What Our Parents Say About Us…

The hesitancy and lack of confidence that held her back is gone.  Now she tries new things with relish.  She counts the days until she can come back here.
Christina, Parent

Explore Learning has raised my son’s confidence and has tremendously increased his concentration ability.  He is now able to ‘quick think’ and respond to questions quickly and accurately.  His school performance has improved owing to the skills learned at Explore Learning.


Husna, Parent
My daughter has been coming to Explore Learning for 4 years and has really enjoyed it.  (She) enjoys working with the tutors who are fun but also knowledgeable.  The Parent Conference meetings are informative and accurately match the teacher feedback at school.”
Sarah, Parent”Her confidence has grown, she is putting her hand up more in class.  Her maths now is exceptional and she is in one of the top groups in class.  The tutors always remember the children’s names, they are very positive and encouraging and the children really enjoy coming.  My younger daughter is now desperate to join.
Naomi, Parent
My son has been attending Explore Learning for 3 weeks and has grown in confidence and has greatly improved in English. The service I have been provided has been very good. The friendly staff always make him feel  so welcome. As a teacher myself I know that my son’s education has been enhanced by coming to Explore.
K. Hempsall, Parent

My two sons have contrasting abilities and both have benefited from attending Explore.  It has given them confidence in core subjects and highlighted areas they need help in. They have both improved considerably over the year. Explore employ helpful and approachable tutors who make learning fun.  They remember every child individually and give them great encouragement.

K. Waterhouse, Parent
Tom has done amazingly well since coming to Explore.  He is only in his second month of coming but already I have noticed an improvement in reading, maths, and most of all confidence.  I would recommend this to anyone.  Tom loves it here!
Lynne, Parent

I have to say that one of the reasons we joined Explore Learning was the atmosphere.  It’s lively, and my daughter is happy and the tutors are excellent.

Joy, Parent

My children have both excelled at school and I have no doubt that Explore Learning is one of the main reasons.  Even my children have passed comment on how Explore Learning has helped with their work in school.


T. Hardy, Parent

Darcey enjoys attending sessions, her confidence has grown and it has benefited her concentration skills immensely.  Darcey’s teachers at school have also noticed these improvements. All this and she leaves in a happy mood skipping and smiling too!


Susan, Parent

My children are more confident in school now and this has resulted in them having a better relationship with their class teacher at school.  The tutors are very friendly and have really made my children feel welcomed at the centre.


Saima, Parent

Since attending Explore my son has had his thirst for learning rekindled!  He started Explore at a time when he had been feeling less enthusiastic at school and Explore revived his interest and motivation.


Tracey, Parent

He has gained in confidence and is less anxious about getting things wrong. The staff are child-centred and the children benefit from their approach.

J. Meertins, Parent

My children have benefited immensely from Explore Learning.  It has helped their confidence a great deal and the fact that they enjoy it helps with their learning.  My children are happy to be left in a happy, caring environment where they are encouraged to learn and not shy of asking questions.

Mrs. Fox, Parent

My son’s levels have improved dramatically in literacy and numeracy since joining…he loves the Eleven Plus lessons.

Amanda, Parent

Our son now enjoys learning.  He doesn’t get upset if he doesn’t understand something straight away anymore.  The tutors understand his needs and encourage him.

Mr and Mrs McCarthy, Parents

Since joining Explore is has been extremely noticeable how much Shaye has benefited from this service.  He has come along leaps and bounds and gained confidence.  The tutors are ALWAYS friendly and ready and willing to help!


Candice, Parent

Sarah has gained increased confidence and she is doing consistently better at school.  She thinks she is a maths wizard!


M. Rahmatvillah, Parent

The level of service is really good – the staff keep the children motivated and monitor the children’s progress regularly.


M. Jhukory, Parent

Kate enjoys coming here and asks to come, unprompted.  She is more confident in her subjects which translates to better behaviour at school.


Mr. Oliver, Parent

I have 3 children who go to Explore Learning and they all equally love the atmosphere and friendly staff alike.


Denise, Parent

The extra practice has given him a real boost of confidence and he is much happier to join in at school.

Claire, Parent
I’m very pleased with the progress Nathan has made. The Explore staff are friendly, helpful and approachable. It has improved his confidence, he now completes his work at school, does his homework without having to be reminded and he enjoys it more.”
Alison Ryans, Parent”Explore Learning has given my child the confidence to tackle work he would usually shy away from and to develop his strengths in a supportive, caring environment.
Stella, Parent

The tutors are friendly, enthusiastic, caring and always helpful.  They communicate really well with the children and find time to cater for their individual needs.


Mr and Mrs Rowe, Parents

The quality of teaching and the feedback provided is very high.


Mrs Chan, Parent

Iona has been able to consolidate and fully understand work which she is doing at school.  The extra coverage of the same topics has given her a solid foundation when moving on to more advanced concepts.

Lucy, Parent

It has increased her confidence at school, especially in numeracy.  She enjoys coming here.

Mrs Cooper, Parent

Both children have improved in levels of ability and concentration,  David has learned coping mechanisms to help alleviate his frustrations and it has increased his confidence overall.  Tom has gained access to difficult areas of the curriculum in a motivating way.


C Frost, Parent

We are delighted with the way in which Explore Learning has built our daughters’ confidence.  The staff are professional and fun in their approach and both of our girls  aged 8 and 6 love to go.  (The tutors) have great energy and enthusiasm that rubs off on all the children I see at the centre, especially ours!


W. Hester, Parent

We considered tutors for our three boys but were put off by the formality and school-like atmosphere.  In the first three months since joining Explore our children have progressed by up to half a school year in both literacy and maths.  The children positively look forward to attending sessions, the tutors make learning fun and we struggle to get them to leave!


Tim and Maria Kirkham, Parents

We have been overwhelmed by the staff at Explore. Their commitment, enthusiasm as well as professionalism. Excellent value for money.

Mrs. Warren, Parent

Harriet’s confidence in using different maths techniques to solve problems has really grown since she has been coming to the centre. The benefit of working in smaller tutor groups is immense. The tutors are really upbeat and their enthusiastic approach really engages the children.

Claire Ivie, Parent
Louis has just had his exams in school and had no problems with them, where he would have struggled before. My children love coming here and would come in for more than two sessions per week if they could.
Paula O'Neill, Parent
The friendliness of the tutors has offered us an encouraging prospect as my son is now more open to learning and more excited about it. He is happier about learning, especially in maths as that was a subject he lacked confidence in.
Michelle Wheeley, Parent

Denzel’s confidence has improved and Kimberley feels a lot more challenged. The level of service is excellent and we receive thorough feedback.

Patricia Okwuasaba, Parent

To say I am happy with the progress my daughter has made over the past year at Explore would be an understatement. Now at high school she is coping so well and has moved up a set in maths and I believe this is due to her hard work and the excellent help from Explore Learning.’


Stephanie Gill, Parent

‘The gradual progression in learning is really well suited to my daughter, she feels very comfortable working in the centre. I wish she could come every day!’

Ellie Roberts, Parent
The extra work out of school hours has really boosted their confidence with their work. They have also ‘explored’ different ways of learning! The tutors are friendly, helpful and not only to the kids!
Isla Menzies, Parent

All the tutors are extremely professional and so very friendly. All the staff have a way of making each individual child feel they are the special one. Emma remembers more information because of the patience and attention which she always receives.

Mrs Randall, Parent
(The tutors) are always very friendly and patient with the kids When my daughter comes here, she gets lots of praise and comes home enthusiastic and feels that she’s done well.It makes her feel good about herself.
Mrs Martin, Edinburgh Parent