Many schools look for maths and English tuition that promises to improve children’s grades. At Explore Learning, we deliver that, but we also help create confident, independent learners who want to learn. After all, we all know that succeeding at school involves a focus on academic achievement as well as encouraging aspiration and self belief.

Our work with The Sutton Trust ensures we offer the best Pupil Premium intervention. Our after school tuition minimises impact on the school day while making a big impact on your pupils. Each of your pupils will have an independent education plan that maps directly to the National Curriculum, focusing on their individual needs. Whether they are under-achieving or need help in realising just how great they are, we can help.

At the heart of Explore is our desire to help every child achieve that light bulb moment. Our staff create those amazing moments everyday. It is wonderful to witness them realise “Yes, I think I get it!” – you give them that encouragement to try a couple more and “Yes, I did it!”. We know that giving that child the feedback and encouragement they need will accelerate their confidence and progress. The targeted feedback our staff gives allows us to create many bright sparks having light bulb moments all the time.

We encourage children to visit our centre twice a week, as we have found that this is the perfect amount for achieving the best results. Our proven results have been tried and tested by the University of Reading. The evidence of their rigorous research shows that boys and girls, of all abilities, in all socio-economic areas make significant improvements in both maths and English with us. On top of that they show greater self belief and confidence.

You can find out more about how the membership works, but just so you know we are open every day after school and Saturdays and Sundays. Sessions are on a ‘drop-in’ basis so all the parents need to do is turn up at a convenient time for them, and drop their children off.

We know parental engagement has a huge impact on a child’s progress which is why we hold regular open sessions to offer your parents learning opportunities, and to help them get involved with their child’s learning. Anything from maths methods to spelling and grammar, we cover it.

We want to offer you something that is as stress free as possible. Therefore, we track each pupil’s progress meticulously and provide you with detailed progress reports which also include mastery and retention scores. With termly meetings, it means that together we can monitor and evaluate each child’s progress, allowing us to continue with what is successful and make amendments where necessary.

At Explore Learning, we are all about making a difference. Making a difference to our members, our families, our communities and our staff.

We know the difference to make is not always a quick win so get in contact today so we can start your Pupil Premium journey from just £100 per month, per pupil. We can’t wait to meet you and get to know your pupils over the next few months.

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