We live in a digital age where screen time has become an everyday part of our lives. From educational apps to interactive games, the time children spend looking at screens can hold amazing potential and have positive impacts on their learning and development. 

In this blog we’ll take a look at some of the benefits of screen time, and how you can ensure your child’s screen time can be put to educational use.

What are the pros of screen time?

There can be a lot of benefits to screen time, but it’s important to keep in mind that not all screen time is created equal. Think about screen time activities that go beyond just entertainment, like educational games. But of course, it’s also okay for children to just have some relaxing screen time too. 

Let’s take a look at some of the pros of screen time.

Educational games:

One of the standout benefits of screen time is the availability of educational games. They go beyond entertainment, providing a dynamic platform for cognitive development. 

Apps and online platforms offer interactive experiences that make learning enjoyable for children. For instance, maths challenges can become exciting adventures, and language puzzles become engaging quests, all contributing to an exciting educational experience.

Improves socialisation:

Contrary to concerns about screen time isolating individuals, certain activities actively enhance social skills. Online platforms and apps create environments that facilitate communication and collaboration. 

Some educational apps and games allow children to interact with their friends as part of the game. Through collaborative gaming or shared learning experiences, children develop social skills crucial for their future interactions.

Encourages literacy:

Whether it’s ebooks, language learning apps or interactive reading platforms, there are plenty of digital resources that can help improve your child’s literacy and help with language development. 

Screen time can allow children to explore diverse reading materials, engage in interactive storytelling, and even connect with global communities of other young readers. The result is not only improved literacy but also a love for reading and storytelling that extends beyond the screen.

Promotes creativity:

Screen time can be a canvas for creativity. Creative apps and digital art tools empower children to express themselves in imaginative ways. From drawing and storytelling to music creation, these platforms foster a sense of artistic exploration. 

For example, digital drawing applications provide a limitless canvas for artistic expression, encouraging children to explore their creativity without the constraints of traditional mediums.

Are there cons to screen time?

While there are many benefits to screen time, it’s important to consider the drawbacks of it. Too much screen time can lead to: 

  • Decreased physical activity and poor physical development as a result.

  • Disrupted sleeping patterns, particularly if children are looking at screens too late.

  • Potential negative impacts on mental health and wellbeing.

While it’s often easy to keep children occupied with screens, try to avoid always resorting to that. It’s important to strike a balance between active time, screen time for relaxation and screen time for education. 

Take a more in-depth look at the negative effects of too much screen time, and some guidance on how to balance it.

How does screen time help with learning

Quality screen time can benefit children with their learning, and even play a significant role in independent studying. Education apps in particular offer an engaging way for children to learn interactively. Different apps can cater to different subjects, or some apps can do everything in one. Take a look at our selection of educational apps. 

We’ve also put together a handy guide for homeschooling parents and carers. Take a look at these tools and apps for homeschooling.

Unlock the educational potential of screen time with Explore Learning

When used effectively, screen time becomes a powerful tool for improving educational experiences. Online tuition takes this a step further, providing a child with the structure and support to learn effectively with screen time.

At Explore Learning we believe in the power of using screen time as an educational tool to unlock children’s potential. Our online tuition goes beyond the traditional classroom learning experiences by combining our amazing smart learning tool and our experienced tutors to create a personalised learning experience.

With our online tuition parents and carers can help provide their children with meaningful, educational screen time from their own home. Children are left with a sense of accomplishment and confidence in their learning with as little as one tuition session a week! So why not give online tuition a try by booking a free trial today?

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Over 1000 5 ★ reviews on Trust Pilot

Over 20 years of success

Make 19 months* of progress in a year

Over 1000 5 ★ reviews on Trust Pilot

Over 20 years of success

Make 19 months* of progress in a year

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