Get Learning
for Ukraine

Find out how Explore Learning is donating funds to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine through our members mastering new skills.

Raising funds for Ukraine
through learning

Giving our members a chance to support the vital work that the Red Cross is doing in supporting the people of Ukraine.

For every 10 skills that are mastered between Monday 21st and Sunday 27th March we will be donating £1 to the Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. Explore will contribute £1 for every 10 skills mastered, up to £15,000.

This donation to the Red Cross will go directly to their work in Ukraine:

  • Providing food, first aid, clean water, shelter support, warm clothing, hygiene parcels and medicines
  • Supporting hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Training people up in life-saving first aid
  • Helping families stay in contact with each other
  • Repairing vital infrastructure
  • Helping to repair homes, healthcare centres, schools and community centres

If you would like to support the work of the British Red Cross with your own monetary donation you can do so via their own DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal page.


logo of the British Red Cross Association

How do children master skills at Explore?

Find out how our members master skills and what you can do to support them.

How to talk to your child about war & conflict

In our blog you’ll find tips to support and comfort your child during these uncertain times.

Conversation-starting resources for families

Here you’ll find resources which will help you engage your child in conversations such as books, craft activities and more.

Our members master 2 new curriculum skills every 30 minutes*

Mastery is an amazing thing – it’s a demonstration of your child’s ability to work independently on a given topic and consistently prove that they are able to get the right answers.

As your child is working with their tutor (and also in their independent sessions) they are seeing lots of different topics within maths and English.  We track each correct answer and when your child has demonstrated that they have the ability to answer questions on that topic consistently and correctly we award them with a new mastered skill.

*Average new skills mastered per 30 minutes across our whole membership.

example of a screen from Explore's learning tool, Compass, featuring an animated tutor wearing a hijab.

You can support this cause by encouraging your child to complete independent sessions on Compass.

” Our mission is to help children thrive in their education and beyond. That mission has always been so much bigger than just the children who are members with us.

The ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine has effected so many families across the world and we are committed to supporting the people of Ukraine through this donation to the British Red Cross. “

Bill Mills – Founder and CEO

Conversation-starting resources for families

We know that often the hardest part of having difficult conversations with children is knowing how to start the conversation in the first instance.

That’s why we’ve compiled some resources to help families in starting these conversations with their children in a way which is natural and allows the child to understand it at a pace which suits them.


Recommended reading for children.

For younger children we suggest – The Proudest Blue by Ibtihaj Muhammad
For older children we suggest – Rufugee Boy by Benjamin Zephaniah

Resources for children.

Mastered skills tracker

Useful links for families.




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