Meet Andrew Wands

Part Time Tutor

My name is Andrew Wands and I’ve been a tutor at Explore Learning in Blackhall for 2 and a half years. I saw the role on my university’s careers page and applied because it was the ideal part time job: working with children of a wide age range and getting to tutor them in maths and English. However, after a few months with Explore I quickly came to the conclusion that this would be so much more than a part-time, university job. Explore has given me so many opportunities to develop and grow as an employee by learning more about the company and how it can benefit every child that comes to a centre. Through my career at Explore I have had the opportunity to have a major role in some of the additional content classes that we run for our members. I would say this is perhaps the most rewarding part of the job. Seeing the progress and sense of achievement that our members get from coming to Explore makes the job incredibly worthwhile.

A typical tutor day is always a busy one, with a wide range of challenges to overcome and skills to develop. I would come in at 4pm on a busy Wednesday afternoon and get fired straight into a zone of 6 children. The atmosphere in the centre on a busy weekday showtime is electric, and you can really see why the members love coming along to the centre. When the afternoon quietens down a little, I would start to plan the additional content lesson (Succeed in Secondary) and brief the other tutors on what the lesson is.  What I love most about Explore learning is getting to see the progress the children make, as a long-term member of the tutor team, I have been able to see, first hand, the huge amounts of progress that the children can make, and the impact that this can have on their education. My biggest accomplishment at Explore Learning is winning the Tutor of the Year and Tutor of the Region awards. I was over the moon to receive these awards, it was wonderful to have my efforts recognised by the company and was a real motivator for me to progress further with Explore Learning.

In the last 8 months of my career, I have been thinking that Explore Learning is a company I definitely want to work for, full time. I have been given the opportunities to take on some more responsibilities within my role and develop some new skills. These included getting involved in sales and marketing events, as well as getting some phone experience with the members. Over this time period, I decided that a long-term career in Explore Learning was definitely something for me. I decided to apply for the Assistant Director role in the company. I have my assessment day booked and hope to make this next step in my career with Explore Learning. I am excited to see what opportunities for development this will bring and to gain more experience representing the visions and values.

If I was to give any advice to a new employee it would be…ask questions! The job is very rewarding, but also incredibly hands on with lots to learn, so I recommend asking as many questions as you can to the managers and more experienced tutors. Apart from that, have fun and just enjoy being in such a positive learning environment!

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