When your child needs an extra helping hand with their learning, private tutoring can be just what they need to boost their confidence and challenge them to learn to the best of their ability. 

Before you start looking to find a tutor, you’ll probably want to understand the value of private tutoring. Whether you’re considering private English tutoring or you’re looking to find a maths tutor, private tutoring can help your child develop lifelong learning habits that’ll help in any aspect of their learning. 

Whether they need a hand filling in some knowledge gaps, preparing for exams or need an extra challenge, let’s take a look at how private tuition works and how it can benefit your child in their school career.

How does private tutoring work?

With private tutoring your child can benefit from an extra helping hand in their learning, to accompany what they learn in school or at home if they’re home schooled. Private tutoring can be helpful either if your child is struggling with their learning or if they need more challenge, if they’re outperforming the level they should be at. 

But how does private tutoring work? 

Your child can either be tutored in-centre or they can benefit from online private tutoring, or a combination of both. Either way, private tutoring works in a few simple steps… 

  • Getting to know you and your child, and what you want out of your tuition. That way your tutor can build a tuition plan and goals for your child to achieve. 

  • Regularly practising skills with a tutor and a bespoke curriculum, so your child is always working on the skills they need help with the most. Your child will always be presented with learning material appropriate to their level that’ll keep them engaged and on track with their school learning. 

  • Keeping track of your child’s progress so you can see what skills they’re learning and mastering, and how they’re getting on with achieving their goals. That way you can celebrate their success!

Whether you choose to go for in-centre or online tuition, or both, your child will be challenged to succeed with private tuition. Tutors strike a balance between coach and cheerleader, they’ll help your child learn the information they need, push them in the right direction for their bespoke learning path and encourage them to learn independently to really boost their confidence. 

Ultimately a tutor will help your child develop learning habits that stick with them and a healthy relationship with education.

The benefits of private tutoring

Private tutoring can have so many benefits for your child in their education journey. Whether they’re struggling, falling behind or even need an extra challenge, we’ll work with your child to develop a learning plan just for them. 

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits private tutoring can have for your child. 

Focus on their individual needs

Every child has different strengths when it comes to their learning and understanding of a subject. At school teachers need to focus on a full class of students and making sure everyone has an understanding of the subject, but a tutor can get to know your child’s individual learning style and needs. They can play to your child’s learning strengths to help them in areas they need extra help with. 

Limit distractions

When a tutor can teach your child in small groups, individually or with online private tutoring, your child will have fewer distractions that most classrooms will have like other classmates. So your child will have a much easier time focusing and concentrating on their learning. 

Getting to know your child

Tutors can really get to know your child on an individual level. They can learn where your child is struggling, where their strengths are and their best learning style. By getting to know what works best for your child’s learning, a tutor can adapt their learning style to help your child achieve their learning goals.  

Providing challenge

Tuition isn’t just to help children if they’re struggling in school. Some children may find that they’re not being challenged enough by what they’re learning in school, and that can be a great opportunity for a tutor to provide more challenging learning that compliments their school learning. This can help your child really enjoy a subject that they might’ve stopped engaging with as much through lack of challenge in school. 

Filling in knowledge gaps

Sometimes children can fall behind in their learning for many reasons that are beyond their or your control. That’s okay though, it happens and a tutor can help fill in the learning your child has missed out on or didn’t quite understand in class. This can really help your child with their confidence in learning, enabling them to perform to the best of their ability without worrying about being too far behind. 

Building confidence

A lack of confidence in a subject they’re struggling with can really hold your child back, which can have a knock on effect to other areas of learning and their overall confidence. With a helping hand from a tutor your child’s confidence in a subject they were struggling in can get a real boost, and enable them to keep learning to the best of their ability. 

Develop exam techniques

Whether they’re preparing for their 11 Plus exams or GCSE maths, a private tutoring can help your child develop their exam techniques. Private tutoring can help your child focus specifically on areas they’re struggling with before their exams, so they can revise in a way that works best for them.  

Homework help

Homework can be a real sticking point for some children in their education journey and can get really overwhelming. Homework is supposed to be independent learning, and so children won’t have the help of their teachers. Sometimes the fear of getting answers wrong can make homework a little anxiety inducing for them. A tutor can help your child with their confidence when it comes to independent learning, like their homework. With private tuition your child can learn the benefit of making mistakes as a learning opportunity, and start to let go of the fear of getting the answers wrong. 

Private English tutoring for your child

An English tutor will work with your child to figure out a learning strategy that works best for them, depending on their age, their reading level and what they need most out of tuition. 

For primary level private English tutoring your child will be working on these areas:

  • Phonics tuition

  • Reading fluency

  • Handwriting and spelling

  • Vocabulary, punctuation and grammar

  • Comprehension ability. 

