Best GCSE maths apps and websites

From practice questions to problem-solving, we’ve put together a guide to help you discover some of the best GCSE maths apps and websites to support revision and achieve your goals! 

With your GCSEs approaching you’re probably looking for any way to help your revision for GCSE maths. Maths tuition is always a great option to ensure you’re ready to do your best and there are plenty of online resources that could support your learning too. 

We want to help take the stress out of your GCSE exams, so take a deep breath – here are our favourite GCSE maths revision websites and apps. 


Which app is best for GCSE maths revision?

There are so many GCSE maths revision apps out there, so choosing the right one can get a little confusing. 

Different revision apps are good for different things, some will help you study generally and some will help you build a revision timetable. Some revision apps will cost a lot but offer very little, so that’s why we’ve put together this list of our favourite free maths apps. 


Best maths study apps

Keep in mind that some of these revision apps have in-app purchases, so make sure you ask the bill payer’s permission before using them and before doing anything that might cost money.

  • BBC Bitesize: This is the ultimate 100% free GCSE revision app when it comes to preparing for your GCSE maths exams. The BBC Bitesize app will help you break up your revision into easy to manage, or ‘bitesize’ chunks. You can find the BBC Bitesize app for GCSE revision on Google Play and the Apple Store.  
  • EdPlace: This is a great app for 11 Plus exams, SATs exams as well as your GCSE exams preparation. With EdPlace you’ll have access to 1000s of tutorial worksheets, assessments and revision practice worksheets, all in one place. You can download the EdPlace revision app for Android and iOS
  • GCSEPod: In their own words, GCSEPod wants you to study smarter, not harder. GCSEPod is a revision tool that delivers audio/visual ‘Pods’ for you to learn from in short bursts, with an excellent array of revision materials for you to make use of. To learn more about GCSEPod, find it on Google Play and the Apple Store
  • Quizlet: This revision tool lets you create a series of flashcards and brief revision notes that will really help your maths revision sink in. It’s great for testing your memory on mathematical equations and formulae. You can find Quizlet on Google Play and the Apple Store
  • Arc Maths: One of our favourite GCSE maths revision apps, Arc Maths was designed by maths teachers! Arc Maths helps you identify gaps in your maths knowledge and gives you a learning program specifically to help you. Each time you log in you’ll be asked random maths questions on topics you’ve recently covered and the ones you might’ve forgotten. Find Arc Maths on Google Play and the Apple Store.

All of these GCSE maths revision apps are free to download, so go ahead and try all of them. See which one works best with your learning style.  


What are the best GCSE maths revision websites?

If you’re working on a laptop or a computer and want to revise without downloading a maths revision app, there are plenty of GCSE maths revision websites for you to work from as well. 


Best websites for GCSE maths papers

One really effective way to prepare yourself for your GCSE maths exams is to practice with exam style questions or test your knowledge with a full maths exam paper. Your maths teachers will be able to help you with some past papers recommendations, or you can find GCSE maths past papers online. We’ve suggested some websites below for GCSE maths past papers. 

  • Revision Maths: you can access past papers for a variety of exam boards here. You don’t need to just focus on the exam board you’ll be doing your GCSE exams with, try a few of them so you can practice a variety of different topics and questions. 
  • Maths Genie: Maths Genie has an extensive range of past maths papers from a variety of exam boards that you can make use of. Again, you don’t just have to focus on the exam board for your own GCSE maths exam – try a few!
  • Maths Made Easy: You’ll find that Maths Made Easy has a range of both past papers and predicted papers for you to practice from, just be aware that the predicted papers aren’t free! You’ll get just as much use out of the past papers, however, so be sure to take a look at their range


Best maths websites for GCSE practice questions

When preparing for your maths GCSE exams it’s important to practice, practice and practice again. 

Reading through your workbooks and revision books might help jog your memory a little, but one of the best ways to keep your maths revision going is to practice with questions. Here are some of our favourite GCSE maths revision websites for practice questions: 

  • BBC Bitesize – The BBC Bitesize website has a whole host of GCSE maths resources specific to different exam boards and different maths topics. Ask your teacher which exam board you’ll be sitting with for your maths exams if you’re not sure. Then, head over to the BBC Bitesize website and choose the right exam board to get practice questions most relevant to you.  
  • Maths Genie – If you’re looking to test yourself on specific maths problems, Maths Genie can help. Again, ask your teacher which exam board you’ll be sitting your GCSE maths exams with so you can get questions that are most relevant to you. Once you know that, go to the Maths Genie website and pick the exam board for you and the topics you want to practice. 
  • Maths Made Easy – with Maths Made Easy you won’t need to know which exam board you’ll be sitting with for your GCSE maths exams. Simply find the topic you’re struggling most with and want to practice most on the Maths Made Easy website


More online maths resources 

If you’re looking for even more online maths resources to help your prepare for your GCSE maths exams we’re here to help too! We have so many online maths resources that will help with your maths revision, whether that’s everyday maths just to keep your brain sharp, areas of difficulty in maths to keep practising or fun and simple strategies to help you keep going in your revision. 

We also have resources specific to your GCSE exams, so if you’re worried about your GCSE maths we can help. Be sure to check out the Explore Learning guides to: 


Become a fearless learner in your GCSE maths revision

Maths is important, and we know it can get a little stressful when preparing for your GCSE maths exam. That’s why our expert maths tutors are here to help with GCSE maths tuition, so you can go into your exams feeling fearless, ready to take on the challenge and do your best. 

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