A fearless approach to the SATs

February 02, 2017

Once upon a time, in a deep dark forest, there sat a small, pretty cottage where those that lived within it lived very happily. One miserable, February day all that changed. There came a loud knock on the door that interrupted the happy, comfortable lives of our cottage dwellers; it was the big bad… SATs!

Woman holding a key enscribed 'fearless'

Now the family had some options; they could run and hide under the covers and pray that the scary predator would go away, they could open the upstairs window and throw bad apples at it and hope that would scare it off for another day, or they could open the door and invite it to tea. And that is exactly what this fearless family decided to do.

The first thing the family did, as they popped the kettle on to boil, was to ask SATs all about themselves.. Knowledge, they realised, was their best line of defence. Now rather than repeat all that SATs said (because it did go on for rather a long time) Explore Learning can explain it all to you at your nearest centre.

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“Could you show us some examples?” the family asked. SATs opened his large satchel bag and brought out some sample papers for the family to read through.

Some of the questions looked just fine – others looked rather scary!

The parents ushered SATs to the door, as it drained its teacup. Taking down its contact details, they said they would visit in a few months time – no need to call again unannounced (thank you very much!)

They sat down around the table and made a plan of action for their dual with the big, bad SATs

  • They would attend any information sessions or workshops run at school (or at their local Explore Learning centre)
  • They set some mini goals – to look at and try one practise question every day (they could do more if they wanted to of course – one a day was the minimum requirement though)
  • They would read together, practise their spellings and times tables every day. They planned some games and created each of the children their own revision challenge boards
  • If they achieved their mini goals every day they could even win prizes! (The youngest cottage dweller had her eye on a new beautiful red cape!)
  • They would try to go to bed early so everyone got plenty of sleep and plan lots of breaks for running around the forest so everyone felt energised and healthy.

Then, as a family they wrote some golden rules that they all agreed with:

  1. Always try your best – that is all you can do
  2. Be positive, be fearless and remember if you can’t do something, you just ‘Can’t do it yet!’
  3. Talk about anything that is worrying you
  4. We will always be here to support each other

And with that, that family approached May with a positive outlook. They were not scared of the dual with SATs – they were prepared, informed and knowing that as long as they did their best it would always be good enough!

At Explore Learning, our aim is to help children to excel academically, reach their potential and get the best results they can.

But more than that, we have always been unwavering in our mission to develop a generation of fearless learners; children who could be confident in the classroom, brave in exams and fearless in school and beyond. Book a free trial to find out how we can help your child tackle the big bad SATs with our expert SATs tuition and preparation!

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