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Two primary school aged pupils in the classroom preparing for the 11 Plus comprehension exam

11 Plus Comprehension Tips: Exam Guide

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Close up of adult hands holding the hands of a child

No child need ever feel unloved or out of place - Raven

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Two children enjoying winter learning activities and crafts

Winter learning activities to encourage festive focus!

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Tutor, student relationships at Explore Learning

Tutor, student relationships - the right learning partner

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Child celebrating with family while playing an educational game

Best educational gifts for children: The gift of learning!

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A tutor helping students in an Explore classroom

Mentor vs tutor: What’s the difference?

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Happy girl reading a book

Reading for pleasure: inspiring children to read

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Busy parent on a laptop in the living room with a dog and child

Time management tips for busy parents

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Students practicing their 11 Plus vocabulary with an Explore tutor

11 Plus vocabulary - How to build a rich vocabulary

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A group of girls talking at a table in the school playground

How to empower your child against bullying

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Tuition centre in your area

How do I find a tutor in my area?

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Boy playing with building blocks

Nurturing Amazing Minds: Developing a Growth Mindset

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