We all know there’s pressure to cover more than ever in the classroom; balancing an expanding curriculum, desire to build children’s confidence, team work and have fun!

Our free maths and English workshops do just that. We give children the space to unlock their imaginations, and discover the magic of words and numbers. Our aim: to deliver content that engages everyone, from the passionate to the reluctant.

With over 15 years’ experience delivering engaging workshops, we bring a new voice to your classroom and allow you to observe your class in action. Taking away the hassle of planning, whether we’re teaching new topics.

We encourage creativity while delivering specific numeracy and literacy objectives in a real life context. With a huge range of workshops, which will you choose?


 Maths and English workshops

 Pupil premium

 PTA events


So far we’ve helped over 200,000 children conquer their fears and discover their potential

Feeling competitive?

Fancy winning £500 worth of books for your school, or having a team of mathematicians compete at the Natural History Museum? We run two annual competitions, the Explore Learning Writers’ Awards and the Explore Learning Mathematicians’ Awards, which feed a passion for learning and inspire children to aim high!

Explore Learning Writers' Awards

Our annual writing competition inspires children to write, from brilliant young authors to those a little more reluctant.

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Explore Learning Mathematicians' Awards

Run in partnership with NRICH, our national competition is designed to stretch and challenge budding mathematicians.

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Working in partnership with your PTA

Since our launch in 2001 we’ve helped thousands of PTAs in raising money, supporting events and developing closer links between home and school. With activities, prizes and games, there is a huge range of ways we can support you.



Award-winning pupil premium support


How we successfully maximise achievement:

  • Continued assessment and termly progress reporting
  • After-school tuition, minimising impact on the school day
  • Focused on individual needs and mastery of learning
  • Reward, recognition and specific feedback for children
  • Parent engagement & learning opportunities

Price: £100 per pupil, per month
Location: Over 125 centres nationwide

Find a centre in your area

Our Locations

We have over 100 centres nationwide and we work with schools and communities in each local area. Discover your nearest centre today.

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