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Altrincham Grammar School for Boys (AGSB) is a selective boys’ grammar school providing an academic education between the ages of 11 and 18 for circa 1,250 students. Boys who attend come mainly from the immediate Altrincham area (postcodes WA14 and WA15) but there are also places for pupils from further afield who use the rail, train and road networks to reach the school.


Boys' grammar school

Test date: September

Results Sent to Parents: October

Allocations: 1st March 2019

Altrincham Grammar School for Boys
Marlborough Road
WA14 2RS

Admissions and exam information

The exam is made up of four GL Assessment papers. There will be a break between papers. This exam covers verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, mathematics and English.


Total of 173 places in Year 7

Altrincham Grammar School for Boys will use test papers designed by GL Assessment The tests will consist of GL Assessment multiple choice: verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and mathematics papers. Additionally, applicants will take an internally set creative writing paper, which will test their ability to write accurately in continuous prose. This will be used as part of the Internal Review procedure. GL Assessment will standardise the scores, taking into account the applicant’s date of birth.

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What’s the difference between GL & CEM?

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If you’re not sure what verbal reasoning or non-verbal reasoning is all about, or if you want to get a better understanding of the kind of knowledge children need for the 11 Plus exams, then try out some practice questions below. Get your son or daughter to have a go too! Can they beat you? We love a bit of friendly competition!

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Practice Questions

Exam preparation

From experience we know that the best preparation for the exams cannot be achieved in a short period of time. We believe the earlier your child can practice the better chance they have in securing a place.

How can you ensure my child gets into the best schools possible?

We know that preparing for the exam can be a major focus in your child’s education and we are here to support you throughout that journey. We do not believe in simply ‘teaching to a test’, which is why we offer individualised courses and specialist courses that complement your child’s education in the run up to and beyond the exam.

Working in small groups and independently our members grow in confidence and develop exam techniques to prepare them for the day of the exam and beyond.

Our unique approach not only uses the most up-to-date resources, our engaging and motivational tutors will guide and support your child every step of the way, whilst providing clear and honest feedback about your child’s progress.

How often should my child have extra tuition?

At Explore we take a blended approach that involves a weekly individual session, essential to focus on your child’s core maths and English skills and vital to exam success, as well as one scheduled class-taught session each week that focuses on exam-specific techniques and content. As part of our offering we recommend regular home practice, to embed learning of new skills covered in class. We utilise bespoke online and paper-based materials to provide your child with clear activities to practise at home.

Why should I choose Explore Learning?

We understand that you want to give your child the best opportunities in life and we are here to support you throughout their journey into secondary education. We believe every child should have fair access to exam preparation, we don’t pre-test children, and welcome children of all abilities and will give them the best possible preparation to demonstrate their potential.

Our comprehensive 11 Plus and Entrance Exam courses give children the opportunity to become confident in a range of verbal and non-verbal reasoning methods. In addition, we ensure children are developing the core maths and English skills needed to tackle any exam with confidence. We also prepare children for entrance exams into independent schools, tailoring our courses to suit the focus of schools in the local area.

How to secure a place at this school

Our centres specialise in 11 Plus exam preparation so your child has access to regular practice and the best 11 Plus tuition in the country. For more information, visit one of our recommended centre pages to see how we can cater for your child. To discuss your child’s needs we recommend arranging a visit at one of our Explore Learning tuition centres.

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Manchester Sale

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Manchester Urmston

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11 Plus course info

Our course is open to all. We don’t pre-test; we welcome all children with the ambition and drive to go to grammar or independent school.

Students on the 11 Plus course attend twice a week; one exam preparation class (tailored to the local exam requirements) and one tailored, flexible session that focuses on developing core maths and English skills. 11 Plus members also have access to a fantastic online resource with unlimited non-verbal and verbal reasoning exam style questions – perfect for home practice whenever you want it.

Our course starts 12 months prior to the exam for Year 5 members.

To find out our membership prices, find your nearest centre.

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