Celebrating 18 years of fearless learning

How the years have flown. Our story began in October 2001, when we opened our very first maths and English tuition centre in Chelmsford; we’ve now grown to 145 centres across the UK!

Our vision to be the best possible complement to a school education, where talented tutors work with children in order to meet their individual learning needs, remains at the heart of Explore 18 years on.

Here, we celebrate all the wonderful achievements and moment that matter to us and our members – and you’re invited!

Our members, then and now

We’re incredibly proud of our members and the individual journeys they take with us. We loved catching up with members from early as 2004 to hear about what they are doing now!


Member from 2004 – 2010

“Happy 18th Birthday Explore Learning! Thank you for helping me as a child, teenager and adult. I couldn’t have done it without you and all the amazing people I’ve met and had the chance to work with over the years. “


I started coming to Explore Learning at Edinburgh Blackhall when I was 8 years old in 2004. My Mum signed up me and my brother Charlie who was 9 at the time. We were members until around 2010 when I was 14 and Charlie was 15. The first session we had was with a tutor called Sandy, I remember it well. I remember feeling really nervous and Charlie being really confident. We were in competition with each other to see who could get the most lizard cards!

I am currently studying to become a primary school teacher. I have also travelled to America to work at summer camp which was an amazing experience. Explore helped me get there as a member by improving my confidence in maths and not being afraid of learning new things. As a current staff member in my 7th year as a tutor I can say there really isn’t a better job. Working at Explore confirmed that education and working with children is something I’ll always want to do.

For families thinking about joining Explore Learning I’d say “give it a try!”. It’s a completely different learning environment that might spark a love of subjects children might not like at school. Explore isn’t just about tuition and maths and English, it’s about social skills, confidence, learning and having fun!


Member from 2005 – 2013

“I grew more as a person; when I first joined, I was quite shy but the friendly setting soon made me feel relaxed and accepted, allowing me to improve my social skills.”


I became a member of Explore Learning in 2005, aged 7, just after the Camberley centre was opened and left at age 15. I joined Explore Learning for additional support and guidance on the topics that I had struggled with at school and to help develop/further my knowledge and understanding of English and maths. Explore gave me opportunities to develop my maths and English skills by adapting the sessions to suit my individual needs and offered specialist sessions such as Creative Writing and 11 Plus preparation. I gained in confidence as a result of the support.

I particularly loved the atmosphere and environment at Explore – it was always so warm and welcoming! The tutors offered me great support as well as being friendly, approachable and enthusiastic.

Thanks to the tutoring, guidance and useful exam and study tips I received at Explore Learning I achieved 12 A*s and 1 A for my GCSEs. The A*s included maths (which I took a year early), English literature and English language. Explore really pushed me to strive to be my best through their individually tailored sessions so over time I worked on topics several years ahead of my age.


Member from 2005-2009

“Even though I had dyslexia, the tutors found a way to help me structure my written work and use techniques to remember how to spell certain words! “


I became an Explore Learning member when I was 12. I didn’t know how it would benefit me, as I’d always assumed it was for a younger age group. What I did know however, was that I found reading very dull and writing a massive challenge. Having just started high school, the pace of work had definitely picked up and I was already falling behind within the first few months.

Working alongside my tutors and other members of Explore on some great projects helped me massively with my confidence in writing, researching and working as a team. Even though I had dyslexia, the tutors seemed to find a way to help me structure my written work, and use techniques to remember how to spell certain words!

I’ve now completed my degree in International Retail Marketing and have looked into moving abroad to pursue my career. I am so grateful for all the help I received from the tutors in my centre. My advice would be that if you’ve just started high school, and feel you’re falling behind a bit, book into a trial at one of the centres and give it a go – I’m so glad I went!


Member from 2009 – 2016

“Explore really helped me in both maths and English. I was able to move up in maths sets in primary school, and my understanding of English devices really improved and expanded.”


I became a member of Explore Learning when I was in Year 4, in 2009 at the High Wycombe Explore Learning. Before my first session at Explore Learning I was very excited. I can vividly remember Explore Learning coming to my school and playing games with us and after that, I constantly told my Mum I wanted to go! My first session, I did both Maths and English, I really liked the SuccessMaker cartoons and how interactive it was. I also remember that the atmosphere was very friendly and happy.

My favourite thing about Explore Learning were the tutors I had. I was always excited to see them and get to talk to them about how I was. Currently, I am taking a gap year where I will go to Australia! Explore Learning allowed me to make these big decisions by letting me grow my confidence amongst the children and tutors.

I looked up to my tutors when I was a member, and so I wanted to do the same for future members. I also missed Explore Learning a lot so I am now a tutor in the High Wycombe centre myself!


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