The internet is an amazing tool for learning, but it can also be a scary place at times too.  We want to reassure you of what Explore Learning does to keep your children safe during online sessions as well as what you do as a family to stay safe.

Your family's responsibility

Children and learners will...

  • Always behave appropriately during sessions and understand what behaviours constitute as inappropriate and disruptive.

  • Treat their tutor and other session participants with respect at all times.

  • Never attempt to make contact with or befriend their Tutor or Management staff on social media or seek out their personal contact information.

  • Understand the implications of posting comments and images online and the risks associated with sharing personal information on websites and platforms.

  • Report any concerns regarding safety, behaviour and wellbeing to an appropriate adult immediately.

Parents and carers will...

  • Consent to their child’s participation in online 1:1 and/or group sessions through enrolment to Explore Learning.

  • Support their children to participate appropriately and safely, to mitigate the risks associated with online learning. 

  • Support children in understanding that comments posted online will be seen by others and cannot be edited/deleted, which can become part of their digital footprint.

  • Always be responsible for the welfare of their child whilst undertaking online sessions, monitoring their use of other sites and platforms alongside their learning with Explore.

Explore Learning's responsibility

Your tutor will...

  • Ensure they are punctual and ready to begin sessions on time so that children are not unsupervised online.  Repeated lateness will not be tolerated and may lead to disciplinary action or dismissal.

  • Blank or blur their background and ensure that their environment does not display any personal or inappropriate information or imagery that could be viewed by the member and supervising adult.

  • Only permit enrolled members with pre-booked sessions into online learning platforms. Attempted unauthorised access will be reported as an incident and appropriate action will be taken.

  • Ensure that if the child undertaking the sessions unsupervised by a responsible person over the age of 16, that both parties are comfortable to continue.

Your management team will...

  • Complete Online Safeguarding e-learning training to support them in their role as Manager of online sessions.

  • Ensure tutoring staff are trained appropriately in Online Safeguarding so they are confident in their role with keeping children safe during their sessions.

  • Ensure the suitability of any tutoring staff before allowing them to work with members and their families.

  • Respond to any concerns of safeguarding, behaviour and wellbeing reported from all participants urgently and following the appropriate company procedure.

  • Moderate online sessions by dropping-in at any time to ensure that tutoring is in line with expectations.

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