We have developed a smart learning tool, Compass, that allows us to deliver an individual learning experience for every child.

Compass is an award-winning approach to learning. It adapts to your child, meaning the questions they see are based on their previous performance.

Our smart learning tool will always deliver the right questions at the right time for your child.

Why we created a smart learning tool

Having taught over 300,000 children over the past two decades, we have learnt so much about what delivers excellent progress and amazing learning experiences to our members.

After testing the top range of learning tools available, we realised that the only thing that would perfectly meet our members’ needs both now and in the future, was a tool that was designed and built by us.

Key benefits

  • Extensive coverage of the UK maths and English curricula at a pace and level to suit your child

  • Every child’s pathway is unique and continually adapts to their individual challenges and strengths

  • Our smart learning tool provides initial and ongoing assessment to ensure your child is at the right level and can still remember the skills that have previously been mastered

  • Our tutors can focus all their effort on teaching tricky questions, instilling good learning habits and celebrating success

A new way of learning

Our smart learning tool allows us to challenge some of the traditional ways of learning.

With Compass there's no need to wait for questions to be marked, feedback is instant. The pace is set by your child so if they need a little more time to work on a topic we'll keep going until they are confident. Equally if they understand a skill we quickly move on to keep your child stimulated and challenged.

We use mixed presentation. This means children see questions from a variety of topics during a session e.g. addition, fractions, measurement. This keeps learning varied, stimulating and prepares children for tests.

When a child encounters a tricky topic we will spend focused time on that area allowing the tutor to coach the concept and if they continue to struggle we space the learning and take a break from it for a while.

Compass also checks for retention of skills and at regular intervals will revisit previously mastered concepts to check that your child still has a strong understanding in that area.

The opening screen of Explore Learning's smart learning tool where a child can select from a number of subjects.

Make real progress

On average, children master two new skills for every 30 minutes spent on Compass.

This highly effective tool allows our tutors to have the most impact on your child's learning. They can teach difficult concepts in a timely way so your child can keep moving forward and experiencing success.

Our smart learning tool has been tried and tested by teachers, tutors and, most importantly, thousands of children who tell us how much they love it every day!

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