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  How does Explore Learning work?

When are you open?

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All Explore Learning centres are open 7 days a week both in term time and during school holidays, with very few exceptions. You can find out the opening hours of your nearest centre here.


What is the ratio of tutors to children?

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At Explore we work in a ratio of one to six. This means that one tutor works with a maximum of six children – like having a teacher for each table at school.  From our years of experience, we have found that this ratio strikes the perfect balance between giving children individual support and encouraging independent learning (so it’s directly transferable back to the classroom).

What happens in a trial session?

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Seeing Explore in action is the best way to be sure that joining us is the right decision for you and your child. Our centres are fun, energetic and a great space for children to learn – not to mention very different from anything else out there!

The trial lasts for one hour, and is the perfect opportunity to get a taster of being Explore members.  You will get to see the centre in action, meet some of our amazing tutors and get an idea of the learning programme we would design for your child.

Getting it right from the very start is incredibly important to us. Working with your child in the trial will give us a good idea of where we need to begin. From here, we’re able to build a learning pathway that they will work on each and every time they attend. Once you’ve seen the centre in action, your child can take a break whilst we talk about the ‘technical stuff’.  This is your chance to find out more; to ask questions, find out more about what to expect and look at how we can support you and your child throughout your Explore journey.

Does Explore Learning tuition work alongside what my child is learning at school?

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Yes! Everything your child will learn at Explore is aligned to the school curriculum.  Our tutors are experts in the curriculum and teach using the same methods that your child learns in the classroom. This means that everything your child learns will directly support them back at school.

What feedback will I get about my child’s progress?

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We will provide regular feedback about how your child is progressing at Explore.  Every session you will receive a summary of your child’s session with an example of a topic they have been working towards mastering with their tutor.  

At Explore Learning we create Fearless Learners so each child has an individual learning habit that they are developing to help them progress here, at school and any time they face a new challenge. We will work with you and your child to create the right fearless learning habit for them, and update you on this after each session.

Additionally, we hold parents’ meetings regularly throughout your child’s Explore membership. These meetings are designed to give you more in-depth feedback about your child’s progress, fearless learning habit, answer any questions you may have and create a learning pathway for your child to help them reach their individual goals.

What role do the tutors play in my child’s learning?

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Do you remember that person who inspired you, a teacher, a friend, a family member? Someone who changed how you saw things and helped you to see your potential? Our tutors do exactly that and are the most important factor in your child’s progress at Explore Learning. By getting to know each child as an individual, our tutors play an essential role in boosting your child’s confidence and motivation for learning. Your child will receive individual support to overcome challenges and feedback to help take their learning forward. Our tutors do more than just teach children to reach the answer, they use questioning to support your child to apply what they already know, and then challenge them to explain their answers that leads to greater independence.

What role do the computers play in my child’s learning?

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Technology is our secret weapon to supporting your child. It allows our tutors to spend their time teaching your child as opposed to creating worksheets and marking. The adaptive nature of our teaching tools means that your child has the most incredible interactive textbook that provides questions that are tailored specifically to their needs.  The questions are marked instantly so your child, and their tutor, can see if they are on the right track or need to adapt what they are doing. No time wasted!

We combine our cutting edge digital tools with a huge plethora of paper based resources, like maths workbooks and writing activities to provide the best possible learning experience.

Do you offer any Specialist Courses?

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We have a whole range of specialist courses to support your child on their journey through school. These courses are designed to nurture their academic and social skills, enabling them to thrive in school, exams and beyond. Members on one of these packages will have one flexible session each week and one dedicated specialist course session each week which will fall on a set evening. Find out more here.

Do you offer any information sessions for parents?

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Yes. The world of education is changing continually. New ways of teaching, new assessments and new topics at school can leave parents feeling out of touch. Our information sessions provide you with all the latest updates from the classroom in an informal environment, where you can ask any questions. You will come away feeling better equipped to support your child at home.

Is there any proof that it works?

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Yes. The University of Reading has conducted detailed independent research into the benefits of Explore Learning tuition. Their headline finding was that “This research shows that Explore Learning tuition is beneficial to both boys and girls, of all abilities, living in all socioeconomic areas”. See our results.

How can I access a copy of your company policies and procedures?

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You can download a copy of our company Explore Learning Policies & Procedures. Alternatively you can access a hard copy on your centre’s reception desk.

Do you have Public and Employers Liability Insurance?

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  Is Explore Learning right for my family?

My child has SEND. Can they benefit from coming to Explore?

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Yes. At Explore we get to know all of our members as individuals. This means that we are able to tailor our curriculum and environment in order to enable each child to reach their potential, regardless of their learning challenges. At your initial consultation we will discuss your child’s unique needs with you in detail and create a course tailored to them. Head to our website to find out more.

My child is gifted - can they benefit from coming to Explore?

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Yes. Thousands of gifted children benefit from attending Explore. We tailor our courses to each child’s individual requirements, designing a curriculum around each member’s academic ability rather than their age.  This ensures our gifted children can work at a pace that’s right for them – stretching and challenging them to achieve their potential. At your initial consultation we will discuss in more detail your child’s personal goals and requirements. Head to our website to find out more.

