Having the right learning resources for homeschooling is one thing, but managing schedules, fostering reading habits and keeping children informed and safe online can make homeschooling a little challenging. That’s why having the right tools and apps for homeschooling can make all the difference. 

There are plenty of homeschooling tools and apps available, but it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide for you! Here is Explore Learning’s list of apps and tools that address the specific challenges of homeschooling for parents or guardians.

Tools to help with homeschooling schedule and organisation

When it comes to learning, consistency is key. Nothing keeps a child on track with their education quite like a well-structured routine. It also helps parents or guardians keep a clear overview of the day or week’s learning objectives. 

Incorporating homeschooling tools that are user-friendly and accessible can transform daily schedule management into a quick, hassle-free activity. 

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is straightforward in its design and functionality with a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for parents to map out a homeschooling schedule. 

Features that we find really helpful are: 

  • Event colour-coding

  • Recurring tasks

  • Custom reminders

  • Monthly, weekly and daily planning views.

All of the above make it easy for parents or guardians to plan lessons, breaks, holidays or any homeschooling related activities. Also with its handy synchronisation across devices, any updates or changes you make will always be accessible. So it couldn’t be easier for parents or guardians to stay on top of their child’s learning journey.

Text-to-speech tools to help with homeschooling reading material

Text-to-speech tools can be particularly useful for homeschooling. They support students with their reading development from early ages right up to their GCSE exams

With text-to-speech apps for homeschooling children can engage with written materials in auditory format. There are a lot of uses for these apps, from helping children sound out unfamiliar words to taking a short break from reading, text-to-speech apps can be a valuable tool for homeschooling.

Speechify and Audible

Two of the best text-to-speech apps for homeschooling are Speechify and Audible

Speechify can convert written text into natural sounding voices in over 30 languages, allowing students to easily listen to their textbooks, articles and any other study materials. This makes Speechify a really handy revision app, giving students a short break from reading while still allowing for some passive learning.

Audible offers an extensive library of audiobooks. This allows students to take a break from reading but still allows them to engage with literature. 

Text-to-speech homeschooling tools like Speechify and Audible make learning more accessible and inclusive by catering to different learning styles and aiding students with reading difficulties. These apps can be really helpful for students with dyslexia and ADHD

For more tips on listening-based learning, see our guide to auditory learning.

Flashcard tools to help with homeschooling quizzes

Flashcards are a revision staple and an invaluable asset in the homeschooling toolkit. Tools for creating flashcards can really help with learning by condensing information into bite size pieces to refer back to in a flash. For homeschoolers digital flashcards can help make learning more fun and engaging.


Quizlet is a really user-friendly platform that allows you to create digital flashcards that are perfect for studying and revision. Within minutes you can use Quizlet to create customised flashcards or quizzes. You can also use features like spaced repetition which optimises the timing of flashcards to boost long-term retention of information. These features make Quizlet a great companion for homeschooled children and their parents or guardians.

Learning management systems for homeschooling

Learning management tools can be used by homeschooling parents and guardians as a hub for curriculum organisation, delivery of work and assessments.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom has a lot of great features for homeschooling, including: 

  • Various educational tools

  • Assignment management

  • Resource distribution

  • Feedback communication.

These handy features enable homeschoolers to benefit from a structured learning environment without overwhelming parents or guardians with constant planning. Also Google Classroom is completely free!

Apps for homeschooling and why they’re important

The number of tools and apps that help with homeschooling can open doors to new and exciting possibilities. From apps that help with organising to apps that can help children with reading, these homeschooling tools can improve the day-to-day routines of both children and parents or guardians.

Explore Learning: the ultimate homeschooling support

While there are so many tools and apps for homeschooling out there which can enhance learning, sometimes it’s good to get another perspective on your child’s education journey. Explore Learning’s online tuition can offer a personalised approach for children in their learning. 

With tailored tuition sessions, our online tutors will cater to your child’s unique learning style and pace, ensuring that they take in and retain the information they learn. Our smart learning tool will be able to identify areas your child may be struggling with, enabling our tutors to provide the best support they can. They’ll also be able to provide detailed feedback for you to keep you up to date on your child’s learning journey. 

Explore Learning is here to provide educational expertise for homeschooling families to motivate children to achieve their full academic potential. Why not see how we can support your homeschooled child?

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