Every parent wants to give their child the best chances at school.

11 Plus maths tuition can help boost their confidence and prepare them for the future. 


So what does the maths exam involve? 

The 11 Plus maths tests cover a huge range of topics, which your child will be taught throughout Key Stage 2, but at an advanced level.

The content of the tests will vary depending on your area; there are a number of key areas which the tests will cover.

Problem solving

Speed, accuracy
and fluency

Mental arithmetic

How can my child prepare for 11 Plus maths?

At Explore, we encourage children to overcome any challenges they might face.

As with all of the elements of the 11 Plus test, the maths paper is designed to assess your child’s intelligence, academic potential and tests them on everything they have learnt from primary school, albeit at a trickier level – so they are not easy!

How can we help you prepare?

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We’ve been doing this for a long time
We find that for most children, the biggest challenge is tackling questions under timed conditions. That’s why it is essential that your child’s mental arithmetic, exam technique and speed fluency are as brilliant as they are.

We want your child to feel prepared
The exams aim to identify the higher ability children so if your child is going to take the test, good preparation is essential. This includes developing your child’s academic ability, problem-solving skills and understanding of how the questions will be presented. We will
ensure that your child goes into their exam feeling fearless and knowing exactly what to expect.

Maths practice makes perfect
Our 11 Plus tuition course guarantees your child will get the practice and revision they need to develop a strong foundation of skills in maths and literacy, enabling them to tackle the content of the exams confidently.

11 Plus maths questions

We will get your child ready
Depending on your child’s individual needs, our maths tutors will develop their tailored sessions to revise key primary concepts and focus on new secondary maths skills, whilst developing their exam technique and etiquette.

We test your child at the right times. Using a variety of 11 Plus practice resources and tests, we can help them feel comfortable with the types of maths questions they are likely to face in the exam. That’s the fearless approach! You can download some of our free practice papers also.

Whether their exam includes multiple-choice questions or requires detailed answers, we have everything your child needs and all of the relevant sample exam papers to make sure they feel prepared walking into the exam.


Want to practice some 11 Plus questions to test your speed and accuracy? 

Try our 11 Plus quiz to get a better understanding of the kind of maths skills needed for the 11 Plus exams.


11 Plus maths exam topics

The 11 Plus maths exam will aim to test your child’s speed, accuracy, problem solving and mental arithmetic. It will cover these topics:

  • Number and place value
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Fractions, percentages, decimals
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Algebra
  • Measurement
  • Geometry (properties and position of shapes, co-ordinates)
  • Statistics

Not too familiar with the 11 Plus? Our experts tackle some common misconceptions about the exam, here.  

11 Plus support and help for parents: maths

Let’s work as a team.  We want you to be involved with your child’s 11 Plus journey so that together we can encourage them to try their best. 

Set clear expectations together

Have a conversation with your child to firstly identify any concerns. Then try to create some clear behavioural and academic expectations for the year but ensure they have a say. Involving children in creating these may make them try harder to meet these expectations.



Get involved

Try reflecting with your child at the end of each revision session, online learning lesson or practice paper of ways they have managed to overcome any challenges or ask them what has been their highlight.

Work closely with your child’s 11 Plus tutors and teachers

It’s incredibly important that we all work as a team to support your child and that we’re all working from the same page.

We want your opinion on what areas you think your child needs to focus on.  Communicating any home support or school feedback to us is extremely helpful too!


Create a routine

We know from experience that having clear routines will support your child with managing their workload to achieve their best with less stress!

Discuss which days are going to be their revision days and balance time between homework and chill time.

Put yourself in their shoes

We’re all in this together.

Take a look at the below link to take an 11 Plus quiz and be in the know with the type of content and questions that your child will be problem solving.


Take our 11 Plus quiz!


Practice, practice, practice!

At Explore Learning, our 11+ tutors give you and your child personalised feedback and regular parent’s meetings.

It’s important that you and your child talk about this feedback and practise the areas that your tutor highlights for you in between sessions for extra revision.

Beyond the 11 Plus

We build confidence for the exam and beyond.

Whilst we will prepare your child to confidently tackle the advanced content of the exam, we are dedicated to ensuring that children have the necessary skills and confidence to succeed in their new school. This is something we are hugely passionate about.

They say that change is good, yet for many children, the step up to year 7 can be a daunting one. From day one our 11 Plus and Entrance Exam tuition course will develop and guarantee that your child has:

  • confidence and social skills – ensuring that they are not only academically prepared but that they are ready and excited for their next steps into Grammar school.
  • mathematical ability – every child will have their own bespoke maths curriculum.  This is constantly tailored to their ability, ensuring they are successfully stretched and challenged in the right areas.
  • regular practice – the combination of your child’s individualised weekly English and maths tutoring session and their specific online weekly in-person or online 11 Plus tuition session, are perfect in ensuring that all bases are covered enabling your child to level up.

Our 11 Plus experts are on hand to answer any questions about how we can help your child prepare for the exams and beyond.

Do you need an 11+ tutor to pass the 11 Plus Maths Exam?

There’s more to passing the 11 Plus exam than just being excellent at maths.

Building confidence with content

The maths elements of the 11 Plus test require a strong foundation of knowledge and often contain material set at a higher level (at least a year ahead).

Maths tutoring can allow children to cover content more advanced than they may be able to cover at school, giving them the chance to feel familiar and confident with a higher level of maths.

Developing the fearless attitude

Our 11 Plus tutors know that to achieve success, they need to nurture the fearless approach first.

Layering that with exam technique and etiquette skills, your child will build a relationship with one of our own experienced maths tutors who specialise in discovering what exact learning style suits your child, so that in every session, we’re working towards achieving their goals.


With an expert knowledge of teaching methods and a wide range of skills to encourage your child to be the most confident they can be, our tutors have years of experience and are professionals in working with students looking to sit the exam.

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Get started with 11 Plus maths support!

Don’t know where to begin? Let us help! From finding 11 Plus schools in your area to practising exam questions and discussing 11+ tuition, we will help with your next steps.

At Explore Learning, success is behind our tutors getting to know your child as an individual. Over the last 15 years, Explore Learning has developed an 11 Plus and Entrance Exam offering that is tailored to suit the schools in the local area. Whether your child is sitting a CEM, GL Assessment, Bond, Avery, local or independent school entrance test, we are experts at it all and we will adapt our tools and advice to prepare your child to be prepared for their specific exam.