As your child reaches secondary school age their tuition will begin to cover:

  • Further comprehension ability

  • Language and linguistics

  • Research and essay skills.

And for 11 Plus exam tuition:

  • Interpreting texts

  • Further vocabulary improvement

  • Further spelling, punctuation and grammar improvement

  • Literacy comprehension

  • Exam and revision techniques. 

Find a maths tutor that’s right for your child

The right maths tutor for your child will understand that while not every child takes to maths naturally, every child can have fun learning maths. They’ll understand that every child has different learning habits and capabilities, so they can adjust their teaching methods to suit your child. 

After you find a maths tutor that’s right for your child and they get to know your child’s learning style, your child will work on a tuition path that’s suitable for their age and ability, like with English tuition. 

Beginning with primary level maths tuition, you child will cover the following maths topics:

  • Times tables

  • Learning to tell the time

  • Interpreting word problem with maths

  • Addition and subtraction

  • SATs practice

As you child moves on to secondary school maths they’ll cover:

  • Fractions, decimals and percentages

  • Algebra and geometry

  • Mathematical problem solving

  • Exam technique and GCSE maths exam preparation.

And for 11 Plus maths preparation your child will cover: 

  • Advance maths

  • Speed and accuracy in solving mathematical problems 

  • Effective maths revision and exam preparation.

How to find a tutor that suits you

Finding a tutor that understands your child and their educational needs is the most important part in ensuring your child gets the most out of private tutoring. 

That’s why at Explore Learning we pride ourselves on our expert tutors that really get to know your child and the learning styles that work best for them. They understand that every child is different and that some children need a helping hand to boost their confidence in learning and others need to be challenged to be engaged with their education. 

Every child is different, that’s why at Explore Learning we develop a bespoke learning path and curriculum for your child that helps them develop learning techniques that’ll support them throughout their school career and beyond. So why not see if private tutoring could help your child? 

Could you be a private tutor?

You may be considering whether or not you could become a tutor yourself, and the answer is you can!

If you're interested in becoming a tutor, we're interested in helping you do that. With Explore Learning as a tutor you'll benefit from:

  • Training (we'll even pay you for the hours spent training!)

  • Support throughout your tuition career

  • Guaranteed and consistent working hours

  • Our smart learning tool, so no need for lesson plans or marking

Alternatively if you want to advance your career as a tutor why not consider managing a tuition centre? Whether you're looking to become a tutor or a centre manager, we'd love to hear from you.

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The true value of private tutoring FAQs

What is private tuition, and how does it differ from regular classroom education?

Private tuition refers to one-on-one or small-group instruction provided outside the traditional classroom setting. Unlike regular classroom education, private tuition offers personalised attention, customised learning plans, and individualised teaching methods to cater to a child's specific needs and learning style.

What are the benefits of private tuition for children?

Private tuition can provide several benefits for children, including:

  • Personalised attention: Private tutors can focus on a child's strengths and weaknesses, tailoring the learning experience to address their individual needs.

  • Customised learning: Tutors can adapt teaching methods and pace to suit the child's learning style, helping them grasp concepts more effectively.

  • Improved academic performance: With personalised guidance, children can overcome challenges, build confidence, and achieve better academic results.

  • Enhanced understanding: Private tuition allows for in-depth exploration of subjects, clarifying doubts and fostering a deeper understanding of complex topics.

  • Individualised support: Tutors can provide additional support in specific areas, such as exam preparation, problem-solving skills, or study techniques.

At what age is private tuition suitable for children?

Private tuition can be beneficial for children of various ages. It can start as early as primary school, where tutors can help reinforce foundational skills. Private tuition is also commonly sought during secondary school years, particularly when students face important examinations or when they need additional support in specific subjects.

How do I choose the right private tutor for my child?

When selecting a private tutor, consider the following factors:

  • Qualifications and experience: Look for tutors with relevant academic qualifications and experience in teaching children of your child's age group.

  • Compatibility: Find a tutor who connects well with your child and can establish a positive learning relationship.

  • Expertise in the subject: If your child requires help in a specific subject, choose a tutor who has expertise in that area.

  • Recommendations and reviews: Seek recommendations from trusted sources or check reviews/testimonials from other parents or students who have worked with the tutor.

Is private tuition only beneficial for struggling students?

Private tuition is not solely for struggling students. It can benefit students of all levels, including those who are excelling academically. Private tuition can offer accelerated learning opportunities, challenge gifted students, and provide additional enrichment beyond the regular classroom curriculum.

Can private tuition replace regular schooling?

Private tuition is not intended to replace regular schooling but rather to complement it. Private tuition can provide targeted support and individualised attention, helping students maximise their potential. Regular schooling offers a comprehensive learning environment that encompasses social interaction, extracurricular activities, and a diverse range of subjects, which private tuition alone may not provide.

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