World Book Day: celebrating a love of reading

Unlock the joy of reading this World Book Day!

World Book Day is one of the most celebrated days in literature, and here at Explore Learning, it’s one of our favourite educational days of celebration. 

Every year World Book Day is celebrated by readers worldwide. Let’s look at how World Book Day started, what it’s all about, when it happens and how you can join in the celebration.

What is World Book Day and how did it start?

World Book Day is a global event created to celebrate literature and reading. Established by UNESCO in 1995, its primary goal is to foster a love for reading, introduce readers to new genres and authors and highlight the role of books in promoting knowledge. World Book Day has evolved to include e-books, making reading accessible to all readers, whether they prefer traditional books or digital formats.

In 1995, April 23d was chosen to coincide with the anniversaries of notable world-known authors William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes’ deaths in 1616.

In the UK, World Book Day was first introduced in 1997 with the support of various publishers, booksellers and National Book Tokens. It aimed to promote a love for reading, particularly among young people and children. The distribution of book tokens was initiated to make books more accessible to all.

When is World Book Day?

In the United Kingdom, World Book Day 2024 will be celebrated on March 7th, the first Thursday of March.

In other countries, World Book Day will be celebrated on April 23rd 2024.

Celebrating World Book Day

As World Book Day approaches, we anticipate a celebration that will provide joy to children reading at home worldwide.

This year let’s celebrate our love of reading and imagination as we collectively immerse ourselves in the world of books! Embrace the knowledge they offer and the joy of learning through literature.

Here are some ways you can join in the celebrations this year.

Visit your local library

When celebrating World Book Day, consider visiting your local library. Libraries will often organise special events, readings and book-related activities on this day, creating a lively atmosphere for readers. 

To find out more about specific activities, check with your local librarian and learn about the benefits of a library.

Dress up as your favourite book character

The tradition of dressing up as favourite book characters on World Book Day is a great way to promote reading and bring stories to life. Join the fun tradition and celebrate World Book Day by embodying your chosen book character. 

Whether it’s a superhero or an adventurer, it’s a great way to immerse yourself in the world of books and inspire other readers to do the same!

Visit your local bookshop

World Book Day is all about finding the new favourite books, and authors, and exploring new genres. Visit your local bookshop on World Book Day and find your new favourite material! 

Looking for some inspiration? Find a book you’ll love with our primary school reading list. You can also take advantage of World Book Day 2024 £1 books.


Organise a book swap event with friends, family or friends at school. Swapping books can be a fantastic way to share your favourite reads and discover new books. Book swapping doesn’t just promote a love for reading, it can also create a sense of community.

The magic of reading on World Book Day

As we approach the celebration of World Book Day, Explore Learning encourages young readers to remember that the joy of reading is not confined to a single day but enriches our lives year-round. We encourage parents to discover Explore Learning’s tips for reluctant readers. By embracing the concept of reading for pleasure, we can ignite the passion for literature, even in the most hesitant of readers.

Whether you’re dressing up as your favourite book character, hosting a book swap event or visiting your local library, remember that World Book Day is a testament to the joys of reading!

Unlock the joy of reading with Explore Learning

Does your child struggle to find joy in reading? Perhaps they just need a helping hand. Our expert tutors know how to encourage children to find pleasure in reading, whether that be books, magazines, e-books or any other form of written literature. They’ll get to know your child and how they like to learn so that they can point your child in the right direction to unlock that joy of reading. 

Want to find out how our tutors can inspire your child this World Book Day? Book your free trial today!


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