Explore at Home Sessions

Our award-winning style of tuition is now online!

Our brand new online sessions bring our in-centre style of learning online.

We believe that children thrive when given tailored support alongside the chance to work independently.  In our new online sessions, three children will work on their own individualised Compass program with the support of one tutor.

We are proud to be the only tuition provider in the UK to offer this style of session!

Recommended by parents

My son’s confidence is growing during these sessions. I can see that he is more confident to ask for help and also to work independently.

Explore at Home Parent, Walsall

How do our new online sessions work?

In these online sessions, your child will join a session with other children and their tutor.

The session will begin with your child having a small amount of time to say hello to the other children in their session and to set goals with their tutor. Your child will then begin their individualised Compass session.

During the session, your child’s tutor can see every child in their zone and will move between them to offer help and encouragement. Your child will be able to ask for help as many times as they need during the session and the tutor will come and support them.

At the end of the session, the tutor will encourage each child in the zone to reflect on their successes and challenges during the session. 

What are the benefits of our new online sessions?

Frequently Asked Questions

One of our parents, Amandeep, answers some questions about her experience with our new sessions.

What benefits have you seen as a parent? 


Can the child see the tutor at all times? 


What feedback
will I receive? 



Caroline, one of our Compass developers, answers some questions about how it all works.

How does the tutor support all learners in their zone?


How will the tutor keep my child on task?


Will the children be of a
similar age?


Still have questions?

How do I access this session?

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Accessing the session is very easy. Log in to your  Members’ Area and on your Compass screen, you will see an option to join your session, click this button and your session will begin.

How does it differ from a one to one session?

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Our new online sessions are more like our in-centre sessions where multiple children are working on their own tailored programme with one tutor available to support them. The tutor will not be with your child throughout the entire session, as they are in a one to one. They will always be available to support your child when they ask for help and will be checking in on your child while they are working independently. These sessions are specifically designed to boost classroom skills alongside independent learning.

How does it differ from the lockdown style group workshops?

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There will only be three children in each session and they will not be taught as a group. Your child, along with the other two children in the session, will all be working on their own tailored learning program, meaning they will be covering topics carefully chosen for them and following their own learning path.

What program will my child be using?

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During these sessions, your child will be using Compass.

Do these sessions work for all ages?

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These sessions work for all members currently using Compass for their maths and English. Therefore, they are suitable for the majority of children from Year 1 (P2) onward. If your child uses Phonics Hero during their sessions, they will not be able to have these sessions.

Will my child be able to see and hear other children throughout their session?

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At the beginning and end of a session, children will be able to see and hear each other. When they begin their Compass programme, they will not be able to see and hear other children. They will only be able to see and hear the tutor when working directly with them.

Can the tutor see my child at all times?

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Yes, the tutor can see all children during the session. This means our tutors can ensure your child is staying on task while they are supporting other children in the zone. 

My child requires additional support, can they do an Explore at Home session?

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We know that every child learns differently and we believe that these sessions will be fulfilling and enjoyable for the majority of our members. You know your child best so please speak with your centre team to discuss whether these sessions are right for your child.

How does it work if my child needs help, but the tutor is with another learner?

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Just like in our centres, your child will raise their hand, the only difference will be that it will be by pressing a button. They will have a button at the side of their screen, if they press it, it lets their tutor know if they need help. The tutor may be working with someone else and your child will need to wait a few minutes until their tutor is ready, in this time, they can access the tutor tip which will help explain the question. Your tutor will see your child needs help and will support them as soon as they can.