucester, Nottingham, Walsall.

North: Didsbury, Hull, Preston, Tynemouth.

Northern Ireland: Belfast.

Can I apply if I don’t meet the academic requirements?

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Whilst we do prefer strong academic grades, we do always look at applications as a whole rather than focus on one area. If you don’t meet the academic requirements we would recommend that you still apply as long as you feel confident that you can add value and demonstrate our 7 core competencies.

How much time will I actually spend with the kids?

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Being an Assistant Director is all about getting stuck in and being exceptionally hands on as a manager. It is really important to us that you’re out in the centre role modelling behaviour and practising what you preach, as such you’ll spend a large part of every single day working with children in some capacity.

Can I reapply?

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We understand that people aren’t statues, you’ll change and learn and develop and as such we do welcome re-applications. We always pride ourselves on providing feedback to candidates throughout the process and this will highlight any areas that you need to work on before reapplying. We recommend that you call us to chat through your previous application and what you think you have done subsequently to hone your skills and we’ll be able to advise you on the next steps.

New starter loan?

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If you’re relocating to new pastures, then we’re able to lend a hand by offering a new starter loan. How you use it is up to you; some people will buy a car, others might use it as a deposit for rent. Once you’re settled you can begin paying us back in monthly instalments directly from your salary.

Can I move around?

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Our members will build really strong bonds with the managers in their centres and as such we don’t like to move people around too often. That said, with over 120 locations you can always ask for internal transfers once you’re settled, and as long as we can accommodate it and you’re performing well then it shouldn’t be a problem.