Meet Gemma Daly

Assistant Director

I originally applied for the job role two years ago but I was unsuccessful during the final hurdle at the assessment day. This encouraged me to become a tutor for ten months, where I gained valuable experience about the National Curriculum and also what makes the perfect Explore Learning candidate. I then passed my interview the second time round in and I have been an Assistant Director now for over a year, I have my Centre Director development day in two months’ time!

Working as an Explore Learning Tutor was really insightful, during my first shift, I was able to see how my passion and love for learning could have such a positive impact on a child’s life, and this was directly mirrored by the children as they left their sessions filled with confidence and an ‘I can’ attitude. Previously I had worked within a high school helping children become more confident with the ever-changing National Curriculum. Watching a child beg their parents to stay in the centre for an extra five minutes in order to do non-compulsory maths and literacy is what encouraged me to apply for the Assistant Director position, I really wanted to do this full-time!

Then, as an Assistant Director, I was able to continue my tutoring nature, whilst developing my business skills and doing my favourite thing- telling families about what we do and how they can join our Explore Learning family. The Assistant Director role gave me the opportunity to run maths and English workshops within schools and to network with the community through fun educational games, designed to excite and to build mental fluency. My favourite thing about the Assistant Director role is how varied it is and satisfying each day can be, each day I feel as though I have helped somebody during a key stage in their life.

I am now taking my position to the next level as I am about to undergo my Centre Director interview, growing my responsibilities even further. After this, I can develop even more by running trainings for staff and even becoming a member of the Head Office family. As I am such an advocate for education, I’d like to eventually become a part of the Education team, allowing me to continue my love for teaching new concepts to others.

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