Working at Explore Learning means joining an ambitious, people centred, conscientious company.

We are thrilled to have been recognised as one of the best companies to work for in the UK for five consecutive years by The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For List, as well as being acknowledged as the best tuition provider in the country.

Our CEO and founder Bill Mills first created Explore back in 2001 and since then we have grown to open in over 130 places across the UK, and proudly employ over 3200 passionate and exceptional people.

Have a career where you can make a meaningful impact.

Who we are looking for

Beginning your career journey with Explore, is your first step on an incredible pathway.  There are unlimited ways that you will be able to gain new skills, master expertise and shape the future of the company with your insight and drive.

All of our staff are passionate, ambitious and enthusiastic.  Take a look below to see where your career could start.

Part-time Tutor Positions

Our Tutors are exceptional role models who can bring learning to life and create those lightbulb moments everyday. Tutors are the heart of our centres and inspire those magical Eureka moments for children!

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Assistant Director Positions

Assistant Directors are true Explore ambassadors, ambitious and driven to make their centres the absolute best they can be. They step up to challenges and inspire great performance by making a meaningful impact.

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Head Office Positions

Our Guildford based Head Office team are dedicated to providing first class support and service to our operations and centres teams. Positions in our Head Office are often recruited for internally and then enhanced by people who share our Vision and who are experts in their field.

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Not sure where you fit?

The main two roles that we recruit for are the Assistant Director and the Tutor positions.  If you’re not sure which of those is most suitable for you then think about what you’re looking for, is it full time or part time?  Are you ready to take on a management role now, or are you looking to develop and build up some skills to equip you for your future?

These sort of questions should help you to decide which of our two opportunities suit you best.  If you’ve mulled these over and you’re still not sure then get in touch and we’ll try to help.

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 Dynamic Environment

 Training opportunities

 Career progression

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Our Vision & Values

At Explore we understand that our strength comes from our fantastic people. We all share a common purpose with our Vision and Values and the culture that this creates is truly unique.

Everyone here takes every opportunity to really get to know each other, both professionally and socially. We’re all united in wanting to make Explore the best place that it can be for our members, and therefore also the best place that it can be for us to work in as well.

Our Vision:

  • Best in Education: Independent research will show that we are leaders in our field. We will be an engine for innovation and empower children to reach their potential.
  • Best Staff: We will be recognised as an outstanding employer. Our fantastic reputation will attract superstars to join our team, and we will offer them opportunities and support to help them grow and thrive in our dynamic culture.
  • Best Service: We will be the benchmark for providing outstanding customer service, inspiring others across all sectors.
  • Best Ambassadors: We will be proud of everything we achieve at Explore. We will shout our achievements from the rooftops to support us in raising our profile and building our reputation across the local community.


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  • Integrity: Our staff and members are the heart of our company.  Their feedback and opinions guide our decisions.  Our staff are role models, inspiring our families and each other.
  • Family: Our staff and families have a say in anything we do, from the competitions we run to the look of our brand, to ensure that everyone feels part of the Explore family.
  • Inclusive: Explore Learning is a welcoming home for all children, regardless of their ability and for families and staff of all backgrounds.
  • Customer centred: We offer a listening ear and expertise to ensure we are delivering an outstanding, tailored service to every parent and child.
  • Ambitious: Just like our members, we never stop learning. We are innovative, creative and always strive to improve the service that we provide. Our success is driven by the difference we make to our families.


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Our Competencies

Whatever level you’re joining us at, we will look for you to be strong in our 7 core competencies.  These will put you in excellent stead for working here.  Joining as a part-time Tutor, helping in our IT or finance team, or becoming an Assistant Director, these are the things we’ll be looking for…

  • Passion – a strong desire to grow the business, to make a meaningful impact, our people are inspirational, ambitious and goal-orientated.
  • Communication everyone here is energetic, warm, positive, articulate, adaptable, credible and empathetic with fantastic interpersonal skills.
  • Receptiveness always seeking feedback, strong self-reflection is crucial to recognising your own strengths and areas for development.
  • Leadership developing into strong people managers and taking responsibility means you should be confident, driven, assertive, decisive and demonstrate strong self-belief.
  • Resilience – when you’re juggling multiple responsibilities, resilience is crucial to dealing with setbacks and problem solving any pinch points that you encounter.
  • Initiative we love nothing more than a can-do, go get them attitude.  We really look for gumption, in absolute bucket loads!
  • Teamwork one of our fundamental values is Family.  This means embracing the collaborative elements of being in a team, taking shared ownership and a conscientious accountability for your work.
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It’s really important to us at Explore that we make a meaningful impact, to our members, for our staff and in the wider community, as such we love to lend our support to wonderful causes that echo our values and are close to our hearts.

We partner with two charities each year, which are chosen through a staff vote, we’re thrilled this year to be working with CHAS and Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity. We get stuck in to doing all sorts of things to help fundraise, our pledge this year is to raise £12,000. Our efforts have so far included half marathons, full marathons, leg waxing, cake bakes, storytelling, gunge tanks, quizzes, wellbeing days and all sorts of other brilliant bits and pieces. We have a long and growing list of volunteers and we coordinate activities for you to be able to get hands on with supporting families and children who work with these charities as well.



Hear more from the team

I started as an AD after hearing about Explore from, I didn’t know what I wanted to do do but I knew it wasn’t a desk job! After Uni, I was a retail manager and then went and taught in France. I got really excited by the variety and responsibility that I’d get as an AD.

It’s been a massive learning curve so far and I’ve had to get used to being thrown in at the deep end and taking lots of feedback which I hadn’t been used to before. But I can see myself improving and I’m keen to have an impact running my own centre as a CD one day!


A typical day at Explore Learning involves tutoring a zone of 6 children, signing the children in and out, offering feedback to the parents, playing games and ensuring Surf Club is as fun as possible as well as supporting Additional Content classes. My favourite thing about being a tutor at Explore Learning is witnessing the progress our members make first hand. It is very rewarding to see the children grow in confidence and develop their skills in front of you! I also love the atmosphere within the centre, created by the management team and the tutors. Everybody is very supportive and committed.

I read the advert for Explore Learning online and knew that I had to apply straight away, I was finishing off my Masters and hadn’t come across anything that would give me such broad business experience within an educational environment.

The high levels of expectation put upon Assistant Directors was compelling and I already knew that I would want to progress with the company.


Kickstart your career at a centre near you

Our Locations

We have over 130 centres nationwide and recruit continuously for all locations.

Priority Assistant Director Vacancies

  • Surrey – Epsom
  • Aberdeenshire- Aberdeen
  • Hertfordshire – Borehamwood
  • Bedfordshire Area
  • Essex Area including Southend and Lakeside
  • Berkshire/Surrey Area

Don’t worry if you don’t see your preferred centre here – you will be able to chat to the talent team about your location options when you apply.


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