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Award-winning maths and English tuition

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We champion children to thrive in their education and beyond. Our expert tutors are dedicated to long-term support for your child achieving their goals. We believe in putting an achievable and tailored strategy in place to provide consistency, to unlock your child’s full potential.

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Nurturing amazing minds

Every child has an amazing mind – it’s also completely unique. Sometimes a little extra nurturing is needed to unlock its full potential and that requires a unique approach.

Explore Learning is tuition tailored to your child’s individual needs, delivered with passion to nurture an amazing mind.


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Nothing is too great a challenge with an Explore Tutor by your side.

Explore tutors are special. They are expert coaches and learning cheerleaders rolled into one! Not only are they high-achievers but they are passionate about sharing their learning methods to help your child achieve.

Explore tutors will coach your child to tackle the things that are tricky and celebrate the effort getting them there.


Fearless learning

Successful learning is not just about the grades – it’s also about the actions. We call this fearless learning.

Our fearless learners: 

Flexible memberships to suit your family

We offer memberships because change doesn’t happen overnight or in a one-off session with a tutor. Regularity is key.

Regular sessions with a tutor, review meetings with managers and access to great independent practise materials all play a part in nurturing your child’s amazing mind.


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For 20 years Explore Learning has been delivering award-winning maths and English tuition for children aged 4-14.

Hundreds of thousands of children have benefited from working on a curriculum tailored to their needs supported by skilled and dedicated tutors. Come and join us.


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