While all children possess their own strengths and unique talents, you may have heard the term ‘gifted and talented children’ in the context of education. When a child is referred to as gifted and talented in this situation, that usually means they’re performing at an academic level that’s greater than expected of their age group. 

At Explore Learning we know that gifted and talented children can have unique educational needs. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you identify and support gifted and talented children.

What’s the difference between gifted children and talented children?

Although the terms ‘gifted’ and ‘talented’ are often used interchangeably, they represent slightly different characteristics:

Gifted Children

Gifted children possess innate abilities or intelligence that can set them apart from their peers. They often excel in various subjects and can benefit from things like online tuition to really challenge them academically and provide additional educational support beyond school.

Talented Children

Talent, on the other hand, is a result of specific skills that are developed through practice and dedication. Usually, talented children can be identified as gifted children in a particular area or subject, who then become talented through the right support. 

For example, a gifted child with exceptional mathematical abilities can develop into a mathematically talented child with additional maths tuition.

Identifying gifted and talented children

We always want to see the best in our children so sometimes it can be difficult identifying when your child is exceptionally gifted and talented. Certain characteristics may also not always be apparent. 

However, when knowing what to look for, parents, carers and teachers can recognise gifted and talented students. Here are some of the common signs to look for:

  • Advanced learning: Gifted children often possess a unique ability to grasp new concepts at an incredible pace. They have a strong intellectual curiosity, and they constantly seek knowledge that goes beyond the confines of traditional education materials. However, this constant need for learning can sometimes lead to boredom when they’re not sufficiently challenged in school. 

  • Exceptional problem-solving: Gifted children are usually natural problem solvers. They possess an innate ability to think outside the box when faced with challenges. For them, problem-solving is an opportunity to exercise their creativity and ingenuity.

  • Curiosity and depth of knowledge: Gifted and talented children are often characterised by their relentless curiosity and their desire to explore topics in great depth. In the pursuit of knowledge, they often seek answers to questions that others might not even consider asking. It’s important to nurture this curiosity by providing them with the right educational tools, resources and support they need.

  • Creativity: Creativity marks yet another characteristic of gifted children and can often be expressed in various forms, whether through writing, inventing or art. Their minds can often try to innovate and they have the potential to create works that inspire and captivate.

  • Exceptional memory: Gifted and talented children can often demonstrate exceptional memory skills, which contributes to their academic success. Thecanto retain and recall information quickly and accurately, making it easier for them to excel in various subjects. This strong memory capacity can help them grasp complex concepts and facts rapidly, contributing to their advanced learning capabilities.

  • Advanced non-verbal reasoning: Gifted children can often showcase exceptional non verbal reasoning skills, involving abilities to solve problems and draw conclusions using visual information rather than language or verbal cues. Gifted and talented children often excel in this area, demonstrating a strong understanding of tasks such as pattern recognition, spatial reasoning and logical deduction.

Do gifted children always succeed in education?

The assumption that gifted children will automatically excel in education is a common myth. While they possess significant intellectual abilities, success in academic subjects can depend on various factors, including educational environment, teaching methods and support systems in place. At Explore Learning, we understand this in great detail and provide the necessary support to help gifted children succeed.

Like any child, with the right support gifted and talented children have the potential to succeed in their education. However, it’s a common myth that gifted children always succeed. 

There are several factors that can play into a gifted child’s chances of success in education: 

  • Educational environment

  • Teaching methods

  • Support systems.

Those are just to name a few. So it’s essential to recognise that though a child may be gifted, they still have unique educational needs that need to be met for them to succeed academically. Without that support or tailored education, even gifted children may underachieve.

Underachievement among talented and gifted children is a phenomenon observed in various studies. According to two separate case studies conducted in 2016, almost half of all gifted students do not achieve according to their potential.

There is support out there for gifted and talented children who need it though. For example, maths and English tuition can be the perfect solution to help these students reach their full potential.

How can parents and carers support their gifted children?

There are a lot of ways parents and carers can support gifted and talented children at home so that they succeed in school. Here are some of our top tips to support your gifted and talented child:

1.     Recognise and accept their giftedness: The first simple step is to recognise and accept that your child is gifted. Acknowledging their abilities is essential for providing the right support.

2.     Open communication: Foster open and honest communication with your child. Encourage them to share their thoughts, interests and concerns. Listen actively and engage in meaningful conversations.

3.     Tailored learning experiences: Work with teachers and educators to ensure that your child receives appropriate education to suit their needs. 

4.     Provide enrichment opportunities: Seek out extracurricular activities, workshops and programmes that align with your child’s interests and talents.

5.     Encourage curiosity: Nurture your child’s curiosity by providing them access to books, learning materials and resources that cater to their interests.

6.     Embrace their creativity: Support your child’s creativity, whether it’s through art, writing, music or other hobbies. Provide the necessary tools to help them nurture their creativity.

7.     Foster a love of learning: Instil a lifelong love of learning by emphasising that knowledge is a continuous journey. Help them unlock the joy of learning and encourage them to explore new topics and pursue their passions for education.

It's important to remember that every child is unique and what works best for one may not work for another. It’s essential to tailor your approach to your child’s individual needs and interests. By providing them with the right support and encouragement, parents can help their gifted and talented children achieve their full potential.

Tuition to support gifted and talented children

As gifted children excel in their education it can sometimes be difficult for schools to provide them with the additional support they need. So it may be worth considering tuition to provide the challenge your child needs to excel. 

At Explore Learning our professional tutors will get to know you and your child. That way they can identify where your child needs support and, more importantly for gifted and talented children, where they need an extra challenge. 

For gifted and talented children, our tutors will help them unlock the joy of learning by providing your child with a challenge that suits their level of education. That way they can keep up their passion for learning both in and out of school. 

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