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Maternity and paternity leave

IGCSE vs GCSE: What are the differences?

Learn about what differentiates GCSE and IGCSE tuition

How many GCSEs do you need for university?

What you need to know about GCSEs and university.

How to get into grammar school

Our tips on how to get your child into a grammar school.

Our top 10 back-to-school pencil case picks

Get kids excited for back to school with a new pencil case!

Top 5 benefits of tuition for the 11 Plus

The benefits of 11 Plus tuition go beyond the exam!

How to talk to your child about discrimination

Tips on how to talk to your child about discrimination.

Having difficult conversations with children

Tips to take the challenge out of difficult conversations.

Managing stages of childhood: preparing for college

Help your child prepare for college and A-levels!

Managing stages of childhood: facts about adolescence

A quick guide to managing the ups and downs of adolescence.

The ultimate guide to starting a new school

Everything you need to know about starting a new school!

My child doesn't want to go to school, what can I do?

Let's learn how to help your child enjoy school again

Motivation to do maths: how to help children

Struggling to motivate your child with maths?

How to remember revision - our expert tips!

Top tips to help revision sink in so you can ace your exams!

Screen time and technology: the benefits for education

What are the benefits of screen time for education?

What is a Pomodoro Timer and does it work?

Learn more about the Pomodoro Timer method for studying.

How to start homeschooling: a starting guide

A quick guide on how to start homeschooling.

How to move schools: tips and advice

Some quick tips and advice on how to move schools.

Fun ways to help your child with exam revision

Unlock the joy of revision!

The ultimate guide to helping with homework

Our handy guide on how to help with homework.

How to stay safe online: a guide for kids and parents

Our quick tips on teaching kids how to stay safe online.

Childcare costs vs tuition: an educational investment

Weighing up the cost of tuition vs childcare? Read on.

Can you retake GCSEs?

Know your options when it comes to retaking GCSEs

11 Plus practice papers

Start your 11 Plus exam revision with our 11 Plus papers.

How to perfect your exam technique

Everything you need to know about developing exam technique!

Essential 11 Plus exam equipment

Help your child succeed in the 11 Plus with the right tools!

The complete SATs exam equipment list

Learn what your child needs for their SATs exams

The ultimate GCSE exam equipment list

The tools your child needs to succeed in their GCSE exams

Why making mistakes is good for learning

Learn why making mistakes can be the best way to learn!

Parenting red flags: spotting the signs of bullying

Know how to spot the signs of bullying

Spark imagination with educational movies and documentaries

From dinosaurs to discovery!

Fun ways to keep on learning during the Easter holidays

Let learning be fun this Easter!

World Book Day: celebrating a love of reading

Everything you need to know about World Book Day!

Navigating the digital playground: a guide to social media

Understand how to help children use social media safely

Learning resources for children with autism

Support children with autism with our learning resources

Learning resources for children with dyslexia

Support children with dyslexia with our learning resources

Learning resources for children with SEN

Help children with SEN using our learning resources

Children’s Mental Health Week

Learn about the importance of Children's Mental Health Week!

Supporting your child who has failed their GCSE exams

How to support your child if they fail their GCSE exams

Supporting your child who has failed their 11 Plus exams

How to support your child if they fail the 11 Plus

Supporting your child who struggled in their SATs exams

How to support your child if they struggled in SATs exams

Supporting gifted and talented children in education

How to support gifted and talented children in education

Making friends at a new school

Tips to help your child make friends at a new school

Teaching time management to children

Tips for teaching children about time management

Developing vital revision skills

Learn about the vital revision skills children need.

Healthy eating, good nutrition and learning

Explore the link between nutrition and learning.

Studying for too long: does it affect children’s wellbeing?

Can studying for too long impact your child's wellbeing?

The benefits of screen time for children

Learn about the benefits of screen time for children

Preparing for the new school year

All the tips you need to prepare for the new school year

Free online resources for homeschooling

Learn more about free online resource for homeschooling

Tools and apps for homeschooling

Our picks for the top homeschools apps and tools.

