Encouraging fearless learners through expert tuition 


Our award-winning tuition for kids aged 4-14 is available throughout the UK in dedicated Explore Learning centres and online.

Using innovative learning tools, mapped to the school curriculum, our talented, expert tutors support your child to develop a love of learning that can support them through life.

Whether you’re looking to pass an exam, move up a set in primary school or build confidence, we are here to help. Explore Learning provides tutoring for children, whatever their needs. We will create a bespoke solution for your child that builds academic skills and fearless learning habits.


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Maths tuition
for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3

Developing confidence in mathematics can open up a world of possibilities for your child.

As a parent it can be a tricky subject to support at home, especially as many of the teaching methods seem to be changing. Explore tutors are here to help. Many of our maths tutors have recently completed their GCSE or A level maths and have fresh, relevant knowledge to be able to support your child. Using a curriculum written by specialist maths teachers, our in-centre and online maths tuition delivers exceptional results.

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English tuition
for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3

Explore Learning has been delivering high-quality English tuition for 20 years.

Children thrive at school when they can read and write with confidence. Researching, recording information, communicating and expressing an opinion are just a few of the skills that English tutors can unlock in your child. Let us understand your child’s needs and we will develop a curriculum to support them on their journey through school.

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Why choose Explore Learning?


Supports the


Boosts essential
maths and English skills

Prepares them for
the future



SATs tuition


If you’re looking for support with upcoming SATs exams, then you’ve come to the right place.

We will guide your child through the exam process, identify the skills that they are finding tricky and coach them to tackle these areas with confidence.

11 Plus tuition


We are proud to have supported over 50,000 children on their journey to grammar school.

We have local and national expertise with tools specifically tailored to GL, CEM and local school exam boards. Our 11 Plus tuition programme is open to all with no screening process. Get started today.

Phonics tuition


Master the building blocks of reading with Explore Learning’s phonics tuition programme.

Research shows that the most successful readers and spellers start with a systematic approach to phonics – it’s called synthetic phonics and it is the foundation of our English curriculum. Tutors use fun, varied and motivating games consistent with the approach used in schools to help children move from sounding out their first word to independent reading.

Exam tuition


Whether you’re preparing for an entrance exam, or end of year tests, our tutors have all been there before and mastered the process.

Let them share their top tips and techniques with you. Many of our tutors have recently completed their GCSEs, A levels and Degrees meaning their knowledge is fresh and relevant. Not only are they highly-skilled but they are fabulous communicators and know how to keep your child calm under pressure.

Learn with our expert maths and English tutors

We have 20 years experience recruiting and training the best tutors.

Our tutors are selected for their strong academic background alongside their ability to be excellent coaches and mentors. Most work part time alongside their degrees. Our students are therefore supported by a large team of experts including fully qualified teachers, highly skilled graduates and experienced tutors.


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Meet some of our inspiring tutors


Meet Deedee

“I love teaching maths at Explore. Numbers are so logical and our online visual resources really support children’s mathematical understanding.”

Deedee has a BA in Primary Education.

Meet Michael

“Being able to assist brilliant, young minds on their journey to self-discovery; helping them find their voice and confidence is a position I am truly privileged to have”

Michael is studying for his MA in Musical Theatre.

Meet Caitlyn

I really love seeing children learn about the language they speak and expanding their vocabulary; becoming more vocal and learning how to write themselves.”

Caitlyn is a full time tutor at Explore.

Our members tell our story

Frequently asked questions
about our tuition


How to find an Explore Learning tuition centre near me?

With nearly 100 centres throughout the UK, there’s bound to be a centre nearby. Book a free assessment at your closest tuition centre.



Group vs one-to-one: which is the best for my child?

At Explore Learning we are big fans of tutoring children in a social setting. 

We offer small group tuition in our tuition centres and online tutoring where a tutor will support your child and a couple of others at the same time. Children benefit from the company of their peers and celebrate each other’s success whilst they work on their own bespoke programme of work. Students work independently with the support of a tutor whenever they need it. This social environment is a great confidence booster and helps children feel that they are in a club whilst receiving personal tutoring.

One-to-one tuition is a good solution for focused support, for children who are easily distracted and who need careful coaching to help build self-esteem and resilience. If you’re seeking a private English tutor or maths teacher this can be a good place to start. We will work on building the skills to transfer into a more social learning setting.

Is there a “right” age to start tutoring?

Children of all ages and abilities can benefit from the support of a tutor. 

A tutor’s role is to spend a little more time developing and coaching the skills that a child is learning in the classroom. These are different for every child. Children aged five are learning how to communicate, follow instructions and develop concentration skills. Whilst a child starting secondary school might have specific areas of difficulty that they are looking for support with. 

There are many different reasons that you may seek out a tutor and it’s reassuring to know that whatever age your child is, adding someone else to their circle of trusted people, cheering them on will also be a great thing.


How much does Explore Learning tutoring cost?

Tuition fees start from £99 per month at Explore Learning. Our members receive a weekly tutored session, unlimited access to high quality curriculum resources and in centre or online lessons.


Start your Explore Learning journey today

We offer a free trial session with no obligation to join.

Your trial session will last up to 1 hour. During this time a member of our expert team will work closely with you and your child to underpin exactly what they need to succeed whilst showing you what we do to bring learning to life.