There are different methods of assessing your child for 11 Plus depending on the examining body and school. The two major examining bodies for the 11 Plus are GL and CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring). The GL assessment 11 Plus papers will cover English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Most grammar schools are switching to GL for the 2023–24 admissions season. If you're applying for your child to enter Year 7 in September 2024, they will likely be taking a 11 Plus GL exam paper.

Below we’ll take a look at the typical types of questions your child will be asked in 11 Plus GL exams...

GL Assessment 11 Plus English

The 11 Plus English Exam, formulated by GL Assessment, plays an instrumental role in gauging a student’s linguistic capabilities and readiness for advanced academic challenges. It typically takes 50 minutes and features:

  • A 2-page document followed by 18 comprehension questions

  • 4 further questions assessing word meaning

  • 3 grammar questions

  • 8 questions identifying spelling errors in sentences

  • 8 questions identifying errors in the use of capital letters and punctuation

  • 8 questions assessing vocabulary, where the child needs to choose the best word from a list that will complete the sentence

GL Assessment 11 Plus maths

The 11 Plus Maths exam paper typically features 50 questions and takes 50 minutes. The tests are often multiple choice and assess the following areas

  • Number fluency: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

  • Number: fractions, decimals, prime numbers, prime factors, highest common factor and lowest common multiple, percentages

  • Measurement: money, time, metric system, perimeter and area, distance, speed and time, volume of cubes and cuboids

  • Statistics: averages, simple ratio, column graphs, pie charts, co-ordinates

  • Patterns and algebra

  • Geometry: angle calculations, reflection and rotation, nets of shapes

  • Probability

11 Plus GL verbal reasoning exam

A typical paper has 80 questions, to be completed in 50 minutes. The questions will either be multiple choice or your child will have to work out the answers from scratch.

Below is an example question:

Letter move: One letter from the word on the left must be moved into the word on the right to make two new words. The letters must not be rearranged. Both new words must make sense.


Answer: C - LIMB and CLOSE

11 Plus GL non-verbal reasoning exam

The 11 Plus non-verbal reasoning exam assesses how well your child can analyse visual information and solve problems using visual logic. The exam is typically 40 minutesand broken into 4 sections. Topics covered are:

  • Identifying which shape is the odd one out

  • Working out which diagram comes next in a sequence

  • Working out cube nets and how shapes will look when folded Mirror images and reflections

  • Finding 2 identical shapes in a series

  • Rotations and symmetry

See an example question, below:

This image is an example of a question from a non-verbal reasoning paper.

GL Assessment 11 Plus maths and English sample papers

To help your child prepare for the 11 Plus GL exam papers we recommend regular practise. The best way to approach this is with 11 Plus maths and English sample papers.

Preparing for the 11 Plus GL exam

t Explore Learning, we understand the pivotal role that consistent practice and thorough preparation play in your child’s success in the 11 Plus exam. This is why we offer practice papers and online exercises as integral components of their 11 Plus tuition. Our aim is to instil confidence in children, helping them excel in the 11 Plus and transition smoothly into their subsequent school.

We have designed an 11 Plus and Entrance exam curriculum that aligns with the needs of schools in the UK. Regardless whether your child is preparing for a CEM, GLAssessment, Bond, Avery or a local school entrance examination, we adjust our resources and guidance to effectively prepare them for the test

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11 Plus GL Assessment FAQs

What is GL Assessment?

GL Assessment is a leading provider of formative assessments that help identify potential and pinpoint areas for improvement in students. At Explore Learning, we use insights from these assessments to designed targeted tuition programmes for your child.

What Does GL Assessment Stand For?

GL Assessment stands for “Grenada Learning Assessment”. It’s a trusted name inthe education sector, known for its reliable educational assessments.

How To Prepare for GL Assessment?

Preparing for a GL Assessment involves understanding the format, practising sample papers and improving on identified weak areas. Enrolling with Explore Learning can behighly beneficial, as our tailored tuition programmes are designed to address individual learning needs based on GL Assessment insights.

How is GL Assessment 11 Plus Scored?

GL Assessment 11 Plus is scored based on raw marks which are standardised, takinginto account the age of the student. Achieving a high score often requires focused preparation. Explore Learning offers dedicated 11 Plus tuition to help students achieve their best.

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