Anti-Bullying Week

Celebrate Anti-Bullying Week with us!

Parent’s back to school questions answered!

All of your back to school questions answered!

Year 7 preparation: transition to secondary school resources

Transition to secondary school resources to help your child

Preparing for the transition from Year 2 to Year 3

Prepare your child for the transition from Year 2 to Year 3

Transition from Reception to Year 1

Tips for the transition from Reception to Year 1

World Mental Health Day

Learn more about World Mental Health Day!

Dyslexia Awareness Week

Our commitment to children learning with dyslexia.

Top tips for stress-free back to school shopping

All the tips you need for back to school shopping.

Life after GCSE: What to do?

Learn more about the options for students after GCSE.

The back to school stationery supplies guide

Take a look at our essential back to school supplies guide!

When do kids go back to school?

All you need to know about the timing of back to school!

Back to school advice and tips for parents

Your back to school checklist

Children's healthy lunchbox and snacks ideas

Create the ultimate obstacle course

Healthy and fun picnic ideas

Garden games: a perfect antidote to too much screen!

Free summer holiday activities for families

Registering for 11 Plus and Entrance exams

Transition from primary to secondary school

Tips to support your child's transition to secondary school

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Recommended Reading List for children in Year 1

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Animal Crossword

Can you discover which animals are hiding in this activity?

Your guide to Special Educational Needs (SEN)

How to help your child with Special Educational Needs

VARK learning styles: useful or ineffective teaching?

The importance of STEM learning

Studying tips for visual learners

So what makes a visual learner tick?

Studying guide for reading and writing learners

Read our latest learning style guide for more studying tips!

Our guide to auditory learning

Here we uncover the auditory style of learning.

A guide to kinaesthetic learning

Does your child prefer to learn through physical activity?

The benefits of video learning

How to deal with exam stress

Is your child struggling with exam stress?

Exam results stress: a student's guide

The benefits of STEM toys for young children

STEM toys can be a fun way to build your child's confidence.

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Creating dilemmas

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Creating Settings

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Graphs - GCSE

GCSE algebra practice and questions

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Creating Characters

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Times Tables

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Area and Perimeter

Chris McGovern: Effects of summer learning loss

Are the summer holidays too long?

5 ways you’ll see progress in our parents’ meetings

How to check the progress of your child at Explore

Love learning this half term

How to keep your childs brain active over half term

Your parents' evening guide

Make the most out of parents' evening with our easy guide!

Best children's books about mental health

Find out which books made the list.

How to avoid summer maths loss

Don't lose all of their school progress over the summer.

Coping with your child's back to school anxiety

Top tips for coping with back to school anxiety.

At home learning activities sorted

Fun and easy home learning activities to try.

Becoming a learning enthusiast with Steve Backshall

Wondering how to become a learning enthusiast?

Reading at home - tips and tricks

Boost literacy levels at school by reading at home.

How to make the most of parents’ evening

How do you fit everything into such a short meeting?

Making the most of it: what to do in the summer term

There's still lots of time for learning left.

Be braver with maths

Find out who's more nervous about maths, boys or girls...

GCSE preparation and how to start revising

We've pulled together some tips from our expert tutors.

Learning in action: Travel hot spots

Chirag Golwala shows us how your child can learn in action.

The benefits of helping and learning at home

Tips and tricks to engage your child in learning at home.

Testing times - Did parents pass our 11 Plus quiz?

We challenged parents with an 11 plus quiz, how did they do?

10 back to school thoughts from children

How do children feel about returning to school?

It's time to seize the summer!

Learning and fun over the holidays.

Is it ok to be bad at maths?

PISA rankings show that the UK came 27th in maths.

Raring to go for reception: Teacher Tips

SEND: We're in this together

A tailored approach is the key to success for every child.

Alternative revision tips for exam success

There’s more to revising than cue cards and highlighters!

11 Plus comprehension tips

Read on for a handy guide for the 11+ comprehension tests

7 benefits of a library

It’s time to get to your local library!

