Frequently asked questions

How does Explore Learning work?

What is the role of the tutor in my child's learning?

Do you remember the person who inspired you, a teacher, a friend, a family member? Someone who changed how you saw things and helped you to see your potential? Our tutors do exactly that and are the most important factor in your child’s progress. Our tutors will get to know your child as an individual and play a vital role in boosting your child’s confidence and motivation for learning. Your child will receive individual support to overcome challenges and feedback to help take their learning forward. Our tutors do more than just teach children to reach the answer, they use questioning to support your child to apply what they already know, and then challenge them to explain their answers that leads to greater independence.

Your child will have weekly sessions with their tutor. After every session, you will receive instant feedback so you can track your child’s progress.

Does Explore Learning map to the National Curriculum?

Yes! Everything your child learns at Explore Learning has been aligned to the UK curricula (National Curriculum for England, Curriculum for Wales and Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland). Our tutors are experts in the curriculum and teach using the same methods that your child learns in the classroom. This means that everything your child learns will directly support them when they’re at school.

What feedback will I get about my child's progress?

There will be feedback for you and your child every session. Each session your child will be rewarded based on how they are developing both academically and in their attitude towards learning. 

You can see your child’s progress at any time via your Member Portal. This includes examples of questions they tackled last session to a record of skills they have successfully mastered, this handy tool gives you everything you need to celebrate your child’s daily successes. 

Throughout your child’s membership you will also be offered progress meetings. These meetings provide an opportunity to discuss learning goals, answer any questions about your child’s progress and plan your child’s ongoing learning pathway.

What role do the computers play in my child's learning?

Technology is our secret weapon to supporting your child. It allows our tutors to spend their time teaching your child as opposed to creating worksheets and marking. The adaptive nature of our teaching tools means that your child has the most incredible interactive textbook that provides questions that are tailored specifically to their needs. The questions are marked instantly so your child, and their tutor, can see if they are on the right track or need to adapt what they are doing. No time wasted!

Both online and in centre we recommend that children use a pen/pencil and paper to show their working out.  We combine our cutting edge digital tools with a huge plethora of resources available in our members’ area to download or print.

What safeguarding measures do you have in place?

All our staff receive regular training to support safeguarding during in centre and online tuition sessions. All staff are Enhanced DBS/PVG checked. Tutors are supervised in centres and a member of the management team is able to view sessions taking place online. Please view our policies and procedures.

Is it right for my family?

My child has Special Educational Needs. Can they benefit from using Explore Learning?

Every child has a unique, amazing mind. The centre team you become a member of, whether in centre or online, will get to know your child, find out how they learn and the resources they need to help them learn best. They will advise you on how they can support your child and whether our settings and resources will be a good fit for them. If you have any concerns or questions about this, you can speak to our team prior to booking an online trial where they can explain the training and teaching techniques our expert tutors use to tailor to individual special educational needs.

My child is working ahead. Can they benefit from using Explore Learning?

Yes. Thousands of children working ahead benefit from attending Explore Learning. We tailor our courses to each child’s individual requirements, designing a curriculum around each member’s academic ability rather than their age.

This ensures our gifted children can work at a pace that’s right for them – stretching and challenging them to achieve their potential. At your initial free trial session we will discuss in more detail your child’s personal goals and requirements.

What age range is Explore Learning suitable for?

We help children aged 4-16 to achieve their potential.

Our tuition is accessible at any point of your child’s learning journey through Key Stages 1-4. Whether you're looking for targeted support for your child for an upcoming exam like the 11 Plus or to be an ongoing support alongside your child’s school learning we can help them succeed and instil a lifelong love of learning.

I'm still not sure it's right for me, what should I do?

We always recommend booking a free trial session to learn more about Explore Learning and how it can specifically benefit your child. You can book a free trial online or in one of our learning centres throughout the UK. There is no obligation to join. You can see how we can support your child first before making a commitment to us.

How do I get started with Explore Learning?

How do I know which course to choose?

Once you’re ready to start, our team will help you to choose the right package for your child. If you’d like to know more ahead of your trial you can find out more about our courses and what benefits they have for your child.

What do I need to pay upfront?

When you are ready to start your membership, you can make a payment for your first month and a member of our team will support you with setting up your monthly payment. This can be done during your trial session.

How will I know the progress my child is making when they start?

Our Progress Meetings are a unique part of your membership where you can delve deeper into your child’s progress, understand their learning habits and set long term goals. You can book this with a member of our team when you get started.

My membership

What is included in my membership?

  • 1 to 2 tutored sessions per week

  • A bespoke programme of work tailored to your child’s individual needs

  • Unlimited access to your child’s curriculum for online practise from home

  • Regular progress reports and review meetings with managers

  • Access to your own Member Portal to view progress, manage your sessions and find extra resources. Find out more.

What happens if we can't make an upcoming session?

We know that family life and that on occasion your child may not be able to attend their regular session. You can reschedule your upcoming sessions on the Bookings Page on Member Portal.

Please see our current attendance guidelines for more information.

Can I pause my membership?

If you are not going to be able to attend your sessions for more than a month, you have the option of freezing your membership.

If you wish to pause your membership, please let us know by 23rd of the month.

For £20 per month you will benefit from:

  • Unlimited access to Compass, your child’s personalised learning programme

  • Unlimited access to your Member Portal, packed full of activities and virtual lessons

  • Retaining any referral discounts

  • Retaining your child’s programme and progress

How do I cancel my membership?

Firstly, we recommend you speak to a centre manager about your membership. If you then wish to cancel, you need to let us know in writing by the 23rd of the month. If you miss this cut-off you will be required to pay the following month’s membership.


How can I access a copy of Explore Learning's Policies and Procedures?

You can find our Policies and Procedures on our website.

How can I access Explore Learning's Risk Assessment?

Does Explore Learning have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes we do - you can find a copy of our Public Liability Insurance by navigating to the bottom of the page and clicking Public Liability Insurance from the Policies and Procedures section.

What is Ofsted's address?

If you want to tell Ofsted anything about your child’s childcare, you can ring 0300 123 1231 Or you can write to them at: Applications, Regulatory and Contact (ARC) Team Ofsted Piccadilly Gate Store Street Manchester M1 2WD If you would like more information about Ofsted’s role as the regulator of childcare, you can visit the Ofsted website.

You can find out more here.

What are Ofsted's Voluntary Childcare Registration requirements?

You can find information about the registration system to the Voluntary Childcare Register directly on Ofsted's site.

Where can I find Explore Learning's Ofsted certificate?

All Ofsted certificates are displayed in our English centre’s reception areas. If you would like a copy while centres are closed, please contact your team who can provide a digital copy.

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Over 1000 5 ★ reviews on Trust Pilot

20 years of success

Make 19 months* of progress in a year

Over 1000 5 ★ reviews on Trust Pilot

20 years of success

Make 19 months* of progress in a year

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