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Almost every area and every school has different testing procedures, the format of the tests varies and the admission rules for allocating school places are specific to the area or school.

We’re here to help you navigate your way through the 11 Plus exams by giving you all the information you need before, during and after your child’s journey to grammar or private school.

In each county section you will find information about admissions to the grammar schools in England, plus information about the highly popular and competitive ‘partially selective schools’ that exist in some areas.

Find which exams and schools are in each county

NB: Please note that these lists were correct at the time of publication. Schools and regions do change exam boards, so it’s essential that you check with each grammar school that you apply to as to what exam board it uses.

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Whether your child is sitting a CEM, GL Assessment or local school entrance paper we adapt our tools to prepare for many local consortia.

You can find free impartial advice for all things 11 Plus using our exam information pages:

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11 Plus tuition

From experience, we know that the best preparation for the exams cannot be achieved in a short period of time. Our 11 Plus and Entrance Exam course is structured in three key sections, supporting your child from Year 4 right through to the exam.

Depending on your child’s areas of strength we might also recommend a Creative Writing class or to join the Problem Solving Maths group. Find out about the specific offering in your area by attending a free initial consultation in your local centre.

11 Plus workshops

A series of drop-in workshops for you and your child.


  Comprehension skills

  Problem solving

  Full access to our online tools

  Teaching methods to support your child

11 Plus summer masterclasses

A course of skill based weekly masterclasses.


  Vocabulary masterclass

  Spatial reasoning masterclass

  Exam techniques masterclass

  Maths masterclass

Hour-long classes at a fixed time each week.


  Regular feedback

  Weekly homework

  NVR + VR online practice

  Mock tests