Creative writing ideas and topics for summer

Get stuck into descriptive summer writing!

Year 1 Phonics Screening Check explained

All you need to know about the Phonics Screening Check

Summer activities for kids

Discover what’s happening across the UK this summer.

11 Plus Exam Preparation - When to start

Not sure when to start 11 Plus preparation for your child?

The definitive guide to GCSE Results Day 2024

How to guide for GCSE exams and results day for your family

Secondary and primary school reading list

Our favourite books to help children learn to love reading

Get set for secondary school

Helpful advice for stepping up to secondary school

Best Educational Apps

Year 2 KS1 and Year 6 KS2 SATs scores explained

Answering your SATs results queries.

Do You Need A Tutor For 11 Plus?

Is tutoring beneficial for the 11+? Read on to find out

Maintaining Support For Your Child At Home

How can I support for my child at home? Read on

A fearless approach to the SATs

How to have a fearless approach to the SAT's with your child

Guide to handwriting styles

The benefits of teaching joined-up handwriting in school.

Exam tuition can and should be for all, not just the wealthy

is it just the wealthy that have access to this service?

Essential guide to revision techniques

Discover our top tips, techniques and methods.

How to make a GCSE revision timetable planner

Check out our top tips and revision timetable template.

Level up! The keys to transitioning to a new school year

What are the keys to transitioning to a new school year?

Q&A with Kjartan Poskitt

Find out more about his love of maths...

How to write a CV for a summer job

Find some helpful tips for writing a CV for a summer job.

A quick guide to SATs – What to expect from KS1 and KS2

What to expect if your child is sitting KS1/KS2 SAT's

Making your child’s reception year count

How to make your child’s reception year count…

The ultimate first day of school guide

Ensure they have the best start at their first day of school

SATs paper revision guide for Year 2 and Year 6

Getting ready for SAT's? Read on for a handy revision guide

Keep brains active this December

Keep your children engaged with learning this December.

Are you as smart as a 12 year old?

Do this fun quiz to find out!

Plants For Schools and Learning

The best plants for a positive learning environment.

11 Plus registration guide

Preparing your child for secondary school.

A parent's guide to Key Stage 2 learning & tuition

Find out what to expect in KS2 and how you can help

Best GCSE maths revision apps and websites

Find the best GCSE maths apps to support your revision!

Advice on keeping your Head Above the Waves

How to support your childs wellbeing during hard times

Making the most of the summer

Summer activity ideas and much more.

Maths GCSE exam boards explained

AQA vs Edexcel - what's the difference?

Private tutoring: the true value

Read on to help your child develop lifelong learning habits

What skills does my child need for the 11 Plus?

Let’s find out which 11 Plus skills are needed to excel...

What’s the difference between a teacher and a tutor?

Teaching and tutoring are more different than you think

How to support your child with exam preparation

How to help your child prepare for exams

The importance of reception class - all you need to know

Is reception important to your childs education? Read on

Reading for pleasure and why it’s important for kids

How to inspire your child to read for fun

A working parent’s guide to the summer holidays

Make the most of summer with your child as a working parent

Recognising and celebrating diversity as a family

Redow to recognise and celebrate diversity with your family.

Is tutoring worth it? Calculating money, effort & success

Read ahead to find out if tutoring works for your family

How to support your 4 year old to develop number sense

How to support early learning by developing number sense

Q&A with author and presenter, Steve Backshall!

A teacher’s guide to parents’ evening: questions & tips

First parent's evening? Read on for a handy guide

How to become a times tables master

Want to be a times tables master? Read on to find out how

Practical learning activities at home

Want a great way to learn at home whilst having fun? Read on

How to read school reports: A parent survival guide

Discover everything you need to know about school reports

SMART target setting template: New year, new goals

Ensure success by trying SMART target setting

A guide all about GCSE maths

If you're looking for GCSE Maths help, look no further

“Help! My child won’t sit still” – How ADHD affects learning

How does ADHD affect learning and how can you help

Online home tuition vs tuition centre: Which is better?

