On World Mental Health Day, it’s important that we focus on the mental wellbeing and understand the impact of mental health on education. Everyone has mental health, but some people need some support from time to time.

Our tuition centres go beyond academic support - Explore Learning provides children with a safe and welcoming environment to learn in, where their wellbeing and mental health are our top priorities. We recognise that there’s a strong link between learning and mental health, which is why we’re supporting World Mental Health Day.

What is World Mental Health Day?

World Mental Health Day is a day dedicated to awareness of mental health issues around the world, encouraging people to have open conversations about struggles with mental health and ways to treat the struggles. The first official World Mental Health Day took place in 1992 October, started by the World Federation for Mental Health.

When is World Mental Health Day?

World Mental Health Day occurs every year on October 10th, bringing people around the world together to celebrate and acknowledge the importance of mental health.

What is the theme of World Mental Health Day?

Every year there is a theme for World Mental Health day to raise awareness of a specific issue around mental health. World Mental Health Day 2023’s theme was “Mental Health is a Universal Human Right”. To stay updated with each year’s World Mental Health Day themes, check out WHO World Mental Health Day campaign.

The first theme of World Mental Health Day was set in 1994 and had a clear call to action - “Improving Quality of Mental Health Services throughout the World”.

Why is World Mental Health Day Important?

World Mental Health Day serves as a vital reminder of the importance of mental health in all people’s lives. It’s a day dedicated to raising awareness about mental health issues and challenges, breaking down the stigma surrounding mental illness and encouraging conversations about mental wellbeing. On World Mental Health Day, people all around the world unite in acknowledging that mental health is just as important as physical health and deserves equal attention and care. By actively participating, people contribute to understanding and supporting those who struggle with mental health issues.

Explore Learning’s approach to mental health

At Explore Learning we have an unwavering commitment to nurture every student that learns with us. Whether your child is with us for maths and English tuition or is being supported ahead of their 11 Plus exams, we’re here to support children with the unique challenges mental health might present.

Our professional tutors don’t just tailor their academic approach to every child and their learning, they also help foster a supportive learning environment. Our tutors will support children’s emotional wellbeing to ensure that they can continue to grow academically.

Learn more about mental health with our extensive guides, from self care for kids to a list of children’s books about mental health.

The connection between learning and mental wellbeing

There’s an undeniable link between mental health and education, and we recognise that at Explore Learning. Children who struggle with mental health may have issues with school attendance, performance and willing to learn. Recognising this, if your child is struggling with mental health, online tuition may be a good option to top up their learning. It can help by:

  • Improving self-esteem by letting children learn at a pace that works for them

  • Enabling children to overcome challenges by cultivating resilience

  • Encouraging positive social interactions with learning professionals in our supportive community of tutors and students.

Why mental health awareness matters for children

On World Mental Health Day, it’s important to understand mental health in children and how it can impact their learning and wellbeing. It’s also important to encourage children to think about mental health and its impact. This encourages the next generation to develop empathy for those around them and helping children understand that everyone’s experiences with mental health can be different will help develop that empathy.

Mental health in children: recognising the signs of difficulty and offering support

Children, like adults, can face mental health challenges. Recognising the signs of a child struggling with their mental health early on is important when it comes to offering the necessary support. 

Here are some signs that your child may be struggling with their mental health:

  • Changes in behaviour: A sudden shift in behaviour, such as becoming more withdrawn, aggressive or fearful.

  • Sleep difficulties: Experiencing frequent nightmares, having difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much.

  • Academic struggles: A sudden drop in academic performance or a reduced interest in learning.

  • Intense emotions: Excessive crying, extreme irritability or intense mood swings.

  • Avoiding social interaction: Avoiding friends, family or worrying about being around other children (and their teachers) in school.

  • Excessive worry or fear: Showing signs of anxiety or being overly concerned about things.

Ways to support children with mental health challenges:

Understanding the signs of mental health challenges in children is the first step. From there here are some ways to provide support for children struggling with their mental health:

  • Open communication: Create a safe space for the child to express their feelings without fear or judgement.

  • Educational support: Collaborate with schools or tutoring services to ensure the child’s academic needs are met, which can alleviate stress.

  • Professional Help: Consultation with a mental health professional or counsellor can be beneficial in providing targeted interventions.

  • Stable routine: Establishing a consistent routine at home can provide a sense of stability for your child.

  • Mindfulness and relaxation techniques: Introducing activities like deep breathing exercises, meditation or even yoga can help children manage their emotions.

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Spotting the signs of your child struggling with their mental health early on can make a significant difference with their overall wellbeing, not to mention their academic progress. 

Through understanding and open communication we can support children in understanding their own mental health, and others’ around them, and provide them with the tools to develop resilience in life.

World Mental Health Day Activities

World Mental Health Day can be a meaningful occasion for you to engage with your children in activities that promote understanding and awareness of mental health:

  • Family Discussions: Have an open discussion with your children about mental health, using age-appropriate language to explain its importance.

  • Craft: Try arts and crafts that focus on expressing emotions. Activities like drawing, panting or making emotion masks can be both fun and educational for your children.

  • Mindfulness Exercises: Practice simple mindfulness exercises together, which can be a fun way for children to learn about managing stress and emotions.

  • Storytelling Sessions: Read books or share stories that address mental health themes, helping children understand various aspects of emotional wellbeing.

  • Nature Walks: There’s nothing good like a walk in the nature. Go on a hike or walk together as a family. Nature activities are excellent for mental wellbeing and can be a great opportunity for relaxed conversations.

  • Gratitude Journaling: Start a gratitude journal with your children, where each family member can note down things they are thankful for, fostering positive thinking.

  • Community Events: Attend child-friendly World Mental Health Day events in your community, such as fairs or workshops.

Need more ideas for activities? See our list of best mental health activities for children that you can partake in together!

How we support children on World Mental Health Day and beyond

At Explore Learning we provide children with a nurturing learning environment with understanding tutors that foster self-belief in learning. Whether your child learns in centre or online, our tutors will help alleviate any academic stress so your child can enjoy learning. 

We’ll also help you understand your child’s learning through regular progress meetings. That way you can also be a cheerleader for your child’s accomplishments, helping them develop confidence in their learning and set new goals on their academic journey. We know all of this can have a big positive impact on children’s mental health, as well their learning.

Take action this World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day reminds us that education and mental health go hand in hand. It’s so important to ensure that children understand what mental health is so that they can be understanding of those around them, and also of themselves so they know to ask for help when they need it.

This World Mental Health Day, take your time to look around – can you see anyone struggling? Remember, open conversations can really help and speaking up ensures that together we can raise awareness about mental health!

At Explore Learning we’re committed to providing children with the tools and techniques to learn with confidence, and supporting them every step of the way. We know that children learn at their best when they feel supported and understood, which is why our tutors take the time to get to know every child they tutor so they can provide unbeatable support.

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