Is your child a changemaker? We have a course that will inspire your future pioneer to see the world differently and bring about change, whilst building skills they need for school and beyond.



Open to 7-14 year olds,
your child will learn how to:

Write with impact
Speak persuasively
Collaborate effectively with others
Develop a secure sense of self


Designed by experts, this course focuses on the skills that employers want children to have in our future world.



problem solver



Fearless communicator – through effective speaking and writing your child can express their view of the world and their vision for it.
Critical problem solver – your child will learn to approach problems systematically, evaluate information and seek new, creative solutions.
Excellent collaborator – through reading and listening we support children to understand others’ views and work together in a constructive way.
Self-aware – we support your child to understand their unique talents, to self-reflect and develop a growth mindset.

Our future skills course puts literacy at its core.

Working in small groups, children develop reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Through engaging projects, covering current hot topics, children build a suite of skills to take them through their academic careers to the world of work beyond.

Examples of
topics covered include:


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