An English exam for Grammar or Independent School can come in a variety of formats. We tailor our course content to meet the demands of exams in the local area. Therefore, our 11 plus class will cover some or all of the following elements, depending on which test you sit:


Students would be given a text of around 500/750 words. These texts can vary between a classic text (Charles Dickens), modern text or a more factual text such as a newspaper report. Children will be asked questions that test their literal and interpretive comprehension skills. Oftentimes a child’s knowledge of literary techniques is also tested as they are asked to identify literary devices used such as similes, metaphors and alliteration.


Children maybe asked what various words in a text mean. They maybe given a synonyms/antonyms task. They may have cloze exercise todo(a text with missing words or letters) that test their knowledge of vocabulary, cloze exercises are particularly prominent inCEM examinations.


Children will often experience a section of different questions on these topics which can take a number of different forms, an example would be identifying spelling or punctuation errors in a given sentence. Writing composition/Creative Writing If writing composition is a component in your area, we cover this as part of your weekly 11 plus class. Our Creative writing class also provides the ideal early preparation for this element of exam. Often Grammar School test questions will be in multiple choice format because it makes it quick and easy for schools to mark. Some schools/areas do include writing composition to a degree but often this is only marked where two children are close in marks and their writing competency will be evaluated as a deciding factor for a school place. In Independent Schools writing composition is nearly always included and will be marked in every case.

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