Meet Karo Adeda

Part Time Tutor

I began my journey at Explore Learning back in March 2015 in the Crayford centre. I was

in my first year of sixth form at the time and, as part-time jobs go, it was a great first

impression. I immediately noticed how helpful the other tutors were towards each

other and the inclusive nature the management team had too. They were so supportive

in my first few weeks and helped me take on new opportunities as a teacher of Eleven

Plus! The one thing I will always cherish from my first few weeks was that the children

were always full of energy and the environment was so positive – this resonated with

me and I soon began to realise the unique Explore approach brought the best out of

children and staff alike!


After 6 months in Crayford, I had the opportunity to transfer to the team that launched

the brand new Abbey Wood centre in London. There, my role went from being just a

tutor to being so much more. I went on to develop my customer service skills and had

opportunities to discuss children’s learning with parents. I also received training in sales

and marketing and went on external events to help promote the centre and spread the

Explore word! It was this that made me realise I loved raising awareness of the

company and engaging with the local community. The proudest moment from my time

at Abbey Wood was winning the ‘Tutor of the Year Award 2016’ which I was actually

voted for by the children! The gold shiny badge I get to display proudly makes it a win-win!

I eventually made the switch from teaching Eleven Plus to working with our older,

secondary school members. I enjoyed designing, planning and delivering lessons and

took on the challenge of engaging with a different age group, encouraging them as

they transitioned into young adults. It was a highly rewarding role and I received plenty

of support and training from my management team throughout.


I have since bounced from London Abbey Wood to Birmingham Handsworth and am

now at the Birmingham Mere Green centre which I was privileged enough to help

launch in January 2017. I’ve gained an incredible amount of skills through this experience

and my current managers, Jasmine, Ellie and Paolo, make all opportunities available to



Seeing a centre launch from zero to hero is definitely the most amazing experience!

The greatest aspect of working for Explore is the excitement children display each time

they learn something new – to be there for that ‘lightbulb’ moment is truly amazing. It

is an extremely rewarding experience for both the child and the tutor as it reiterated

that the work we do is constantly making an impact on the lives of children nationwide.


Throughout my career so far, I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of

children of all ages and abilities. Watching the growth of centres and their fantastic

teams have been incredible and I urge anyone with the opportunity to go for it. The role

has encouraged me to be the best I can be and given me invaluable skills for my CV,

self-development and future career. I am now currently studying Business Information

Technology and can’t wait to progress with the company once graduating.

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