Free learning resources


Are you looking for free learning resources to help your child excel at school or to nurture a love of learning?  You’ve come to the right place.


We support children by nurturing the skills and attitudes they need to become fearless learners.


Whether you need extra support on the National Curriculum subjects, resources for primary or secondary school tuition, or ways to improve your child’s confidence, we offer a range of free resources and subjects to help you out on anything your child needs.


Some of our resources include:

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Parent advice and top tips

Our high-quality free resources for parents and children ages 4 -16 cover a range of subjects to help your family succeed at school and in life. From home-based learning ideas to educational videos, these comprehensive guides and learning tools are designed to support, develop and inspire!


Find guides, worksheets, tips and videos to help with reading, writing and all things English!


From virtual lessons with Bobby Seagull to worksheets and guides – find all our maths resources in one place.


All you need to help your child succeed in their GCSE maths exams.


Not sure what to look for in a tutor? If you have questions about tutoring, find the answers in our series on tuition.

Exam Revision

From revision techniques to dealing with exam stress, find rich resources for supporting your child through exams.

11 Plus

This is your hub for all things 11 Plus. From exam information to advice on how to prepare – help your child to succeed with these resources.


Our SATS resources cover everything that children need to feel prepared and confident for the SATS.

Family Wellbeing

Find ways to support your family’s wellbeing with these guides and tips from experts on health and happiness.

Parenting advice, guides and tips

From how to read school reports, to making the most of parents evening, find advice and support in our parenting 101 resources.


Get help supporting children with special educational needs in their learning. From parent insights to learning tools.

Back to school

Getting ready for back to school? We have a range of checklists, guides and blogs on offer to help this transition go smoothly.

School Holidays

Keep them entertained and their brains ticking over the school holidays with these resources.

Find expert tips, practical activities and useful resources to make home learning fun, engaging and productive.

Our free early years resources have been collated to help parents, carers and educators support younger children in their learning and development.

Video lessons and guides

Whether you’re looking for advice on how to make writing at home fun, information on exams like the 11 Plus and SATs, or how you can support your child with their learning, we’ve got a video guide for you!

Explore the relevant resource section to find engaging educational videos to support teaching and learning.

Maths video lessons

English video lessons

Downloadable worksheets


Does your child freeze up at the thought of writing a story on a blank piece of paper, or find it difficult to settle down to do their homework? These worksheets are perfect to give them (and you!) inspiration to say ‘goodbye’ to fear and ‘hello’ to fearless learning.

Check out the maths and English resource sections to find worksheets for your child.

English worksheets

Maths worksheets

Maths lessons with Bobby Seagull


Join University Challenge star, presenter and maths teacher, Bobby Seagull for these fun and engaging maths lessons. Bobby’s free sessions last 30 minutes, with a 15 minute Q&A with Bobby for parents at the end. The lessons cover tricky topics for all ages.

Go to the maths resources section to find Bobby’s videos.



Rainy day crafts and activities


It’s raining outside; the kids are bored. Sound familiar? Give them some fun maths and English activities to silence the sighs and halt the huffs!

What learning resources are available?

Our learning resources span everything from worksheets to videos:

  • Worksheets
  • Games
  • Videos
  • Guides
  • Blogs
  • Expert tips
  • Craft activities
  • Ideas
  • Virtual lessons

Which are the best learning resources?

The best learning resources are ones that are fun, engaging and created by experts. All of our resources are written or approved by our learning community to help give you the best support for your child’s learning. 

Everyone learns differently so the best resources are the ones that work for your child. Whether they are a visual learner, kinetic learner or anything in between, you’ll find something for everyone. 


How to find learning resources

Click on the relevant section to find a range of resources by theme.