Our specialist courses

As well as our award-winning maths and English tuition, we also have a variety of specialist courses to support your child on their journey throughout primary and secondary school.

We run a range of specialist courses to compliment the core maths and English curriculum taught in our centres. Whether your child is a budding author or has writer’s block; wants to develop their maths problem solving skills, become a fearless exam taker or wants to develop the skills needed for secondary school and beyond, we have a course to suit every need.

Creative Maths

The perfect class for budding young authors or those who have writer’s block.

Written in consultation with teachers and authors, this course supports children in tackling school assessments, whilst inspiring their imagination. The course also develops children’s skills in the following areas:

  Research and planning

  Vocabulary and spelling

  Presentation skills

  Grammar and punctuation

Developed in partnership with NRICH at Cambridge University, this course nurtures tomorrow’s mathematicians.

This problem-solving course applies mathematical skills to practical problems, inspiring children to be independent thinkers, whilst developing  the following skills:

  Problem solving

  Trial and improvement strategies

  Exploration and explanation skills

  Convincing and proving

Tailored to the tests in your area, we prepare children for the exams and develop their confidence and skills.

The course will help members develop speed, accuracy and exam technique.

  Verbal and non-verbal reasoning

  Punctuation, grammar and spelling

  Writing and reading comprehension

  Maths, including arithmetic and reasoning


This course supports children in developing the skills necessary for secondary school.

Comprising a series of cross-curricula projects, we develop children’s knowledge and confidence in a range of topics. Children learn how to formulate ideas, debate and present, building a portfolio of work across secondary subjects.

  Researching and essay writing 

  Presenting and debating

  Balanced and persuasive writing

  Teamwork and collaborative learning

Interested in a specialist course?

If one of our specialist courses has caught your eye, why not try it for free to see how we can inspire your child?

Whether it’s supporting them with the 11 Plus and entrance exams, preparing them for the transition to secondary school or helping their creative writing and problem solving skills to flourish, we’re here to help your child become fearless learners.