11 Plus and Entrance Exams

11 Plus English

The 11 Plus English exam focuses on higher levels of concepts taught in the school curriculum.

  • Creative writing and composition

  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling

  • Comprehension

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What does the 11 Plus English exam involve

The 11 Plus English exams for grammar, private or independent schools can come in a variety of formats, depending on the local area and the school requirements. Although English is taught as part of school curriculum, the 11 Plus exams are designed to challenge your child on a higher level. So we recommend additional practice, even with English concepts your child is familiar with. The 11 Plus English exam will consist of...

  • Writing in a variety of styles including letters, diary entries, essays, articles and continued text

  • Clear planning and reviewing of creative writing composition

  • Recognising errors and identifying terms in grammar, punctuation and spelling

  • Comprehension skills including developing literal and interpretive understanding

  • Analysing a variety of texts including poetry, play scripts, descriptive and narrative texts

How can my child prepare for 11 Plus English?

The 11 Plus English test will assess your child's understanding of written texts, their grammar, punctuation and spelling skills and in some cases, how they compose a written task.

How can we help you prepare?

  • Expert 11 Plus English tuition

  • Regular practice with 11 Plus English test questions

  • Covering all 11 Plus English topics in depth

  • Unbeatable support for parents

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11 Plus English tuition that builds confidence and gets results

  • Build a strong foundation in English grammar

  • Develop a love of reading

  • Access to 11 Plus practice papers and worksheets.

Our 11 Plus tutors ensure your child will develop a strong foundation of skills in English and maths, building their confidence so that they feel prepared for exams and excited about their next steps.

We encourage children to read as often as possible to improve their literacy and overall English ability. Our worksheets allow children to practice their writing skills so they can go into the 11 Plus English exams feeling prepared for the challenge.

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11 Plus English questions

Questions can vary depending on the exam your child is taking. That’s why we have different types of 11 Plus English practice papers and we can tailor our 11 Plus tuition to meet the exam demands in your area. Our tutors will focus on the concepts your child needs the most help with, giving them a personalised journey in their 11 Plus English preparation to ensure they do their best. We’ll also help them develop their exam technique and etiquette.

Here is an example question:

Identify the main clause in this sentence.

english question

Answer: D

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11 Plus English exam topics

So what do the 11 Plus English exams involve? How does your child feel about each of the following topics already?

  • Comprehension

  • Spelling

  • Punctuation

  • Sentence structure

  • Grammar

  • Vocabulary

  • Literacy

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11 Plus support and help for parents: English

Together, we can support your child to achieve success.

Set clear expectations together

Setting expectations isn’t just a job for parents.  Ensure you have a conversation with your child to understand how they are feeling and identify any concerns.

Try to create some clear behavioral and academic expectations for the year but ensure your child has a say.  If your child feels they are involved in creating these then they will try harder and take ownership of the expected standards set.

Get involved

Get involved by reflecting with your child at the end of each lesson of ways they have managed to overcome any challenges or what has been their highlight.

Work closely with your child’s tutors and teachers

It’s important that we all work as a team to support your child.

We want your opinion on what areas you think your child needs to focus on.  We also hold parent open sessions, which are a great opportunity for you to ask questions about the 11 Plus exam process. Communicating any home support or school feedback to us is extremely helpful too!

Create a routine

Create a routine that will support your child with managing their workload and achieve their best with less stress!

Discuss which days are going to be their revision days and balance time between homework and chill time

Practice, practice, practice!

At Explore Learning, we give you and your child personalised feedback and regular parent’s meetings.

Talk to your child about this feedback and practise the areas that your 11+ tutor highlights for you in between sessions for extra revision.

Beyond the 11 Plus

Whilst we will prepare your child to confidently tackle the advanced content of the exam, we are also dedicated to ensuring that they have the necessary skills and confidence to succeed in their new school.

For many children, the step up to year 7 can be a daunting one. That’s why from day one our 11 Plus tuition will develop your child’s confidence and social skills – ensuring they are academically prepared, ready and excited about all of the wonderful new experiences and friends they will meet.

In order to ensure your child’s English ability is up to scratch, every member will have their own bespoke curriculum. This is constantly tailored to their ability, ensuring they are sufficiently developed, stretched and challenged in the right areas.

As with everything, regular practice for the 11 Plus is key.  Your child’s English ability will be developed during both their individualised weekly maths and English tuition sessions and their specific weekly in-person or online 11 Plus tuition sessions.

Our 11 Plus experts are on hand to answer any questions about how we can help your child to prepare for the exams and beyond.

Do you need a tutor to pass the 11 Plus English Exam?

An 11 Plus tutor will be able to support your child with:

Building confidence with content

The English elements of the 11 Plus paper require a strong foundation of knowledge and often contain material set at a higher level (at least a year ahead).

English tutoring can allow children to cover content more advanced than they may be able to cover at school, giving them the chance to feel familiar and confident with a higher level of English.

Developing the fearless attitude

Our 11 Plus tutors know that to achieve success, they need to nurture the fearless approach first.

Layering that with exam technique and etiquette skills, your child will build a relationship with one of our own professional tutors, who specialise in discovering what exact learning style suits your child, so that in every session, we’re working towards achieving their goals.

Get started with 11 Plus English support!

From finding 11 Plus schools in your area to practising exam questions and discussing 11 Plus tuition, we will help with your next steps.

At Explore Learning, success is behind our expert English tutors getting to know your child as an individual. Over the last 15 years, Explore Learning has developed an 11 Plus and Entrance Exam offering that is tailored to suit the schools in your local area. Whether your child is sitting a CEM, GL Assessment, Bond, Avery, local or independent school entrance test, we are experts at it all and we will adapt our tools and advice to prepare your child to be prepared for their specific exam.

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