At Explore Learning, we understand that each child's learning journey is unique. For children with dyslexia, navigating the intricacies of reading and spelling can present specific challenges. 

To help, we’ve put together these strategies and resources to support children with dyslexia, offering practical insights for both parents and educators.

Understanding dyslexia in children

Dyslexia in children is a specific learning difficulty that affects the acquisition of reading and spelling skills. Understanding and addressing the challenges associated with dyslexia is vital for parents and educators. 

If you suspect your child may have dyslexia, initiating a conversation with their school is the best place to start. 

Did you know about Dyslexia Awareness Week? Read our guide on the week to understand what it’s all about!

Practical strategies to support children with dyslexia

Navigating the world of dyslexia requires tailored strategies that address the specific needs of each child. Here are practical ways to support children with dyslexia:

1. Create a dyslexia-friendly learning environment:

  • Foster an inclusive space by minimising visual distractions and providing clear organisation.

  • Seek out materials and learning apps with dyslexia-friendly fonts and backgrounds to enhance readability.

3. Structured reading support:

  • Provide support to encourage your child to read independently with reading tools designed to support dyslexic learners, such as e-readers.

  • Provide access to audiobooks and technology that support independent reading.

4. Individualised instructional techniques:

  • Tailor instruction to cater to the individual needs and strengths of your child.

  • Use personalised learning plans to address specific challenges and foster confidence.

5. Assistive technology:

  • Use assistive technology to enhance reading and writing skills.

  • Explore dyslexia-friendly apps and software that provide additional support.

6. Encourage multimodal learning:

  • Promote learning through a variety of modes, including visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

  • Use storytelling, videos, and hands-on activities to make concepts more accessible.

7. Positive reinforcement and celebrating progress:

  • Provide positive reinforcement for effort and progress.

  • Celebrate achievements, no matter how small, to boost confidence and motivation.

8. Regular communication with educators:

  • Maintain open communication with teachers and support staff.

  • Share insights about the child's learning style and progress to enhance collaborative support.

9. Peer support and inclusion:

  • Encourage peer support and foster an inclusive classroom environment.

  • Raise awareness among classmates about dyslexia to promote understanding and empathy.

Homeschooling children with dyslexia

Navigating the realm of homeschooling for children with dyslexia requires thoughtful consideration and tailored approaches. Here are practical insights to facilitate a dyslexia-friendly homeschooling environment:

1. Create a dyslexia-friendly learning space:

  • Establish an organised and visually clear learning area conducive to focused learning.

  • Implement dyslexia-friendly fonts and provide tools supporting reading and writing.

2. Structured reading programs:

  • Implement structured reading programs specifically designed for dyslexic learners.

  • Integrate audiobooks to facilitate independent reading and comprehension.

3. Individualised instruction:

  • Tailor instruction to address the specific challenges and strengths of the child.

  • Implement personalised learning plans to foster confidence and support academic growth.

4. Assistive technology integration:

  • Explore dyslexia-friendly apps and software to support reading and writing skills.

  • Make use of assistive technology tools for a more accessible and engaging learning experience.

Navigating homeschooling with a dyslexic learner involves creating an environment that caters to their unique needs. By incorporating these strategies, you can enhance the homeschooling experience for your child with dyslexia, making it a positive and effective learning journey.

Tailored tuition for children with dyslexia

If your child is learning with dyslexia, they may benefit from tailored tuition to support their learning in school or at home. 

At Explore Learning we ensure every child receives a supportive and inclusive learning experience. Our professional tutors and personalised lesson plans are designed to cater to the unique needs and strengths of each child with dyslexia.

Unlocking potential with Explore Learning

We’re committed to supporting dyslexic learners on their educational journey at Explore Learning. We’re here to get to know your child and their learning needs so they can get the education they deserve. 

Why not find out we’ll support your child by booking a free trial?

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Over 1000 5 ★ reviews on Trust Pilot

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Over 1000 5 ★ reviews on Trust Pilot

20 years of success

Online or centre tuition

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