Over the past 15 years, Explore Learning has worked closely with thousands of community groups. We want to make a positive difference to all children – not just our members.

Together we can actively promote maths and English throughout the community and support the younger generation in developing lifelong skills to help them get the jobs of the future and maybe even help change the world!

Our free workshops

Choose from our range of engaging workshops which encourage creativity while delivering specific numeracy and literacy objectives in a real life context.

Ages 4–6

Children help make the world a safer place in this workshop, as they design our future superheroes using 2D and 3D shapes. What shape is the best shape for a cape and a shield?

Ages 4–6

We take a day out to the zoo to see all the animals, from the lions to the zebras. The animals guide the children through their perfect letter formation, the giraffes’ tall necks help with the letter ‘h’ and the pigs curly tails help with the letter ‘e’.

Ages 4–6

The children will investigate rhyming words and why they rhyme. They will use their phonics to help them sounds the words accurately. What do the words bat, hat and rat all have in common?

Ages 5–7

We will help children tackle the challenge of the big and little hand in this telling the time workshop. We all know how tricky it can be to master this lifelong skill, so no time like the present to start learning this skill.

Ages 5–7, Ages 7–9 and Ages 8–9

These three workshops take children through the steps to becoming a maths whiz(ard). Starting with 2, 5 and 10 times tables, and then progress to their 3, 4, 6, and 8s. When they graduate they’ll be masters of up to 12 times tables as well!

Ages 5–6, Ages 7–8, Ages 9-11

All knights go through many quests and this journey to the king’s throne is no different. We travel back to medieval times and children will joust their way through many grammar tournaments.

Ages 7–9

Pop on your hard hats as the children become architects. They will learn the areas and angles required to construct the homes of our future. Can they tell their right angles from their acute.

Ages 7–9

Children can jump straight into this comprehension workshop and learn some fantastic skills that they can apply to any text they read. Can they help us predict what will happen next? And why did that character say that?

Ages 9–11

Maths seems to get a little more complicated as soon as it starts using lots of words. This workshop will help children tackle these worded problems to become fearless problems solvers.

Ages 9–11

Come and meet Henry the Hedgehog and Raina the Reindeer is the wonderfully winter themed workshop. They are both very opinionated animals so children will have to distinguish between what is their opinions and what is fact.

Ages 9-11

Children take a trip to the bakery as they learn to divide up their favourite treats to help the master their fractions and decimals. How much cake will they get if they need to split it between the whole?

Ages 11–14

Delve into the world of probability as you get thrown into different scenarios. They will be taking their chances with skydiving and living on a desert island. Children will calculate the possible outcomes of these challenges.

Ages 11-14

Do you know the next William Shakespeare? This workshop will help children learn about different styles of poetry and what literary techniques make a poem great!

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