Preparing children for the future

65% of children starting primary school today will enter into jobs that don’t currently exist! So what can we do to help them prepare?

Whilst it’s true that technology will continue to shape jobs in the future, research suggests that the skills employers will be looking for are ones which we already know about. What’s more, there are loads of things which our members at Explore Learning already do which will help prepare them for the future world!

Developing the Right Mindset

Having the right mindset will be key to children being successful and happy in the future. Developing a love for learning and a high level of perseverance will allow children to flourish whenever they need to adapt their skills and knowledge in a changing job market. Having a positive, learning mindset is something we talk about every session with our members because we know it really can be the key to a future filled with confidence, happiness and success.

Communication and Problem Solving

Good communication is rated as the most important skill for young people entering their first job, and the ability to problem-solve is regularly listed as a key attribute for employment in the future. Whereas some jobs will become automated using artificial intelligence, the abilities to communicate, collaborate and problem solve are likely to be just as important as they are now. Our members often practise these skills without even realising it! They talk about their maths and English work all the time, working collaboratively with their tutors to solve tricky problems.

Learning How to Use Information

Learning how to live with large amounts of information is something which children today are already adapting to. We love challenging our members to work out which things are and aren’t relevant to the problem they’re working on. Being able to use the correct information practically is going to help them massively as they have access to more and more knowledge in the future. Our tutors use clever questioning during sessions to encourage deeper thought about information use and method selection.

At Explore Learning, we work continuously to develop these key life skills in our members to ensure they are equipped to get the most out of their learning and have the right mindset to adapt, problem solve and succeed.

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