Inspiring tomorrow’s mathematicians

Maths is everywhere; you can find it in a musical masterpiece, in a work of art and all across the natural world.

We’re celebrating 10 years of inspiring children to discover the magic of maths through our free competition, the Explore Learning Mathematicians’ Awards. But more than that, we encourage everyone to find the wonder in numbers and develop a real love for this essential subject! Here, you’ll find plenty of ways to uncover the maths all around you and even win an exciting prize by sharing your maths moments!

Let’s get started!


Your chance to win

Has your child discovered maths in an unexpected place? Perhaps they’ve overcome a maths challenge, or they simply love numbers – we want to hear about it!

Share photos or videos of your child discovering maths on social media using #discovermaths for the chance to win a Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet! Check out the activities on this page to get some inspiration and help your child on their journey to being a numbers person.


Find the maths

Are you ready to be a maths detective?

You might not associate maths with fruit, animal shapes or musical instruments… but it’s there all the same! Try these challenges to discover how numbers have a part to play in every day life.

Tangrams challenge
Musical maths challenge

Mr Seagull’s challenges

Brush up on your mental maths with these videos!

As an ambassador for the Explore Learning Mathematicians’ Awards, Bobby Seagull is spreading the word about the life-changing magic of numbers – and he has a challenge for you! Watch these videos and have a go.



Crack the code

Think you could be a spy? Then these challenges are for you!

These puzzles are designed to put your code-cracking abilities to the test. Use your super spy skills and mastery of maths to unravel the mysteries and discover the truth.

Explore Learning Mathematicians’ Awards

Do you know a team of four children who would love to try a never-before-seen maths problem?

As part of our mission to inspire as many children as possible to love maths, we’re inviting children in Year 6 & 7 to enter a team into the Explore Learning Mathematicians’ Awards. This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase their team-working skills and tackle mathematical problems for the chance to compete in the Grand Final at the Natural History Museum! A great opportunity to show off what they’ve learnt in their maths tutoring sessions.



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