If you find yourself having trouble keeping track of when kids go back to school, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here we’ll cover when kids go back to school after summer, Christmas and Easter, along with some tips for keeping children motivated to learn during the summer break.

When do kids go back to school after summer?

To make sure that the summer fun doesn’t turn into September stress, it’s good to know when your child is due to go back to school. So let’s take a quick look at the summer holiday schedule for schools:

  • Mid to late July, schools will break up for summer

  • Children will be out of school for six weeks

  • Kids go back to school in the first week of September

Keep in mind that for some private schools and grammar schools these dates can vary. The best way to find out when your school breaks up for summer and when your child is due back in school is to check with your local council, which can be found through the government website here. Or you can check directly on your school’s website. 

Focusing on education during the summer break

During the summer break it’s really important that children have a good rest and have fun before going back to school. But that doesn’t mean they can’t keep learning while they enjoy the summer. There are plenty of ways to keep learning and having fun!

Let’s take a quick look at some fun ways to keep focusing on education during the summer break.  

  •  Visit museums and historical sites: Take children to museums, historical sites, and cultural landmarks. Many museums offer interactive exhibits and educational activities tailored for children. This way, they can learn about history, art, and science in an engaging and enjoyable environment.

  • Gardening and nature walks: Encourage children to develop an appreciation for nature by involving them in gardening activities. They can learn about plants, insects, and the ecosystem while planting seeds, caring for plants, and observing wildlife. Nature walks in parks or forests can also be educational and provide opportunities for learning about different species and habitats.

  • Reading challenges, book clubs and creative writing: Organise a reading challenge or take part in one like the Summer Reading Challenge. Set goals for children to read a certain number of books during the summer and provide incentives for their achievements. You could also encourage your child to try out some summer creative writing. Book clubs can offer a platform for discussions, sharing thoughts, and exploring different genres, promoting literacy and critical thinking skills.

  • Arts and crafts workshops: Encourage children to express their creativity through arts and crafts workshops. They can learn various artistic techniques such as painting, drawing, pottery, or jewellery making. These activities promote fine motor skills, imagination, and self-expression while allowing children to learn about different art forms and artists.

  • Maths games and puzzles: Introduce children to maths games and puzzles that make learning numbers and problem-solving enjoyable. You can use board games like Monopoly to teach concepts like counting money. There are various online maths games and learning apps designed to engage children in fun maths challenges, such as solving maths problems within a time limit or competing against friends. Puzzle books, Sudoku, or tangram puzzles can also be entertaining ways to develop logical thinking and spatial reasoning skills. 

  • Tuition: Maths and English tuition can be a fantastic way to help children focus on their maths and English learning over summer without overwhelming them or taking up too much of their summer break. We offer tuition from just one hour a week, which can help children maintain their learning and go back to school with confidence.

When do kids go back to school after Christmas?

Almost as soon as children go back to school after summer the winter term starts to creep up on you, especially with the mid-October half term thrown into the mix! Let’s look at Christmas holidays:

  • Schools break up mid-late December, usually in the last week before Christmas

  • Children will be off school for two weeks

  • Kids go back to school in the first week of January

 Just like with the summer term, this can vary for private and grammar schools, so check with your local council or directly with your child’s school. 

When do kids go back to school after Easter?

Easter tends to be a bit more varied in its placement from year to year. But, with the right amount of planning the Easter holidays won’t catch you off guard.

  • Schools usually break up in late March, usually beginning with Good Friday

  • The Easter holidays last for two weeks

  • Kids go back to school in early April.

 As with other holidays, if you’re in doubt you can check with your local council or directly with your child’s school.

Getting your child ready to go back to school after the break

Whether your child is going back to school after summer, Christmas or Easter, preparing for the end of the holidays can be a little stressful without a plan. That’s why we’re here to help with back to school advice to help spot the signs of back to school anxiety. 

We also have a back to school checklist to help you plan out your child’s return to school. That way they can start off the school year off strong and you don’t have to start it off stressed. 

We also have some advice if your child is struggling with back to school nerves. Some children can struggle with the transition of going back to school for a variety of reasons, and we want to help you to help them unlock the joy of learning.

Get them ready for the best school year yet with Explore Learning

Could this be your child’s best school year yet? We’re ready to help your child get excited for learning when they go back to school in September. 

We understand that children want and deserve to have a break and have fun while they enjoy the summer, so we won’t take up all their time – with just one tuition session a week either in-centre or online your child could keep up their learning over the summer. That way they can start the school year confident and ready to keep on growing and learning. 

Let’s help your child have the best school year yet and get them excited and confident about going back to school!

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