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There are three things which are key to succeeding in the 11 plus exam (or any other entry exam).

  • Firstly, you need high levels of self-belief, confidence and a fearless approach.
  • Secondly, you need regular structured time to practise, revise and recap.
  • Thirdly, you need to be equipped with a good ability in core maths and English Skills


We know this through our experience coaching over 50,000 children in our centres and online, helping them practice their speed, hone their accuracy and master an exam technique to ace it on the day. The entrance exam that your child takes may differ depending on the area you live in and the school your child is looking to join. Two of the main exams are the CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring) and the GL Assessment.

Find out more about the differences between CEM and GL with example questions in our guides below.

What are the 11 Plus and entrance exams?

What exactly are the 11 Plus and entrance exams, and what sort of questions are in the test? Watch our handy video guide to get the lowdown.



Our courses

At Explore Learning, our course is designed to support children not only with their exam technique, but to build the foundations and keep confidence high beyond the exam too.

Whilst children are able to join our course at any point, we thoroughly recommend attending from the start; this way your child will get the knowledge they need at the right pace.

Pre year 4 11 Plus course

Our pre-year 4 course builds a strong foundation of skills which are key to success in the exams.

  Individualised tuition

  Stretch and challenge

  Core maths and English ability

  Encouraging fearless learning

Year 4 11 Plus course

Our Year 4 course introduces and practices the content your child will face in the exams.

 Introduction to exam content

  Gradual preparation

  Tackling new concepts

  Building confidence

Year 5 11 Plus course

Our Year 5 course develops advanced knowledge, covering all question types covered in the exams.

  Exam technique

  Speed and accuracy

  Advanced maths and English

  Working under pressure

Year 6 11 Plus course

Continue to excel in the next chapter, where we continue to teach skills and knowledge for success.

  Positive learning attitude

  Not afraid to make mistakes

  Determination to hunt for answers

  Excitement to try new things

Proven results

The University of Reading carried out an independent study to assess the impact Explore Learning has on children’s academic and personal progress. Download the report to read the findings.


      Regular, honest feedback

  Online practice at home

  Support for the whole family

How does online tuition with Explore at Home work?

Book your free trial session

This is a great opportunity for you to meet our team and see our tuition in action, with no commitment.

Join the Explore Learning family

As a member, you’ll pay a monthly fee for weekly tutored sessions, unlimited access to your learning programmes and so much more.

Log on, discover and practise

Your child will work with the same tutor every week, building a strong relationship but they can also log in anytime and practise on their own.

Review and make progress

We’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way. You’ll get tailored feedback after every session plus regular parent’s meetings to discuss their progress and plan ahead.

Course content

We tailor our 11 Plus and Entrance Exam offering to suit the schools in your local area, so you know your child is getting the right preparation they need.

Broadly speaking, our course covers the following key areas:

Verbal reasoning

Our verbal reasoning exam preparation increases your child’s vocabulary and reasoning skills using our challenging paper-based and online resources. Read more…

Learn more

Non-verbal reasoning

Seen as a ‘pure intelligence measure’ by examiners our non-verbal reasoning exam preparation utilises a sophisticated online learning tool. Find out more...

Learn more

11 Plus maths

Our maths exam preparation will encourage your child to be confident in their arithmetic, speed, reasoning and problem solving skills. All essential for the exam and beyond. Read here to find out more…

Learn more

11 Plus English

Developing comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and writing skills are the focus of our exam preparation English course. Find out more…

Learn more

Try out some 11 Plus questions

If you’re not sure what verbal reasoning or non-verbal reasoning is all about, or if you want to get a better understanding of the kind of knowledge children need for the 11 Plus exams, then try out some practice questions below.


Succeed in secondary

Beyond the exam

So your child has completed the exam, and is about to start their journey onto secondary school? We’ve still got you covered.

To support your child in this new transition to secondary education, join our Succeed in Secondary course, which is packed full with sessions, lessons, projects and activities to give them the best start in their next educational phase of life. Click here to find out more about this course, and how to register your interest.

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