Supporting your child who struggled in their SATs exams

It can be difficult for your child when they don’t do well in their exams. If your child hasn’t done well in their SATs exams, it can be difficult not to worry - what does this mean for their future in school and their GCSEs? 

We’re here to put your mind at ease about SATs exams, why it’s okay if your child doesn’t get the grades they expect and how to move forward. From recognising the emotional impact and stress to reassuring and addressing where children can improve, let’s take a look at how to tackle this sensitive issue.

Addressing that your child has struggled with their SATs exams

The first step is to address that your child has struggled with their SATs exams. Don’t let disappointment and frustration take over, your child will likely already be experiencing that feeling themselves. 

Don’t let this hurdle define your child’s potential in school and beyond. Instead, address why your child may have struggled with their SATs. 

  • Ask your child what they struggled with specifically

  • Talk to your child about what support they think may help going forward

  • Communicate with their teachers to find out where your child may be struggling.

Reassuring your child if they struggled in their SATs exams

The first thing to do when your child has struggled with their SATs exams is to reassure them. They’re probably feeling particularly low after seeing these results, and that knock to their confidence could impact their learning going forward. 

So instead, shift the focus from failure to growth. Talk to your child about how they can learn from their mistakes, and that they can use this as an opportunity to identify where to improve (and that you’ll help them do that). 

Also, it’s worth reminding your child that exams don’t determine their worth and that many successful individuals have faced setbacks in their education journey. This setback doesn’t mean they won’t do well in future.

Supporting your child when they struggled in their SATs exams

After addressing and reassuring your child after they’ve struggled with their SATs, it’s time to start supporting your child. 

Encourage open communication

  • Foster an environment where your child feels comfortable discussing their feelings and concerns.

  • Actively listen to their thoughts on the challenges they faced during the SATs exams.

Identify needed support

  • Ask your child about the specific support they feel they might need moving forward.

  • This could include additional study resources, tutoring, or emotional support.

Explore alternative learning methods:

  • Investigate diverse learning approaches that may better resonate with your child's learning style.

  • Consider interactive educational tools, educational games, or real-world applications of subjects.

Create a motivating study environment:

  • Establish a dedicated study space that is conducive to learning and free from distractions.

  • Personalise the environment with inspirational elements and positive reinforcement.

Foster a positive outlook:

  • Emphasise the importance of growth and improvement over time.

  • Celebrate small victories and encourage a positive attitude towards future educational challenges.

Providing support and actively engaging in your child’s education journey will help improve their confidence after a difficult time. This will ultimately help them overcome future obstacles and build resilience.

Resources for children who have struggled with SATs exams

During this difficult period, it's essential to explore various resources that can assist your child in overcoming the challenges of SATs exams.

SATs revision guide

Explore this comprehensive SATs revision guide designed to assist children in preparing for the KS1 and KS2 SATs exams.

What to expect from KS1 and KS2 SATs

Learn about what to expect from SATs exams with a quick guide to SATs.

SATs online tuition

Consider enrolling your child in SATs online tuition for personalised guidance and support in their exam preparation.

SATs tuition

Explore traditional SATs tuition options to provide your child with targeted assistance from experienced tutors.

Tuition to support children who are worried about SATs exams

One of the best ways to empower children who are worried about the SATs exams is to get help with preparation. At Explore Learning we understand that these exams can be a little stressful for both parents and children. 

From just one hour a week of our online tuition or in-centre tuition, children can dramatically improve their confidence ahead of their SATs exams. If your child has already taken their SATs exams and feels disappointed with their results, our friendly tutors will help them get their confidence in learning back up by focusing on problem areas. 

Whether your child is about to sit their SATs exams or already has, let us help them build their confidence and unlock the joy of learning. Find out how by booking a free trial!

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