Our top 10 back-to-school pencil case picks

The trusty pencil case: a great and useful treat to get kids excited for going back to school!

As the summer draws to a close and the new school year approaches, finding the perfect pencil case can be an exciting way to prepare your child for their return to the classroom. A pencil case isn't just a functional item; it's a small accessory that can bring joy and personal expression to a child's school day. 

To help make your back-to-school shopping stress-free, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 pencil case picks that are both affordable and fun.

Young girl sitting in class and writing next to her favourite pencil case

Top 10 back-to-school pencil cases

Getting ready for school is more enjoyable for you and your child with the right supplies. That’s why it’s good to have a back-to-school checklist, for everything beyond their pencil cases.

But for all their pencil case needs, here are our top 10 picks for pencil cases that will get your child excited about going back to school:

1 - Minecraft pencil case

For fans of the popular game, this Minecraft pencil case features iconic characters from the game, and comes in a cool green colour!

Why we love it: It's both fun and functional, with plenty of space for pens, pencils, and other essentials, and the carry handle makes it perfect for travel.

2 - Pokemon pencil case

Catch 'em all with this colourful Pokemon pencil case featuring everyone’s favourite Pokemon, Pikachu!

Why we love it: Its vibrant design is sure to delight any Pokemon fan and make school days more fun, and it also comes with a selection of stationery so kids are ready for the school year!

3 - Personalised pencil case

Customisable with your child's name, this pencil case adds a personal touch to their school supplies.

Why we love it: This personalised pencil case is great to help children keep track of their belongings as it has their name on it, and they can choose from a range of colours to really make it their own. 

4 - Glitter mermaid pencil case

Sparkly and magical, this mermaid-themed pencil case is perfect for fans of the sea.

Why we love it: The glittery exterior makes it stand out and creates a fun sensory texture, which can be great for some kids if that helps them focus. 

5 - Woodland animals pencil case

Featuring cute illustrations of woodland animals, this animal pencil case is perfect for young animal lovers.

Why we love it: Its adorable design can make school feel less intimidating for young kids, and its large capacity means kids can carry a lot of school stationery.

6 - Superhero pencil case

Packed with images of popular superheroes, this pencil case will inspire bravery and excitement.

Why we love it: It's motivational and encourages kids to channel their inner hero at school and be fearless learners. 

7 - Eco-friendly pencil case

Made from recycled materials, this eco-friendly option is great for the environmentally conscious.

Why we love it: Teaching kids about sustainability is important, and this pencil case helps start the conversation.

8 - Space explorer pencil case

With a cool space theme, this pencil case is perfect for aspiring astronauts.

Why we love it: The cosmic design is both educational and exciting for young minds, and the 3D design provides some sensory stimulation.

9 - Dinosaur pencil case

Featuring a fun dinosaur design and cool colours, this pencil case is a roar-some choice for dino enthusiasts.

Why we love it: It brings a touch of prehistory to their everyday school life and the fun colours let children make a statement with their stationery. 

10 - Unicorn pencil case

Bright and cheerful, this unicorn pencil case will make any school day brighter.

Why we love it: The colourful design is sure to bring a smile to your child's face and a touch of whimsy to their school day.

Exam staples: the clear pencil case

When it comes to exams, having a clear pencil case is essential. If your child is going to sit the 11 Plus exam or their GCSE exams this year, then transparent pencil cases are a must have. Here are some affordable clear pencil case options:

  1. Basic clear pencil case

This basic clear pencil case is perfect for exam periods. 

Why we love it: Simple, affordable, and does the job for exam conditions.

  1. Large clear pencil case

Sometimes more stationery is needed for some exams, so this large clear pencil case is perfect for that. 

Why we love it: Offers more space for additional exam supplies while still being compliant.

  1. Clear pencil case with coloured zip

A touch of colour can do a lot to help children feel just a little more at ease during exam periods, so this clear pencil case with a coloured zip can be helpful here. 

Why we love it: Adds a bit of personality with a coloured zip while remaining transparent, and as 90% of this pencil case is recycled it’s great for the environment.

Young girl writing in a class with her pencil case in front of her

Make learning fun with a personalised pencil case

Encouraging children to personalise their pencil cases can make the back-to-school period even more exciting. This can be a great opportunity to teach children about sewing and crafts to fix and improve old pencil cases, especially for parents/carers on a budget.

Here’s another bonus for our list of pencil cases! Coming in a pack of 12, these blank fabric pencil cases may look a little plain at first but with a little decoration, they can become your child’s new favourite back-to-school item!

Customising a pencil case can help reduce back-to-school anxiety by making children feel more prepared and excited.

A girl organises her pencil case sitting with a parent/carer ready for going back to school

You’ve got the pencil case, what about confidence?

A new pencil case can spark excitement, but building confidence is key to a successful school year. Easing children’s back-to-school nerves can be greatly supported by professional tutors who make learning engaging and accessible. One way to help ease children’s back-to-school nerves is to give them the support they might need to learn through tuition. 

At Explore Learning, our tutors get to know what helps every individual child learn and where they need to focus so they can return to school not just with an exciting new pencil case, but with the confidence to thrive. It's never too late to start tuition; even just one hour a week can drastically improve their confidence so they can go back as fearless learners. 

Encourage your child’s enthusiasm for learning and book a free trial with Explore Learning today.

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