As more families are turning to homeschooling as an alternative to traditional education, the need for reliable online resources for homeschooling has become vital. 

Homeschooling can offer children an enriching and versatile learning experience when parents and carers have the right tools available. Online homeschooling resources can help make subjects clearer, organise lessons and pair well with tailored online tuition

Let’s take a look at some of these free resources that can help make homeschooling effective and enjoyable.

Explore Learning’s free resources 

At Explore Learning we have a lot of online resources for homeschooling. Our homeschooling advice for parents offers some fantastic insight into the best homeschooling practices for your child, and our home education tips offer an instructive guide to making learning at home as effective as possible. 

If you’re looking for online resources for homeschooling that are more subject or age-specific, take a look at our resources and tuition offerings for:

Managing stress is an important factor when it comes to parents and carers who homeschool their children, as homeschooling can bring some unexpected challenges. That’s why we’ve put together some coping skills for stressed parents. We also know that children can experience stress in the lead-up to their exams, which is why we’ve provided a guide to dealing with GCSE stress and anxiety to help.

There are many more helpful hints and tips available for homeschooling, so take a look through all of our free resources.

More online resources for homeschooling

Here are some of our top picks for additional free resources for homeschooling to help in your child’s education at home.

Phonics Play

Phonics Play is a good free resource for homeschooling that helps young children in early literacy development stages. It offers a range of interactive games and activities, making phonics education both fun and effective. These games combine the essential components of phonics with fun-filled challenges, helping children to remain engaged while absorbing literacy skills. For homeschooling parents aiming to strengthen their young child’s foundation in reading, it offers both an educational and entertaining solution.

Kindle ebooks

Kindle’s ebooks offer a vast selection of titles from classics to modern literature, many of which are free or at a reduced price. With Kindle, your child can access a variety of great e-books covering various subjects and topics without the clutter of physical books. Additionally, the built-in tools like highlighting and dictionary lookup can further improve the reading experience.

National Literacy Trust

The National Literacy Trust provides a variety of resources aimed at enhancing literacy in children. It offers materials that range from early reading stages to teen readers. Homeschooling parents can find tools and materials from the trust and while it’s one of the many platforms available, it presents a set of resources that can be integrated into a broader homeschooling curriculum..


Topmarks offers a variety of learning games specifically tailored to younger children. These interactive games cover a spectrum of maths concepts, making the foundational topics both fun and accessible. For parents diving into the homeschooling world, introducing such digital aids can be beneficial. It doesn’t only break the monotony of traditional teaching but also ensures that children remain actively engaged. While it’s a valuable tool, it’s always advisable to use it alongside other resources for homeschooling to ensure a comprehensive education for your child.

Brain Games

Brain games offer a diverse range of games that revolve around subjects like maths, word challenges and more. With options such as crosswords, sudoku, memory games and puzzles, it provides children with an interactive way to test and build their skills. These activities can serve as supplementary material for homeschooling parents, offering children a change of pace from traditional learning. Brain Games offers a simple means for students to engage in different types of cognitive exercises.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids provides young learners with a mix of articles, videos and games focusing on wildlife, geography and science. For homeschooling parents, it offers a dynamic supplement to traditional lessons. While it ignites a child’s natural curiosity, it’s most effective when paired with guided instruction. Its engaging content adds depth and variety, enhancing the range of topics a child is exposed to when homeschooling.

STEM Learning

STEM Learning offers a range of free resources for homeschooling tailored for both primary and secondary students. Concentrating on science, technology, engineering and maths, the platform presents resources that complement these subjects. Primary students can enjoy interactive activities that break down foundational STEM concepts, while secondary learners can explore deeper and more complex topics. For homeschooling parents, STEM learning offers an additional layer of support in guiding their children through STEM subjects.

Enhancing homeschooling: free resources and expert tuition

The online resources for homeschooling we’ve mentioned here can make for a great start. They offer engaging tools designed to enrich a child’s homeschooling experience, which can be enhanced with online tuition. 

At Explore Learning we believe that the flexibility of self-guided learning with free resources pairs perfectly with the guidance and support a professional tutor can offer. That’s where we come in, able to identify gaps in knowledge and adapt our tutoring methods to each child’s unique way of learning. 

If you’re a parent or carer considering homeschooling, or if you’re already homeschooling, supplementing free resources with Explore Learning’s online tuition can help your child feel more confident and help you provide more structure in their learning. We’re here to support you in homeschooling and help open a world of learning opportunities for your child.

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