Compare online tuition vs in-person tuition centres to help

8 Fun Ways to Maintain Studying During the Summer Holidays

The summer break is here but is there something to learn?

When is SATs week 2024 and SATs stress relief activities

Let’s help your children thrive this SATs week

11 Plus vocabulary and spelling list

Find out how to help with our 11 Plus vocabulary guide

Things to learn in summer: try ‘accidentally’ learning!

How to 'accidentally' learn this summer

Tips for Young Writers and Authors from David Walliams

Here are David Walliams’ top ten writing tips for authors

Begin your 11 Plus journey with support from experts

Where to start with your 11 Plus journey

How to find a maths tutor for your child

A maths tutor can bring a world of benefits for your child.

Adapting to different learning needs

How to adapt to the different needs of a child

Coping skills for stressed parents

How to cope as a parent when you're feeling stressed

The benefits of after school activities

How after school activities can benefit your child

How to tackle Year 2 and Year 6 SATs papers

A handy guide for all things SAT's papers

Maths matters: Interview with Bobby Seagull

We caught up with Bobby on why he loves maths.

10 questions with David Walliams

Read our Q&A with David here.

Help your child succeed in their 11 Plus exams

Find out more about how our expert tutors can support you.

What are 11 Plus Tuition classes like?

Back to school separation anxiety

How to support your child with separation anxiety

What qualities make a good tutor?

Wondering how to choose the right tutor for your child?

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What is the 11 Plus?

Are you unsure what the 11 Plus exam is?

Preparing children for the future

How to prepare your children for the future

Your role in child development milestones

Guide to primary school places: Application, dates & appeals

How to select the right primary school for your family

Common English Mistakes and How to Learn From Them

How to learn from common English mistakes

Supporting your child through the summer holidays

Getting your child ready for year 1 learning

How to prepare your child for KS1

Does your child need a GCSE Tutor?

How to help your child with GCSE's by getting a tutor

A teacher’s tips for home schooling Reception children

How to home school reception children well

Keep education going – how to educate your child at home

How to educate your child at home during school closures

Time to tutor? When to get a tutor for your child

Not sure when to get a tutor for your child? Read on

When to start GCSE preparation?

Start thinking about your maths exams

Exploring the SATs journey so far

Learn more about SATs tests and how they've changed.

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Explore the benefits of online tuition

Is online tuition effective? Read on to find out more

The best mental health activities for kids

How to help your child have good mental health habits

How parents can help with writing at home

How to encourage writing for fun at home

Getting Started With Revision

How to revise efficiently for success

The rise of home schooling UK: Advice for parents

Are you considering home-school? Read on

Single parent holidays: make the most of the summer 2024

How to navigate the 6 weeks off as a single parent.

Preparing for tests: top 10 tips

How to help your child prepare for tests

Summer screen time limits for kids and teens

How to make the most of summer this year

How do I help set goals for my child this school year?

How to set goals for your child at school

How To Deal With Cyberbullying As A Parent Or Carer

Dealing with GCSE stress and anxiety

Read on to learn how to cope with GCSE anxiety

Back To School Nerves

How to help your child beat their back-to-school nerves

Autism and learning- Supporting children with autism

Read on to learn more about Autism Awareness Month

How pupils can pass the 11 Plus

We're here to bust the myths around passing the 11 Plus!

Recommended home-learning resources: Expert picks

Mentor vs tutor: What’s the difference?

Self Care For Children Wellbeing Tips Explore Learning

Are SATs compulsory in the UK: facts and myths

Top tips for engaging reluctant readers

Fitting a tutor around a busy life

Summer reading lists and tips for kids

Everyday Maths Activities For Children Real Life Learning

October Half Term Events

It’s time for some autumnal family fun!

Positive parenting techniques

Tensions running high in your household? You’re not alone.

Let's get talking in Early Years

One of the best ways to get children talking is through play

Best education gifts for children: the gift of learning

Want to buy something long-lasting for your children?

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