A balance of academic support from a professional tutor, together with independent learning gives children confidence in their new literacy skills, and knowledge they can apply in their daily life.

Fearless Learners Formula

Hands up

At Explore, every child works on their own English challenges specifically targeted to their ability, but with the benefit of individual attention from a tutor – all in a warm and friendly environment.

The best possible complement to your child’s education.

  • Phonics – the perfect introduction for early readers
  • Comprehension skills
  • Literacy – spellings, grammar and punctuation
  • Vocabulary building
  • Reading and writing development
  • Mapped the the curricula in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
Students writing in English session

Explore English

Combining traditional paper based tools with cutting edge digital resources, our tutors tailor everything to suit your child’s specific needs and inspire a passion for reading and writing (even for the less appealing spelling and grammar – we deliver it with pizazz!).

Our inspirational tutors use these resources to provide structured lessons, and the engaging texts and challenges bring comprehension, grammar and spelling to life.

All our members work on their own unique course at Explore, which means our tutors can use their expert knowledge of the curriculum to tailor their support and give one-to-one coaching, perfect for that child’s level of learning.

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Male tutor working with pupil writing

Explore writing

Our Creative Writing course is designed to nurture confident writers to have the skills to harness their imagination and create a piece of writing they can feel proud of.

For some children, that is about helping them with the basics – planning, mind-mapping and tackling the fear of the white page.  For other children it’s designed to hone particular skills – spelling, grammar and punctuation or stretching them to become bright authors of the future.

Each week, through individual, paired and group work, we focus on stretching their writing skills; from creating a newspaper, to writing and performing a play. Our Creative Writing course inspires writers of all abilities!

Creative Writing projects cover:

  • Storywriting
  • Journalistic writing
  • Balanced and persuasive writing
  • Letters, diaries and poetry
  • Writing playscripts
  • Biographies and autobiographies

The projects are set in different locations all around the world and are designed to inspire and engage our members to write their best work each time!

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Two students working on the computers

Succeed in secondary

Our specialist course has been designed to prepare children with what can sometimes be a difficult transition from primary to secondary school. ‘Succeed in Secondary’ can stretch and challenge their learning of the main English skills needed.

Our members enjoy the variety of themes in this vibrant class: from using persuasive language in our ‘Dragon’s Den’ style workshop to developing financial awareness through budgeting. They learn specific essay-writing, presenting and note-taking skills and are encouraged to form an opinion and discuss topical affairs.

Your child will work with other students to grow in confidence in preparation for their next step in education, which can continue beyond secondary school – college, university, apprenticeships and into the working world.

Our tutors are fantastic role models. Come along and see for yourself!

Here are just some of the skills your child can expect to cover in their sessions:

  • Summary writing
  • Debating
  • Researching and presenting
  • Persuasive writing
  • Creative writing

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See incredible results in 12 months

miras progress graph
Mira was lacking confidence in her skills, so asked her parents for some help outside of school. She was never the first to have her hand up at school, panicked in tests, and was worried about her options for Year 9. Initially she sought a lot of reassurance and support from her tutor, but with guidance she began to tackle questions more independently. More individualized support and revision of key concepts was all Mira needed – she has already made a year’s progress in just 4 months at Explore. The sky is the limit for her now she is a fearless learner!

From the minute you enter Explore Learning you are greeted with enthusiasm and a can do attitude. My very shy daughter has become more confident in her reading and general social engagement.

Mira’s Dad
Kian joined Explore in Reception as he was the youngest in his class.  His dad wanted to give him an academic boost so that he had the confidence to speak up in class and would not be left behind.  Kian has currently been attending for 6 months, and so far has covered all the curriculum recommendations for Reception and is about a quarter of the way through the Year 1 curriculum. By the time he starts Year 1, he will be ahead of his peers and top of his class!

Explore learning is a fantastic learning place where it has given our son a lot more confidence in achieving more. The staff know how to get the best out of him.

Kian’s Dad
Adrians progress graph
Adrian’s teacher recommended getting some additional support as he was falling behind the other students in his Year 2 class. Adrian has ADHD and found sitting down to concentrate for an hour to be a real challenge. Our flexible environment and inspiring tutors have helped him develop more effective strategies for concentrating, and he has far exceeded his expected annual progress to nearly be back on track with his peers!

Adrian has an increased confidence in his approach to answering questions and will try to work things out where previously he would have got frustrated and upset. The staff are always on hand to help and are very thorough in the reporting of our child’s progress.

Adrian’s Mum
maxwells progress graph
Maxwell and his family first encountered Explore through our National Young Mathematicians’ Awards, where Maxwell was part of his school team who entered and reached the Final at Cambridge University.  Maxwell’s parents hadn’t actively sought extra tuition for him before, but after seeing how we fuelled his love of learning and challenged him they decided Explore was the perfect place to help him blossom.  Maxwell joined the “Creative Maths” class where he encountered high level problem solving to stretch his mind.  He was already a great reader, but he loved being able to unlock his imagination and expand his learning beyond his school level.  Through the support and encouragement of our tutors Maxwell further increased his abilities, progressing over 18 months in ability in 12 months of attendance.

I first considered Explore Learning because I was concerned that Maxwell might get bored with school. I wanted him to be able to do well in his classes and any tests. Over the past year, Maxwell has excelled in all areas, and is never reluctant to come Explore.  (A substantial achievement for any pre-teen activity!)  The curriculum and teaching methodology keep pushing Maxwell forward, and is making a difference in his development and confidence.

Maxwell’s Dad

We believe delivering the best standard of education shouldn’t cost the earth.

That’s why we offer our award-winning service at a price that’s accessible for everyone.

Our membership is simple and great value. Childcare vouchers, the childcare element of Working Tax Credits and the Childcare Grant for full-time students could enable you to save on your monthly membership*. We also offer a fantastic scholarship scheme which gives a 50% discount to parents receiving Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance. This means anyone can access our award-winning service, because delivering the best standard of education shouldn’t cost the earth. Our members can also take advantage of our ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme, which can reduce their monthly membership to as little as £24 a month – simply by introducing other families to Explore Learning.

To find out our membership prices, find your nearest centre

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*excluding Cardiff, East Kilbride & Aberdeen

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