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Award-winning maths and English tuition

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You can trust us to achieve your child’s next learning goal… but why stop there?

Learning doesn’t stop with the next test and neither do we.
For tuition that goes beyond the grade look no further than Explore Learning.

We have 20 years experience delivering exceptional results whilst unlocking the joy of learning.


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Boost maths and English confidence

Maths and English progress for your child

Your child has a completely unique, amazing mind.

At Explore Learning we are leading the way in individualised learning with our award-winning curriculum, Compass. We deliver English, maths, GCSE and 11 Plus tuition, tailored to your child’s individual needs so they learn what they need to know, when they need to know it.


Exceptional tutors unlock the joy of learning

Explore tutors are special.

They are expert coaches and learning cheerleaders rolled into one! These high-achievers are passionate about sharing their learning methods to help your child achieve. Our maths and English tutors coach your child to achieve their learning goals whilst celebrating the effort getting them there.

Tuition that goes beyond
the grade

Successful learning isn’t simply about passing a test.

It’s about developing the skills and attitudes that will take your child further in life. We work with children so they:

Know when to ask for help
Are not afraid of making mistakes
Talk passionately about their learning

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We want you to meet our brilliant people, try our learning tools, and find the right solution for you and your child. There’s no obligation to join so why not book a session today?

During a free trial at Explore Learning we will:

Discuss your child’s individual needs
Give you a taste of the Explore tuition experience
Introduce you to our learning tools
Answer any of your questions


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We offer flexible memberships for maths and English tuition to suit your family because change doesn’t happen overnight or in a one-off session with a tutor. Regularity is key.

Regular sessions in our centres or with an online tutor, review meetings with managers and access to great independent practice materials all play a part in achieving your child’s unique learning goals.


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*available in selected centres.


Our tuition is trusted, effective and delivers results.

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