What age range is Explore Learning suitable for?

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We help children aged 4-14 to achieve their potential.  Although we offer our services to children up to the age of 14, in certain circumstances we may permit children older than this to continue their membership. If you feel that your child would still benefit from our tutoring beyond the age of 14, please speak to a manager.

      How can I use my membership?

How often can my child attend the centre?

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We recommend children visit us at least 6 times a month and don’t take extended breaks to make the most progress. However, you can choose to come into the centre a maximum of 9 times per calendar month. Sessions are based on a drop-in, flexible basis lasting approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Can I do two sessions back to back/a double session?

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A key focus of your child’s membership with Explore is to develop within them a passion for education, and a love of learning. This enables us to encourage concentration and gives regular opportunity for praise. If children do more than this they tend to become tired and lose concentration. For this reason we do not allow children to do two sessions back to back and they cannot be in the centre for longer than 1 hour 30 minutes.

Under certain circumstances we may be able to accommodate your child for two sessions in one day, but this must be agreed with the centre management team in advance. We don’t recommend this to be part of your regular routine and have the right to request that your child is collected in between sessions to ensure they have a sufficient break from learning.

Do the member workshops count as sessions?

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Yes. The holidays are a perfect time to hone in on some challenging areas or try something new. At Explore we offer a wealth of holiday workshops that do just this. Working in small groups of no more than 6, children spend an hour focusing with a tutor on specific skills, for example multiplication, grammar, problem solving or writing. With engaging activities and workbooks to take home, children come away feeling more confident and excited to do more! They therefore form a valuable part of your membership and count as a session. Please speak to your centre team about how to book onto them.

Am I able to have sessions at different centres?

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Members can only attend the centre they are registered with as your child’s individual learning plan is carefully created and regularly reviewed by the team in that centre.   However, if you wish to attend a different centre for a period of one month or more, please speak to your centre team who will endeavour to arrange a solution for you.

What if I miss one or some of my sessions in a month?

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Members can attend our centres up to a maximum of 9 times per month. However, we understand that family life can be hectic! Any sessions you miss can be used by the end of the following month. Please note: you must be a current paying member to access your sessions.

Can my child bring food and drink with them into their session in the centre?

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We provide fresh drinking water for all of our members in the centre. Unfortunately due to the risk of food allergies we do not allow any food or drinks to be brought into the centre from the outside. If your child has a medical condition that requires them to bring food or drink into the centre, please speak to a manager.

Do I always need to drop my child off in person?

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Yes please. This allows us to safely sign your child into the centre. Older children may be allowed to attend unaccompanied – we will discuss this with you when you join. Dropping off/picking up your child will also give us the chance to let you know about the learning session that day as well as any relevant news about the centre.


What happens when we go away on holiday, or my child is ill?

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If you plan to go away on holiday please let us know beforehand, or if your child will be missing sessions due to illness, let us know as soon as you become aware. In this instance, a manager will discuss the best way forward. If you are going to be absent for a whole calendar month or more, freezing may be a better option. Head to our frequently asked question about freezing.

Do I need to book my child’s sessions?

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No! Once you’re a member of Explore Learning, you can visit the centre on a drop-in basis. Sessions are designed to be flexible around you and your family routine. You don’t have to visit the centre at set times or on set days each week. As long as the centre is open for sessions your child will be able to attend.

  Financial support

How do I cancel my membership?

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Firstly, we recommend you speak to a centre manager about your membership. If you then wish to cancel, you need to let us know in writing by the 23rd of the month. If you miss this cut-off you will be required to pay the following month’s membership.

Can I pause my membership without cancelling?

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If you are planning to be absent from Explore Learning sessions for over a month you have the option of ‘Freezing’ your membership. Freezing costs £15 per calendar month and allows you to keep the progress made by your child stored in our curriculum. It also allows families to retain any referral discounts. To freeze you must inform a centre manager in writing by the 23rd of the month.

Can I transfer my membership from one child to another?

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In this situation, a new sibling would join at the centre’s current standard membership price and would need to pay a registration fee. However, we will be happy for you to keep any referral discounts that you have already accrued and will transfer these to the new sibling so that you can maintain your saving.

Do you offer a discount if I want to join a sibling?

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We are please to offer the following sibling discounts:

Registration Fee: 1st child – £50, 2nd child – £25, all subsequent children – £25

Monthly Membership: We offer a £10 reduction for your second child and a £20 reduction for your 3rd child

Do you accept Tax-Free Childcare / Childcare Vouchers?

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Yes, we do. To find out more information about eligibility, please see our Financial Support page.

Can I get any help with my membership cost?

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There are a number of options that are available to help some families with their membership. Please head to our Financial Support page for more information.

How do I pay for my membership?

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Monthly memberships are paid for by Direct Debit on the first of each month. If you are paying with Tax-Free Childcare / Childcare Vouchers head to our Financial Support page to find out about these methods of payment.