Help and Support with your Online Trial


We are here to help you get up and running with your online trial. If you continue to experience difficulties, please feel free to call us on 01483 447414 and a member of our team would be happy to help.

How to get started for your online one-to-one free trial session


Before you log on for your one-to-one online trial session, there are a few steps you need to take to ensure your session runs smoothly. Watch our video below for guidance…

Our guide on how to download Microsoft Teams before your online trial session.

Before you log on for your one-to-one online trial session, we recommend you download Microsoft teams. For guidance on how to download Microsoft Teams click here. or dependant on your device watch our videos below:

Downloading Microsoft Teams – Windows

Downloading Microsoft Teams – Mac

 Less connectivity issues

 Popup window to join your call

 Tutor can control remotely

 Better video quality

Technical Support


What do I need to do before I start my trial?

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Before you attend your online trial you will need to download the Microsoft Teams app onto your Computer/Laptop. Microsoft Teams is our online interface that we use to interact with you and your child during the session.

• Just before the trial is due to start, click ‘Join Microsoft Teams Meeting’ link at the top of this email
• If this takes you to a webpage – click ‘Open Microsoft Teams’

• Click ‘Join Now’

How do I access the trial from a Computer/ Laptop:

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Download the Microsoft Teams app – The app enables a higher quality of streaming so we are able to optimise interactive teaching through the session. Simply download the app onto your computer via the link above.

How do I access the trial from a IPAD / Tablet:

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To have the best online experience we recommend that families use a Computer/Laptop where possible.  iPads and some Tablets can work for your online sessions; however your child will not have the opportunity to interact with us as much and will have limited access to our Member’s Area once you become a member.

Whatever device you are using, we would recommend you download the Microsoft Teams app in advance of your trial.

Using an iPad? Follow the link to download the Microsoft teams app and click the apple symbol. This will then direct you into the app store to download the Microsoft Teams app.

Using an Android device? Make sure you have downloaded the Microsoft Teams app. Your online tutor will show you what to do to ensure you have the best experience. This will include sharing your system audio and holding your device in landscape mode.

Does my device need a video camera for the trial session?

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A video camera is recommended to heighten the interactive experience; however, this is not essential and will not prevent the trial from occurring.

Does my device need a Microphone?

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For us to run the online session it is a requirement that you will need a microphone and for this to be switched on and accessible. This is to enable an interactive experience.

What resources do I need for my child’s session?

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We recommend your child is sitting somewhere quiet and where they feel comfortable for the duration of the trial. They will also need a pen and paper too.

How are we going to adapt an online trial to a child that has SEN (Special Educational Needs)?

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We provide a learning experience that is tailored to your child. The learning program that we use is multi-sensory and can adapt to their unique learning styles.

Do I need to be present in the whole trial session?

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Both parent and child need to be present throughout the trial. This is your opportunity to see how the Explore Learning sessions work and how you can get the most from your membership.

Once you’ve become a member, as a parent you do not need to be present for your child’s entire session, however we would love to give you some feedback at the end of each session on how your child has done!

How do I know if my child is progressing?

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We will provide regular feedback about how your child is progressing at Explore. Every session you will receive a summary of your child’s session with an example of a topic they have been working towards mastering with their tutor.

At Explore Learning we create Fearless Learners so each child has an individual learning habit that they are developing to help them progress here, at school and any time they face a new challenge. We will work with you and your child to create the right fearless learning habit for them, and update you on this after each session.

Additionally, we hold parents’ meetings regularly throughout your child’s Explore membership. These meetings are designed to give you more in-depth feedback about your child’s progress, fearless learning habit, answer any questions you may have and create a learning pathway for your child to help them reach their individual goals.

How will we support you as a parent?

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Through our Members’ Area, parents will have access to advice, video guides and blogs to support you with your child’s learning. Parents will also get feedback after each online session.