The 11 Plus maths tests cover a huge range of topics which your child will have been taught throughout Key Stage 2, but at an advanced level.

Whilst the content of the tests will vary hugely depending on your county/catchment area, there are a number of key areas which the tests will cover.


Knowledge of basic operations

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division


A sound understanding

Number, measurement, mental maths, geometry and data

The ability to work quickly and accurately

Fearless learners

How can my child prepare for 11 Plus maths?

For most children the biggest challenge is tackling the basic operations under timed conditions. That’s why it is essential that your child’s basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills are up to scratch.

As with all of the elements of the 11 Plus test, the paper is designed to assess your child’s intelligence and academic potential – so they are not easy! They aim to identify the higher ability children so if your child is going to take the test, good preparation is essential. This includes developing your child’s academic ability, exam skills and understanding of how the questions will be presented.

Our 11 Plus course ensures your child will develop a strong foundation of skills in maths and literacy, enabling them to tackle the content of the exams and level they will be expected to work at, should they make it through the grammar school.


Beyond the 11 Plus

Beyond the 11 Plus

Whilst we will prepare your child to confidently tackle the advanced content of the exam, we are dedicated to ensuring that children have they necessary skills and confidence to succeed in their new school. This is something we are hugely passionate about.

For many children, the step up to year 7 can be a daunting one. That’s why from day one our course will develop your child’s confidence and social skills – ensuring they are academically prepared, ready and excited about all of the wonderful new experiences and friends they will meet

In order to ensure your child’s mathematical ability is up to scratch, every member will have their own bespoke maths curriculum. This is constantly tailored to their ability, ensuring they are sufficiently developed, stretched and challenged in the right areas.

As with everything with the 11 Plus regular practice is key. Your child’s mathematical ability will be developed during both their individualised weekly maths and English session and their specific weekly 11 Plus session.

Our 11 Plus experts are on hand to answer any questions you might have about how we can help your child prepare for the exams.


11 Plus maths questions

Depending on your child’s individual needs we will develop the tailored sessions to revise key primary concepts or focus on new secondary maths skills during two individual learning sessions per week. Our range of 11 Plus practise resources can also help them feel comfortable with they types of maths questions they are likely to face in the exam.

11 Plus quiz

Want to practise some 11 Plus questions to test your speed and accuracy? Try our 11 Plus quiz to get a better understanding of the kind of maths skills need for the 11 Plus exams.



Practice Questions

Ready to get started?

From finding schools in your area, to practising exam questions and discussing 11 Plus tuition, we can help with your next steps.

Over the last 15 years Explore Learning has developed an 11 Plus and Entrance Exam offering that is tailored to suit the schools in the local area. Whether your child is sitting a CEM, GL Assessment, Bond, Avery or local school entrance paper we adapt our tools and advice to prepare for the exam.