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All students across KS1, KS2 & KS3 will sit for all kinds of exams throughout their years in primary and secondary school. Explore Learning offers various support for core subjects to help children in their exam tuition journeys from start to finish.


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What we help with:


Maths exam tuition
English exam tuition
SATs exams:
KS1 and KS2
11 Plus and
entrance exams


Maths exam tuition

At Explore Learning, our goal is to ensure every student is comfortable and confident with their maths ahead of their exams.

Subtraction, addition, multiplication & division
Decimals, fractions, & percentages
Word problems & problem-solving
Money, calendars & telling
Data handling, probability, & reasoning


Learn more about our maths tuition and meet our maths tutors.


English exam tuition

We focus on English core skills and applied skills to help students achieve their full potential.

Phonics & vocabulary building
Comprehension, reading & writing skills
Grammar & punctuation
Developing a love for reading
Expressing ideas verbally & confidently


Learn more about our English tuition and meet our English tutors.

SATs exams: KS1 and KS2

SATs for KS1 and KS2 exams can look and feel different from each other given the amount of materials they cover and their grading schemes, but with the right practice and SATs tutors, your child will be able to tackle both assessment tests fearlessly.

Here are some key differences:

Key Stage 1 SATs

  • Taken internally at schools and marked by teachers based on the National Curriculum.
  • Students are assessed on the understanding of key concepts.
  • Tests are meant to indicate student levels, and not to fail anyone.
  • Get in-depth information about the Key Stage 1 assessments, including what’s covered and how they are marked.

Key Stage 2 SATs

  • Students in Year 6 take the exam in Key Stage 2.
  • Assessments are more formal since they are assessed and marked externally.
  • Topics cover a wide range of concepts and test multiple skills acquired over the years.
  • Find out everything you need to know about the new style Key Stage 2 papers and how to prepare for KS2 SATs for English and maths.

11 Plus and entrance exams preparation

We understand that the 11 Plus and entrance exams can be a worry for families. With Explore Learning, however, you will absolutely not need to worry. We have developed multiple strategies to help your child ace the exams with a smile.


We tailor our 11 Plus and entrance exams tuition to suit the school in your area.


Our tutors identify the topics your child needs to focus on, and help them practice.


We have experience with different exam boards, including CEM and GL Assessment.


We help students prepare for Grammar School entrance exams and help them feel confident in their abilities.

How our exam tuition works



In-centre exam tuition

Our UK wide tuition centres are designed to offer engaging teaching experiences.

In-person tutoring for children who benefit from face to face interactions. Our centres are vibrant learning environments to help students reach their exam goals.

Our centres in England are Ofsted registered.



Online exam tuition

Flexible virtual tutoring with group, one-to-one, or bespoke English learning options.

Via live video stream, our online tutors support your child with their tailored curriculum, adapting their approach to meet your child’s needs.

All of our Tutors are enhanced DBS checked.


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Exam tuition: FAQs


When to start tuition for KS1 and KS2 SATs?

It’s never too early or too late to start tuition for KS1 and KS2. We have students ranging from the ages of 4-14, all benefiting from tailored curriculums based on their needs. We would say, whenever your child needs it!


How do you manage a child’s exam stress?

Our experienced tutors not only help students succeed academically, but also help them with personal skills. This includes boosting their confidence levels, entrusting them with independence, motivating them to go above and beyond, and encouraging them to take risks. Over time, this significantly helps students manage exam stress and perform better. You can read more about our exams’ top tips and avoiding exam stress on our blog.

How do I support my child with exam preparation?

There are many ways you can support your child to prepare for all kinds of exams. You can start off by encouraging them to read, practice mental maths during daily activities, practice proper English in daily conversations, focus on problem-solving, and help them with their confidence levels. Because we understand the importance of parent-child support, we have some tips on how to support your child with exam preparation.

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63 Mumsnet testers tried Explore Learning’s Tuition Service: 76% would buy and 86% would recommend.