Our pupils have benefited through working with Explore tutors; Explore has improved their knowledge in numeracy and literacy and I have seen their confidence increase through their experience at Explore.

Mrs. Claxton, Headteacher, Larkrise Primary School, Chelmsford.

Very beneficial – children thoroughly engaged and were eager to participate…A fantastic experience for ALL children.  A wonderful afternoon of learning and fun.

N. Metham, Teacher, Haseltine Primary School

The workshop was great.  It generated interest in the event and showed a connection between what we teach and real world situations.  There was lots of positivity, energy and humour.

D. Burns, The Danesfield Manor School

They were buzzing about what they had done….I thought the tutors were very professional and dealt with the children in a very positive manner and delivered an excellent lesson! Thank you very much!

M. Paterson, Year 5 Teacher, Worsley Bridge Primary School

The children really enjoyed it and were delighted to take their work home.  There was a good level of scaffolding involved that meant that even those with the poorest writing skills could still be involved.


V. Marsland, Head of Key Stage 1, Whitby Heath Primary School  

The benefits of Explore visiting the school were that the class can see that maths can be fun! The tutors were light and cheery, giving good praise and encouragement.  It was a chance for the lower ability students to have a go in a group context and the high ability students got a chance to help and work with children they wouldn’t normally work with.

A. Stoneman, St. Andrews C of E Primary School

Very interactive, all children felt that they had really achieved something.

 S. Carr, Year 5 Teacher, Haseltine Primary School

The children were all highly motivated throughout the workshop.  This was because of the relevant nature of the task, an element of competition and good teaching.


Year 6 Teacher, Chidham Parochial Primary School

The leaders were highly motivated – enthusiastically presented activities to the class. They had good subject knowledge and presented work with good pace enabling children to stay on task. The children said it was great fun!

H. Watts, Senior Teacher, Perryfields Junior School

The tutors had a great rapport with the pupils and continually went around inspiring and aiding them. The children had a fabulous time; it was a very well spent hour and half!

Ms. Clark, Year 4 Teacher

The Year 4,5 & 6 pupils really enjoyed their maths sessions with you yesterday. Thank you for making their session so enjoyable and relevant to them.

Teacher, St Crispin's School 

The range of questions at the workshop meant that all the children could participate and be challenged by the activities. A very positive approach by Explore staff enabled children who sometimes need extra support to succeed.

V. Mackay, Balgreen Primary teacher

The maths workshop complemented work in the classroom. The children loved the activities and interacted very well with the tutors.

Mrs. F. Halliday, Year 5 teacher, Whitnash Primary School

The maths activities related well to individual abilities, ages and topics the children have been learning. Explore Learning reinforces and consolidates their understanding and encourages them to want to achieve. The tutors interacted with the children with a very positive approach, which kept all the children to task and involved.

Juliette Owens, Yrs 3 & 4 Teacher, Gidea Park Primary

The workshop used an alien theme which completely enthralled the boys, even the poorest writers were engaged and it really boosted their confidence to achieve the same as everyone else.

V. Marsland, Head of Key Stage 1, Whitby Primary School 

Tutors were lively in their approach and engaged all children. Their motivation was both warm and friendly whilst being firm. Children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and many asked if they could be involved in more.

Junior School Deputy Head, Newcastle